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Topic: Bethel Movement

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Properly Preaching the Gospel: As scripture warns we are to be careful not "to preach another gospel", How does one properly preach the gospel? [Galatians 1:7-9, John 6].

New Apostolic Reformation & False Prophets: New Apostolic Reformation & false prophets seem to be supported in my church, should I look for another church?
Amplified Bible: How do you value the "Amplified Bible"?

Charismatic Movements that Go Too Far: The movements of New Apostolic Reformation, Joel's Army, Manifest Sons of God, seems to be teaching that Jesus is 'just' a man, can you comment? [Joel 2].

TV Show, "American Gospel" & Word of Faith Movement: If you have seen the TV show, "American Gospel", can you comment on it and ministries like the Bethel Movement? [2 Corinthians 12:12, I Corinthians 12:10].

Kingdom of God & Bethel Movement: Could you share your view of what exactly what the "Kingdom of God" is and how it compares to Bill Johnson & the Bethel Movement (NAR, New Apostolic Reformation) view of it is? [2 Corinthians, Job, 1 Peter].

Kenosis Theory & the Bethel Movement: Because of my concern about the Bethel movement and Bill Johnson's teaching, I am trying to sort out the "Kenosis Theory"? [Philippians 2].
Hillsong Music Bans: Do you think it is an over-reaction to not ban singing of Hillsong music?

Bethel Church Influence-Pentecostal Gifts: I am attending a church that has begun to introduce much of the Bethel Church movement into their program. How should I approach this concern?

Bethel Movement: What do you think about a church service that went on exceptionally long with prophesying, etc. and is connected to Bethel?
Women Pastors: How do churches that have women as lead pastors justify it scripturally? [Galatians 3:28, I Timothy 2:12-15, 3f].

Canaanite Genocide: How is the command to wipe out the Canaanites different from ethnic cleansing or genocide?
New Apostolic Reformation (NAR): What do you think about this new movement called the "New Apostolic Reformation" and the Bethel Movement, grave sucking, and Bill Johnson?

Extreme Charismatics: What about extreme charismatics who are pursuing gifts that aren't even biblical (cults, Bethel movement, Sozo, Word of Faith)?

My ex-wife going to Bethel: My ex-wife going to a Bethel church, & I want to help her, & called the pastor if he would do counseling with us, & he said I had to go through a program called, Sozo, an inner healing program. What do you think?

The Curse on Ham (Canaan): What exactly happened when the curse of Ham (Canaan) happened? What else exactly happened in the tent? [Genesis 9]
The Jesus Culture: Is the Jesus Culture related to the Bethel church in Redding?

New Apostolic Reformation: Can you comment on this New Apostolic Reformation that seems to be prevalent in Bethel Church? They seem to focus a lot on the supernatural.

New Apostolic Reformation: Any information on the new apostolic reformation bethel church in Redding, CA.

New Apostolic Reformation: Do you know about the New Apostolic Reformation, & Bill Johnson, the church that is in bethel? What are your thoughts about it?

Commentary that Agrees with Steve's Views: What commentary would recommend that aligns w/ your views?
Bethel of Church in Redding: What are your thoughts about the Bethel church in Redding?

Bethel Church in Redding, CA: Do you have any insights on Bethel Church?

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