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Topic: Joseph (Husband of Mary)

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Jesus' Earthly Father, Joseph: How did Joseph, Jesus' father, die?
Pontius Pilate: Is the Pilate in Luke 13, the same one that helped to crucify Jesus? [Luke 13].
Pontius Pilate: Was Pilate a really bad guy, and did he commit suicide a few years after the death of Jesus?

Mary & Joseph Married or Not: Could you help me sort out if Mary & Joseph were married or espoused (betrothed)? [Matthew 1, Luke 2].

Joseph's Kingly Line: Was Joseph of the kingly line, and therefore would have been king? [Matthew 1, Matthew 2:2].

Geneaology of Jesus: Could you help me understand the geneaology of Jesus that seems to be traced through Joseph? [Matthew 1:1-17, Luke 3:23-38].

Joseph & Potiphar: Could you help me understand the title of "captain of the guard" in the Joseph & Potiphar story, and if there are two people with the same title? [Genesis 39].

Where was Joseph?: Where was Joseph, in light of Jesus directing her care to John? [John 2, John 19:26-27].

Mary & Joseph's Other Children: Would you toak about Joseph & Mary's other children. Had Joseph been married before?

Joseph, a Widower: Was Joseph a widower with children? Where do they get that idea from?

The Life of Joseph: Did joseph become fully an egyptian? Did he try to evangelize?

Genealogy of Jesus & Joseph: Why is Jesus' step-dad Joseph's genealogy so important in Matthew 1 when he wasn't even blood related to Jesus? [Matthew 1, Luke 3:23-38]

Joseph who was a slave in Egypt & Joseph, Mary's Husband: Is the joseph who was sold into slavery the same as the husband as Mary in the Bible?

Mary's Genealogy: 2 different father's for Joseph, one saying that Jacob is Joseph's father & another one saying Heli is his father. [Matthew 1:16, Luke 3:23]

Genealogies of Joseph & Mary: Caller wants to give insight of Mary's when talking about the genealogies of Joseph & Mary, that you don't have to go by the term "son". [Luke 3:23]

Mary's Genealogy: Where does the line of Mary go back to since Joseph is not related Jesus. [Luke 3:23-38, Matthew 1]

Christ's Genealogy through Joseph: Why include Joseph's genealogy when he's not even blood related to Jesus? [Matthew 1]

Joseph being the Father of Jesus: If Joseph is the father of Jesus, why isn't Joseph God?

Residence of Mary, Joseph & Jesus after His Birth: How long did Joseph & Mary live in Bethlehem after Jesus' birth?

Joseph's Genealogy: Why did Matthew spend 17 verses talking about Joseph when he wasn't even related to Jesus? [Matthew 1]

Jesus & the seed of David: What does it mean, Jesus being "seed of David", & then give Joseph's genealogy in Matthew but since He wasn't even related to Joseph, how does that make sense? [2 Samuel 7:12, Romans 1:3, Matthew 1, Luke 3]

Jesus' Genealogy: Why is the genealogy in Matthew important if Joseph is not even Jesus' biological father? [Matthew 1:1-17, Luke 3:23-38]

Mary & Joseph: Were Mary & Joseph blood-related, half-brother & sister? (The very beginning of her call is VERY quiet.)

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