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Topic: Children in Hell

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Why Have Children?: Why would anyone want to have children if they may possibly suffer for a lifetime or go to hell? [Psalm 127:4-5, Genesis 1:22].

Age of Accountability: Could you help me understand the "age of accountability", especially in light of the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah and the children that must've perished? [Isaiah 7:16].

Children & the Age of Accountability: How will God deal with children and is the age of accountability actually numeric? [Luke 12:47, Deuteronomy 1].
The Meaning of "In Christ" : What does it mean to be "in Christ"? [John 15, Matthew 7:21]

Annihilation View of Hell & a Child: If the annihilation view of hell is correct, then what happens when a child dies? When are they held accountable? Are they in hell forever? [I Timothy 6:16, Matthew 10:28, 19:14, Isaiah 7:16].

Children to Hell: Were you aware that the Pre-Augustinian view of the destination of children was to be consigned to hell?

Age of Accountability: At what age is a child considered accountable? [Isaiah 7:16, Mark 10:14, Romans 7:7-9, Luke 12:47-48].

My Parents stopping having Children before Me: If my parents had stopped having children before I was born, would I have possibly been born somewhere else?
Aborted Babies: Do aborted babies have souls?

Age of Accountability: Do infants go to heaven if they die? When is the Age of Accountability?

Children with Special Needs: How accountable are people/kids with disabilities in the judgment? How do I raise them? What is the purpose for people w/ autism?

Hell: Do babies go to hell if they die?

Children's Salvation: Children's age of accountability

Age of Accountability: Babies & children being sinners, but aren't really accountable until 20 years old.

Our Days being Numbered: Can you tell me some verses about God knowing how many days exactly we have? [Psalms 139:16]
Aborted Babies: What about babies who are aborted?

Children going to heaven: Do children who die before the age of accountability go to heaven or hell?

Holy Spirit & Unborn Children: Do unborn children have the Holy Spirit? [Luke 1:15]

Children going to Heaven: Do children go to Heaven if they die?

Sin Nature & Calvinism: Do babies go to hell when they die? [Psalms 51:5]
Presuppositional Evidence & Calvinism: Some Calvinists think having evidence to prove there is a God is heretical.

Children's status before age of accountability: Conversation about children before the age of accountability, & was Adam's sin passed down to us just by the transmission of Blood & we needed Jesus' pure blood to die for us?

Age of Accountability: What about people who die before the Age of Accountability? What about children being sanctified by believing parents? [1 Corinthians 7:14]

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