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Topic: Cain & Abel

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Cain & Sargon the Great: Do you know if Cain was Sargon the Great? [Genesis 4].

Cain & Abel Afraid of People: Were there more people than Cain & Abel, since scripture indicates that they were afraid of others? [Genesis 5:4].
Isaac Married His Cousin: Did Isaac marry his cousin? [Genesis 20:12]

Only Four People on Earth: If there were only four people on earth then who was Cain afraid of (and who did he marry)? [Genesis 5:3-4, Genesis 4:13-14].

Cain's Wife: From where did Cain's wife come? [Genesis 4:17, Genesis 5:4].

Cain's Father: Who was Cain's father-as it can't be Adam. [Genesis 5, Genesis 4:1].

Motivation to Kill Abel & Jesus: What was the motivation for Cain to kill Abel, and for the people to kill Christ? [I John 3:12, Mark 15:10, Matthew 27:18].

Acceptable Spiritual Sacrifices: Would you comment on Christians today making sure what one offers God are appropriate spiritual sacrifices? [Malachi 1:7-8, Genesis 3, Hebrews 11].

Cain's Sacrifice Unacceptable to God: Do you think that it is possible that the reason Cain's sacrifice was unacceptable to God was because he had a wicked heart as it says in Proverbs? [Proverbs 15:8].

Cain's Sacrifice Not Accepted by God: Why didn't God accept Cain's sacrifice? [Hebrews 11, Romans 10:17, Luke 11:50-51, Genesis 4].

Cain's Mark: Do you think that the mark that Cain received is relative to "the mark of the beast" in Revelation? [Genesis 4:11-16, Revelation 14:1].

Cain & Abel's Wives: From where does the wives for Cain and Abel come? [Genesis 4:26f, 5:3].

Cain & Abel: Why was Cain's sacrifice not accepted and clarify the "driven me out ... from the face of the earth"? [Genesis 4:1-16]

Cain's Sacrifice Rejected: Why did God accept the sacrifice of Abel but not Cain's?

Cain: Who was threantening Cain?

People of Nod: Where did the people in the land of Nod come from? [Genesis 4:15-16]

Adam & Eve: Was there another set of humans besides Adam & Eve?

Serpent Seed Doctrine: I heard that Cain & Abel were twins, that Cain was conceived by Satan, that Abel was conceived by Adam, & that Cain's race made it on to the Noah's Ark.

Cain's Sacrifice not Accepted: Why was Cain's sacrifice not accepted?

Cain's Fear: If there was such a small population when Cain was told to leave, who was he afraid of? [Genesis 4:13]

Cain: Do you think the curse that God put on Cain was dark skin?

Cain & Abel's Being Accepted or Not: I would just like to explain why i think Abel's sacrifice was accepted, but Cain's wasn't.
Soon, the Time is at Hand: Seal up the book of Daniel because it pertains to the time of the end , Revelation, the time is now at hand, but was soon & time is at hand referring to soon in the beginning of the Book, but not the last part of the book?

Cain's Relationship with God: "I will be hidden from your presence", Cain said. So did Cain & God have a regular conversation with each other like God did with Adam & Eve? [Genesis 4:13-15]
Cain's Age when He slew Abel: So Cain & Abel were in their 100's when he killed Abel?
Seth: And how many children between Cain, Abel & Seth?

Jesus the Seed in Genesis: Did the Jews recognize the first promise of the Bible to be about the Messiah? [Genesis 3:15]
The Town of Nod: Do we know where Nod was? [Genesis 4:16]

Serpent-Seed Doctrine: Serpent-Seed doctrine, what are your insights about it?

Adam & Eve & Sons of God: Is it possible Adam & Eve had children before the Fall, before they had Cain, & that's what it meant by the Sons of God had sex w/ women? [Genesis 6:4]

Getting a New Bible: Considering getting a E. W. Bullinger Companion Bible, would Steve recommend him? What is a good one?
Genesis 5 genealogy: Cain is not in the genealogy of Genesis 5. Why not?

Keeping the Law: Is it possible to keep the Law? Why was Christ crucified if it is? If it isn't why did God demand the impossible? Is there a distinction between the law & "if you do well" like He said to Cain? [Genesis 4:7, Luke 1, Philippians 2]

Cain being banished: Did Cain continue his lineage once he was banned? [Genesis 4:16-17]

Cain's Mark: Who did Cain have to fear from killing him? His own siblings, isn't that right?

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