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Topic: Witchcraft

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Objects with Demonic or Evil Attachments: What do you think about the possibility of an evil attachment to an object in my home that makes my kids uncomfortable?

Witchcraft: How does one recognize if someone is secretly practicing witchcraft? And how would one pray against it or a curse? Recommended lecture: "Spiritual Warfare."

Worshipping Evil, Satan, Demons: In some religions, like the Hindus, people worship the devil. Why would people want to do this?

Occult Practices: Could you specifically define necromancer, sorcery, and similar words used in occult and witchcraft?
Transgender for Office: What do you think of a transgender running for political office?

Sorcery in Revelation: Why, in your verse-by-verse lectures, did you not talk about sorcery in Revelation 18? [Revelation 18:23}.

Adam & Eve's Awareness of Death: How did Adam & Eve understand "death" if there had not yet been death?
Pharmakeia & The Vaccine: Is the vaccine basically what the Bible refers to as "pharmakeia"? [Revelation 9:21].

Halloween: Could you comment on Ephesians 5:11, particularly in light of Halloween? [Ephesians 5:11, Galatians 4:10].

Child Having Terrible Dreams: What should I do about my 9-year-old daughter who is having repetitive seemingly demonic dreams? [I John 4:4, James 4:7, James 2:19].

Drums Inappropriate for Worship: Caller presents case for drums not being appropriate for church or worship, claiming they represent the devil's choice of music.

Praying for the Dead: I told my daughter to not pray for my dead sister. Can you help me support that decision with scripture? [I John 5:16].
Lighting Candles: Is the practice of lighting candles for spiritual reasons toying with witchcraft?

Sin Unto Death: There are some sins that are not unto death? [1 John 5:8]
Witchcraft: Bad things are happening because of witchcraft. What should be done about it?

Celebrating Halloween: Christians celebrating Halloween, we absolutely shouldn't do it!

Reading a Nutritional Book by a Medium: Nutrition books recommended by doctor written by a Medical Medium by Anthony William, should Christians read this book?

Witchcraft: Has Steve ever heard of Shaman ceremony with hallucinogenics?

Triquetra on the Bible: I was wondering what you thought about the Triquetra being on a Bible. I did some research on it, & it is associated with the Wiccans.

Shamanism: What do you think about getting into Shamanism?

Halloween: What is your view of Halloween?

Prophecy & Fortune Telling: How do we tell the difference between real genuine prophecy & fortune telling?

Hypnotism: What does the Bible have to say about hypnotism?

Crushing Satan's Power on the Cross: Did Jesus take care of sorcerers & occultists & their power when He died on the cross?

Sorcery: What about the Scripture that talks against Sorcery when you were talking about witchcraft the other day?

Chronicles of Narnia: What do you think of the C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, fantasy & fiction, verses reality, especially since they have witches in them & such?
Leviathan: How literal should we take Leviathan?

Witchcraft vs Spiritual Gifts: An ex-witchcraft, Occult person who is now a Christian claims she has the spiritual gift to stop the wind. Caller didn't know how to tell her that was crazy.

Going to a Psychic: What does the Bible say about consulting a Psychic?

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