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Topic: Laodicea

Episode Topic Audio

Meaning of Lukewarm: What does it mean to be lukewarm? Does it mean that when you are spit out, you are no longer saved? [Revelation 3:15-17, John 15:6].
Women Preaching: What do you think about women preaching?

Lukewarmness: Who are the hot, cold & lukewarm? [Revelation 3:15-16]

Hot or Cold Laodicea: Cold could represent something good as well as when its hot, like passionate for Christ?

Laodicean Church: It has been said that the hot & cold were believers & non-believers, & it's also been said that the hot represents hot springs & the cold represents cold, crystal springs, & God wants us to be one or the other but NOT lukewarm. How does Steve interpret His admonition to the Laodicean church? [Revelation 3:14-16]

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