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Radio Expenses for The Narrow Path: Could you repeat how much it costs you to be on the radio?
The Bride of Christ: Why are we called the "Bride of Christ"? [Revelation 19:10, Ephesians 5, Matthew 19, Genesis 2:24].].

Living the Christian Life: Is it possible to live the Christian life? [Romans 8:5].
The Problem of Evil: Can you recommend your teaching that deals with the problem of evil? Lecture recommended: "Making Sense of Suffering".
Going Through Storms in Life: What of the saying, "If you are not going through a storm, you are either going into one or coming out of one"?

The Narrow Path Website: Caller talks about the amazing website,
Judgment Day: Does the Bible say that our works will all be put on display on judgment day? [Matthew 12:36, Luke 12:3, 2 Corinthians 5:10, Revelation 21:4].
Peace Without Christ: Is it biblical to say that people cannot have peace without Christ? [John 14:27, Isaiah 48:22, Isaiah 57:21].

Evangelical Deconstruction: If you are familiar with DC Talk's, Kevin Max, what do you think of his and other's ex-evangelical deconstruction? [Galatians 1:10].
Michael, the Buddhist: How is Michael, the Buddhist doing?

Debates: Are debates really advantageous? Is it sometimes that one is just a better debater than the other? Announcement about being back on-line.

Steve Gregg's Comic Books: How does one get copies of your comic books?

Steve Gregg to Temecula: Do you ever come to Temecula?

Steve Gregg's Books: Steve talks about his books; "Revelation-Four Views", "Hell-Three Christian Views", "Empire of the Risen Son", Vol 1-"There is Another King", and Vol 2-"All the King's Men".

Theme Song for The Narrow Path: Would you tell me about your theme song ("Like Arrows" Do by Jon Marr-available at the website)?
Animals in Heaven: Will there be animals in heaven? [Isaiah 11:6, Isaiah 65:25].

Secular Roman Historical Records of the Resurrection: Who are the secular historians and figures to which we can point in order to support the resurrection records (Tacitus, Suetonius, Josephus)?
Steve Gregg's New Books: Would you talk more about your two new books, "Empire of the Risen Son", volume 1 &2?

The Authority of the Christian: What kind of power and authority does Christian actually have, such as commanding things to happen, directing angels, binding demons, etc.? [Romans 4, Matthew 16:18-19, Matthew 18:18].
Praying for Someone Who Wants to be Healed: What should we do if we are not sure if God wants to heal someone, since it really is up to God and His will, when we are asked to pray for their healing?
Lecture About "Speaking in Tongues": Where do I go on your website if I want to know more about "speaking in tongues"? Recommended topical lecture: "Charisma and Character".

Nasty Imprecatory Psalms: How do we fit the nastiness of David's imprecatory psalms and the Christian mission? [Psalms 137:8-9, Matthew 5:43-48].
Dashing Babies Against Stones: How can we justify praying as David did to hope for babies to be dashed again stones? [Psalm 137:8-9]
501c3 Church Benefits: Isn't it duplicitous for a 501c3 to not be willing to submit to government dictates and yet benefit from the tax benefits?

Qualifications for Elders: What are the qualifications of an elder? [I Timothy 3, Titus 1, Acts 13, Acts 14, Matthew 23:8, Matthew 20:26, Mark 10:43].
Steve Gregg to Speak at Your Church: What does one do to get you to come to speak to a group?

Nebuchadnezzar Literally a Beast: What happened to Nebuchadnezzar, was it literal when he was mentally degranged (eating grass, etc.)? [Daniel 4].
The Great Commission School by Steve Gregg: Would you tell me more about The Great Commission School and what led you to start it and what did you do there?

Auras: Did you know that a link to something about one's "aura" is on There is nothing in the Bible about "auras, right?"

A Vision for Children: Caller recommend Steve Gregg lectures; "A Vision for Children" on
Abstaining for Lent: How does one share a concern about abstaining from something for 40 days for lent, when we should be doing things right all the time?

