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Topic: Yeshua

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Yeshua Rather than Jesus: What do you think of the practice of using the pronunciation of "Jesus" as "Yeshua"?

Pronouncing Jesus: Are you familiar with others that are overly concerned about the pronunciation of the name of Jesus? How would it be pronounced? [Acts 11:26].

Jesus: Why did they not call Him Joshua, or Yeshua, a more Hebrew name? Pronunciation of His name in Aramaic?

Jesus' Name: Is Jesus' name in Hebrew named "Yeshua" or "Yahshua"?

Yeshua: Jesus' name Joshua & then joseph & Yeshua or what?

Yeshua Why is Jesus' name "Yeshua" not used, why is it hidden?

Jesus' Name: Where did the name "Jesus" come?

Hebrew Roots Movement & Yeshua: Hebrew Roots Movement, the name "Jesus" in English not correct, "Yeshua" should be used.

Yeshua: A friend telling me we shouldn't call Jesus "Jesus" but we need to call Him Yeshua, sacred names movement

The Name of God: Discussion about the name of God of "Jehovah" (no discussion about Jehovah's Witness's insistence on using it however)

"Yahweh" over "the Lord" or "Jesus": The Pastor insists on substituting "Yahwey" for any reference to God, the Lord or Jesus. What do you think about that?

Sabbath & Yeshua: The Sabbath needs to be kept, according to this caller, & Steve told someone that if he didn't believe Yeshua that he'd go to hell, this caller has problems with.

Jesus' Name is Yeshua: A Messianic Jew minister told the caller that the name "Jesus" is useless, that He needed to be called "Yeshua".
Jesus being Allah in Africa: Jesus not being the Son of God in African countries but is just called, "Allah", has Steve heard anything about this?

Yeshua not Jesus: Is it wrong for us to use the name Jesus? Some say we need to only call Him by "Yeshua".

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