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Topic: Birth Control (or Vasectomy)

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Birth Control for the Chrisitian: Could you talk about your view of birth control being less than desirable for the Christian? [Psalm 127:4, Romans 12:2].

Abortion and the Beginning of Life: When do you think life begins? What do you think about abortion? [Leviticus 17:11].

Vasectomy: As a new believer should I reverse a vasectomy as part of my repentance?
Book-Jesus is Calling: Do you think the book, "Jesus is Calling", is a good book to read as I start my Christian walk?

Birth Control: What does the Bible says about birth control? [Malachi 2:15, Genesis 1:28, Psalm 127:3-5].

Family Planning: Is it appropriate for believers who are married to put off having children?

Pregnancy: Is it acceptable to ask God to become pregnant when your age is beyond child bearing years?

Celebrating Halloween & other Pagan Holidays: What about Christians taking pagan holidays & turning them toward Christ, holidays such as Halloween & Christmas?
Good Teachers: Did you say we don't need Teachers?
Birth Control: A discussion about Birth Control ensues.

Birth Control: Is there anywhere in the Bible that says we can't use birth control?

Birth Control: Is it okay to use Birth Control to limit the amount of children that happen in a family, especially if the father is not emotionally supportive in raising them?

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