Steve Gregg's New Books: Caller commends Steve's ministry and his new books; "The Empire of the Risen Son"-("There is Another King", Vol 1. & "All the King's Men", Vol. 2).

End Times (Eschatology) Lectures: Caller recommend Steve Gregg lectures; "When Shall These Things Be" on
People Praying Together: Does God pay more attention to people praying together in unison?
"Remnant Call" with Benjamin Baruch: Would you look into Benjamin Baruch and "Remnant Call" radio?

Steve Gregg-Chronicles: Have you considered doing a verse-by-verse lecture of the Chronicles?

The Narrow Path Phone App: How do I get you in Idaho?
The Millennium: Could you talk about when the millennium comes, or is it now? [Revelation 20].
Government, Patriotism & Current Events: Would you talk about current political events, like mask compliance patriotism, and protests? [Romans 13, I Peter 2:14-14, Philippians 3, Luke 3:19].

Steve's Newest Books: Steve talks about his two new books.

Falling into Sin: Is it a lack of faith if someone keeps falling into sin and allows himself a pass on the error of his ways?
Recommended Charities: Can you recommend some good charities that you trust? [Shepherd's Heart International, The Salvation Army, Mercy Ships, The Narrow Path, Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors USA, Food for the Poor].

Steve Gregg & Hanukkah: Grand accolades from a Jewish Radio personality to Steve Gregg & The Narrow Path ministry. They discuss the show & Hanukkah.

Christian Book Choices: Which book should I read next, "Live Not By Lies" or your second volume on The Kingdom of God, "Empire of the Risen Son"?

Fear of God & Steve's New Books: Compliments on Steve's new book, "Empire of the Son," especially his thoughts on the fear of God. Would you talk about the fear of God? [I Peter 1:17, 2 Corinthians 5:11, Revelation 14:7, Proverbs 9:10, Hebrews 12:11, Proverbs 3:7, Proverbs 23:17].

Calvinism & Few Who Find it: If scripture indicates that people will be trying to "find" the way, doesn't that become a good argument against Calvinism? [Matthew 7:14].

Partial & Full Preterism & the Historicists View: Is it possible that Doug Batchelor isn't aware of partial-preterism as opposed to full-preterism? What about the Historicist view of Revelation?
Sabbath Keeping: Is it not true that you would keep the Sabbath if you thought it was a requirement of Christians and in that case would it not be legalistic to do so? [2 Timothy 3:2-4]. website information (various benefits and uses).

Phone App for The Narrow Path: Do you have a phone app for The Narrow Path radio program?

The Narrow Path Theme Song: Is that you playing the guitar and whistling?

Caller Affirms Steve: Caller calls to affirm Steve's answer to the first caller.

Caller compliments Steve: Caller compliments Steve on his stellar ministry noting him as the best contextual teacher.
Pro-Choice: What do you think of the slogan, "Pro-Choice is Pro-Death".
Age of the Earth & Evolution: Could you talk about your views of the age of the earth and evolution, etc.?

Steve Gregg's New Book: Steve talks about his two new books on "The Kingdom of God", the title being, "Empire of the Risen Son".

Steve Gregg to the East Coast: Do you ever get out to the east coast?
Moses, Elijah, and the Transfiguration: How did Peter know that it was Moses and Elijah during the transfiguration event? [Matthew 17:3].
Apostles and a Believers Baptism: Did the apostles have the another baptism, as believers, or did they just have the baptism of John? [Acts 19:5].

What's Going on with Steve's New Book and Recent Travel: Caller just got Steve's new book, and requests that Steve talk about his recent travel.

Holy Spirit & Salvation in the Old Testament: How were the people saved in the Old Testament if the Holy Spirit came only upon the prophets?
Holy Spirit Not Available to those in the Old Testament: How could Nicodemus have understood the scriptures if he didn't have the Holy Spirit? [John 7:39].
Thanking God for Steve Gregg's Gift: How often to you thank God for the answer you have just provided to your listener?

