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Topic: Flat Earth

Episode Topic Audio

Flat Earth: What does the Bible say about the shape and design of the earth? Does the Bible teach that the earth is flat and has a solid dome?

Flat Earth: Does the Bible teach a flat, or disc-shaped earth [Genesis 1]?

Flat Earth: Flat earth comment.
Clemency for the Jews: Do jews have some type of clemency?

Flat Earth: Caller can't believe people actually believe in a flat earth!

Flat Earth: Caller believes the earth is stationary, & doesn't describe a round earth.

Flat Earth: Caller thinks there's evidence of a flat earth, what does think about that?

Flat Earth: What does the bible say about the shape of the earth?

Flat Earth: What do you think about the "Flat Earth" theory? What does the Bible say about it?

Flat Earth Conspiracy: Flat earth conspiracy inquiry [Isaiah 40:22]

The Jesus Notes, Sarah Young Book: The book, "The Jesus Notes" (followup).
The Flat Earth: Discussion about the Flat Earth, & if the earth was flat, how would radio & television reception happen?

Flat Earth: Wants to talk more about the Flat earth, he being a Flat Earth advocate.

The Flat Earth: Caller thinks there's overwhelming evidence that the earth is flat!

Flat Earth: Flat Earthers.
Eastern Orthodoxy & Rituals: Caller talks about the Eastern Orthodox Church & so much Ritualism.

Bible Writers being in a Trance & an Flat Earth: Were the Bible authors (paul) in a trance-like state? flat earth inquiry

Flat Earth: Four corners of the earth, people think Christians are funny for believing the Bible which supposedly teaches a flat earth. [Isaiah 11:12]
Trinity: Talking to Mormons about the Trinity.

Flat Earth: Can you talk about the Flat earth theory? What about when the Sun stood for awhile? [Joshua 10:13]

Flat Earth: Followup about Christians who believe in the flat earth, & the earth is the center of the universe & KJV only believers.

Flat Earth: Is the Earth flat? Can the roundness of the earth be demonstrated by the Bible?

Blood Moons, Flat Earth, Earth Center of Universe: Is the earth the center of the Universe?

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