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Topic: Age of Accountability

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Children's Capacity to Believe: Does this verse indicate that children do actually have the capacity to know God? [Psalm 22:9].

Age of Accountability: Could you help me understand the "age of accountability", especially in light of the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah and the children that must've perished? [Isaiah 7:16].

Children & the Age of Accountability: How will God deal with children and is the age of accountability actually numeric? [Luke 12:47, Deuteronomy 1].
The Meaning of "In Christ" : What does it mean to be "in Christ"? [John 15, Matthew 7:21]

No Choice to be Sinner, but Required Choice to be Saved: Why do I have no choice in being born a sinner, but I have to make a choice to be saved? [Romans 5:18-19, Isaiah 7:16, Mark 10:15, Luke 18:16].

The Age for Christian Commitment: At what age do you think kids are able to actually make a serious decision for the Lord and be baptized?

Annihilation View of Hell & a Child: If the annihilation view of hell is correct, then what happens when a child dies? When are they held accountable? Are they in hell forever? [I Timothy 6:16, Matthew 10:28, 19:14, Isaiah 7:16].

Age of Accountability: What is the age of accountability in the Bible? [Isaiah 7:15, Romans 7:9, Matthew 6:33, Deuteronomy 1:39, Genesis 3:10f].

Parenting, Communion, Baptism: Concerned that his kids may just going through the motions of baptism but not really meaning it, and wondering if they shouldn't take communion until they are baptized.

Age of Accountability: At what age is a child considered accountable? [Isaiah 7:16, Mark 10:14, Romans 7:7-9, Luke 12:47-48].

Age of Accountability: Do infants go to heaven if they die? When is the Age of Accountability?

Age of Accountability: What is the age of accountability & what about people who have never heard the gospel? [Deuteronomy 1:39, Isaiah 7:16]

Children's Salvation: Children's age of accountability

Twenty Years Old & Upward Accountable: Was I wrong to give this verse to some grieving parents who's teenager had just died? Some said that I was. [Numbers 14:29]

Calendars: When did we start keeping calendars? How far back would we have to go?
Website Forum: Is there a place one can go on the website to ask questions?
Age of Accountability: Can Steve please explain the "Age of Accountability"?

Sanctification & Age of Accountability: How does a person who dies young who gets to go heaven not have to go through the process of sanctification?

Age of Accountability: Does the Bible talk about the Age of Accountability anywhere? [Isaiah 7:16]

Children going to Heaven: Do children go to Heaven if they die?

Age of Accountability: What about people who die before the Age of Accountability? What about children being sanctified by believing parents? [1 Corinthians 7:14]

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