The Intro Whistling Music for The Narrow Path: Is the whistling music yours?
Healing Promised to Christians: It appears as though there is a promise about guaranteed healing that doesn't seem to work out as indicated-are we missing something? [James 5:14-15, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Galatians 4:13, I Timothy 5:23, 2 Timothy 4:20, Philippians 2:27].

Steve Coming to Northern California: Are you coming to northern California?
Donating to The Narrow Path: What is the best way to make donations on the website? Is PayPal Ok to use now?

Compliments to Steve Gregg: Compliments to Steve regarding The Narrow Path's outreach.
Saul & the Witch of Endor: Could you clarify why Saul summoned the "Witch of Endor" because it was strictly forbidden, and was it a sin? [I Chronicles 10:13, Leviticus 19:31, 20:21, Deuteronomy 18:11].

Getting on the Narrow Path: Contemplating on the verse about "the narrow path", I am concerned that myself and some of my friends are not really on it. Can you help direct me? [Matthew 7:13-14, Matthew 26:41, James 3:2, Matthew 16:24, I John, Revelation 7:9, John 13:35].

Bad Kings Ordained by God-Leadership in the Future: Why did God allow bad kings? Were they ordained by God? Can the same thing happen again in the future in the United States? [Hosea 8:4, Romans 13:1, Daniel 2:21, Proverbs 21:1, Acts 5:12]. Where is your alternate site,

Rebroadcasts of Narrow Path Radio Program: Does the Narrow Path Ministry have to pay for additional air-time when radio stations rebroadcasts it during other parts of the day, when it's not live?
Causes to Break-off Fellowship or Church Discipline: You have said that many things are not enough to break fellowship over, so what things ARE worthy of breaking fellowship over?

God Knows Past, Present & Future: If God knows all things, the beginning and the end, then, how can He regret the choices people make? [Isaiah 46:10, Genesis 3:9, Genesis 4:9, Genesis 18:16-33, Genesis 22:12].
God's Preordaining Everything: Does God not knowing some things throw a monkey wrench into the concept of God preordaining everything (Calvinism)?
Making a Donation: Do you have a phone number to make donations to? How do you spell Temecula?

"Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God": Are you going to do part 2 of a lecture I heard about the "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God".

Scripture Fulfilled in Christ: Do you have any lectures or documents available on your site about the Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled in Christ?
Guilt in Scripture: What does scripture teach about guilt? [Romans 1:28, I John 1:7-9].

Steve Gregg's New Book: Could you talk about your upcoming book and tell us what it is about? (Subject; The Kingdom of God entitled, "Empire of the Risen Son").

The Narrow Path DVDs or CDs: Caller tells a bit of his testimony, then asks if there are CDs or DVDs available, since he has so little technology available to him.

Textus Receptus Lecture: Where is your lecture regarding the Textus Receptus (The Narrow Path website: Authority of Scripture)

PayPay for Donations: Can we use PayPay to donate that now?
Third Temple Mystery: Isn't the Third Temple the mystery of Christ and the church?

Telephone Lines at The Narrow Path: How many lines do you have coming in?
Wisdom About Giving to Charities: I am bothered by how much I am giving out of my social security check. Can you give me words of wisdom in this regard?

PayPal & Planned Parenthood: Caller comments that PayPal gives to Planned Parenthood.
Working for Non-Christians: Do I have blood on my hands if I work for companies that donate to Planned Parenthood?
Listening to The Narrow Path on the Phone: For the older generation, you might consider setting up a bridgeline to allow for people to just listen to the show on a phone line.

Kingdom of Grace vs God: What is the difference between the "Kingdom of Grace" and the "Kingdom of God", and where do some get The Kingdom of Grace? [Acts 20:24-25, Acts 28:31, Revelation 14, Revelation 1].
Steve Gregg/ The Narrow Path Material in Spanish: Is anything available from your website in Spanish?

Old Friend Call: Just an old friend calling to say hi, & talk about the paypal thing for a second.

Former Radio Program of Steve Gregg's: Steve comments on a former show he had named, "The Road to Find Out" that was for non-believers. It is still available at & website.

Advertising on your Show: How does one buy advertisements on your show, to promote my book?

Revelation-Four Views: Do you have notes that would help me teach about the various views of Revelation? If so, where would I find them? May I print and distribute them?

Children Being Required to Fast: Do you think children should fast, or be required to fast, to overcome sinful behavior?
Train Up a Child: What does the verse in Proverbs mean, "train up a child in the way he should go..." [Proverbs 22:6].
Donations Through PayPal: Can people still donate through PayPal?

Parables-Bridegroom, Wineskins, Patches: Could you clarify Jesus' answer as to why the disciples don't fast like the Pharisees do, in the parables about the bridegroom, wineskins, and patches? [Matthew 9:14-17, John 3].
Questions Answered by Email: Do you answer questions by email?

Comment About Junk Mail: Comment in appreciation of the lack of junk mail The Narrow Path sends compared to what other ministries send.
New Creations in the Jewish Proselytes & Church Today: Are you familiar with the history of the proselytes in the Jewish faith being called "new creations" and does this relate to the New Covenant Church new creation? [Romans 8:18-22, 2 Corinthians 10:17, 5: 17, Hebrew 9:11, Isaiah 65:17].

How Many Stations carry The Narrow Path: How many radio stations are you on?
Clear Prophecy Before the Destruction: Why was not God, through Christ, more clear to the Jews, about His 70 week prophecy and its consequences before the following destruction?.[Luke 19, Deuteronomy 28, Matthew 24].

Coronavirus & The Narrow Path Broadcast: There's a remote chance that the Coronavirus pandemic will not allow live broadcasts, however, we do to foresee that at this time.

The Narrow Path Website: Where is the content on your website that goes into the zodiac in detail? [Genesis 1].

Hebrew Poetry: Do you have any teaching about Hebrew poetry at your website?

Lying Spirit: What is a "lying spirit" and can a lying spirit be in a person? (Caller comments that she wanted to look it up on the website, but it doesn't have Chronicles, so Steve directs her to the parallel records in Samuel and Kings). [2 Chronicles 18:21, I Kings 22, I John 4:2-3].

Caller Appreciation: Caller just shared his appreciation for Steve and his ministry.

Discipleship: Do you still do discipleship schools, or do you do one-on-one discipleship opportunities?

Frank DeRemer, a Narrow Path Trustee, Passes Away: Steve announces the passing of the Narrow Path ministry's bookkeeper, Frank DeRemer.

Just a Call of Encouragement: Pastor Clay just calls to encourage Steve's ministry and people to access the website.

Disagreeing: If you disagree w/ Steve Gregg, don't be fearful of calling & stating your disagreement!

Curiosity inquiry: Is that you wearing the jean jacket with 'One Way' on it (on Steve Gregg-The Narrow Path Facebook page)?
Being Human & Jesus' Arrogance: What does it mean to be human? Wouldn't Jesus have known that some of the things He said about Himself, would make others see Him as arrogant?
Resurrection: What will determine a person's status or rewards in the resurrection and new earth?

Radio Directives: friendly reminder of normal radio call-in procedures

Tithing: What else would the website, The Narrow Path, have about tithing, besides the posted article? Steve recommends "Toward a Radically Christian Counter-Culture." and his verse-by-verse; [Genesis 14, Malachi 3, Luke 12]. What do you think about a pastor who questions one's salvation if they are not tithing, and suggests that tithing is not a ceremonial law, but a moral law?

The Church-Organization: What do you think about a home church vs an established church organization? The Narrow Path; Article: What is the Church?, Topical Lecture: Some Assembly Required

Amillennialism Notes from Lectures: Can I get notes that you used for your lectures?
Little Horn in Daniel: Little horn in Daniel 7, is he the anti-Christ? The Papacy?

Tips on Calling the Narrow Path Radio Show: 3 suggestions when making a question on the Narrow Path Radio show.

The name Narrow Path & the Theme Music: Is the Scripture passage in Matthew why you named the program, "the narrow path"? Where did you get your introductory theme music? [Matthew 7:13-14]

Callers-Write Down Your Questions: Listener writes to encourage callers to be more precise and articulate when they call, suggesting that they write them down ahead of time.

The Narrow Path Audio Lectures: How do you get your audio bible lectures?
Heaven & Hell: Do you believe in heaven & hell?

Not Making your needs known: What do you mean by not availing, disclosing what your burdens are, to the body of Christ? [Galatians 6:2, Romans 12:15]
Calvinism & Arminianism: Calvinism & Arminianism, elected to being saved before someone asking God in their heart, I heard you saying is what Calvinists believe.

Humility & I don't know: I love listening to your program because sometimes you just say, "I don't know".
It is Finished: What does it mean when Jesus said, "it is finished"?

Disagreement Calls: Steve makes an announcement about what he means by disagreeing when you call in.

Eternal Security: Can you lose your salvation?
Giving to the Narrow Path Ministry: Can I give to your ministry instead of my church?

4 Hebrews in Book of Daniel: Shouldn't the 4 Hbrews of Daniel go by their Hebrews name instead of their Babylonian names?
Former Dispensationalist because of Narrow Path: I'm no longer Dispensationalism as a result of listening to your work. I appreciate it.
Refuse to be Offended Lectures: Can't seem to burn CD's of your lecture of, "Refuse to be Offended". Why can't I?

Call-in Radio Etiquette: Important announcement about how to make a phone call on a radio show!

Steve's Education: I'm very impressed w/ your knowledge, so I'm curious your background, are you self-taught?

Know what the Question is: It is important know what the Question is before you call instead of trying to formulate it as you are on the phone.

Steve teaching the Gospel: How did you come to do what you do? What makes one qualified?

Narrow Path Lectures missing in Genesis: There seems to be some missing chapters being talked about in Genesis.
Solomon & His 700 wives & 300 Concubines: Why did Solomon have concubines in the Bible? Was the purpose of a concubine for childbearing?

Calvinism & the Sovereignty of God: The Calvinist definition of God's sovereignty discussion.
Lectures on Relationships: Where can I find your lectures on Relationships?

Appreciation for the Narrow Path: Caller praises Steve's show! And tells people to invite him to their town

Calvinism: If calvinists believe in once saved always saved, or they are predestined to be saved, what is the point in evangelizing?
Appreciation Comment: Caller just wanted to say Thank you for Steve Gregg & his radio show.

Sent a Book: I sent you a book about numerology, did you receive it?
Concept of Fairness: There's no real Fairness in Christianity, is it? It's either grace or condemnation, but there seems to be nothing in between.

The Narrow Path Ministry: I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your ministry!

Steve Gregg's 2 Books: My question is in relation to your book about the 4 views of Revelation. Where did you get the info about Francisco Ribera being the father of Dispensationalism? I also like your other book about the 3 views of Hell.

No Longer on KKMC: I just heard that you're going off KKMC, the longest running show The Narrow Path has been on.
Male & Female: Why does it say that God created He Male & Female, before Eve was even made. What does that mean? [Genesis 1:27, Genesis 1, Genesis 2]

Thankful for Steve Gregg & the Narrow Path: I really appreciate the way The Narrow Path has helped me get a deeper understanding of the Word & God

Replacement Theology: In the new covenant, have the gentiles replaced Jews now or what?
Speaking in Tongues: I looked in your statement of beliefs & didn't see anything about tongues. Do you still believe they are for today?

Thankful for the Narrow Path Ministry: I just wanted to thank you for The Narrow Path & how important it is to me.

Steve Gregg's Children: What caused your children going down the wrong path?
Christian's Owning Guns: What do you think about Christians owning guns?

Thankful for the Narrow Path Ministry: Caller want to thank Steve for his ministry. (Audio not very good.)

Christian Literature on all your information: What was the website you were talking about? Are there any resources, printed material, on all your info? [

Steve Gregg's Children: Do your children ever attend your meetings?
Going on the Narrow Path: The "narrow path", does that mean only a few people are going to be saved?

Stone Growing into a Great Mountain: Stone growing into a great mountain to fill the whole earth. [Daniel 2:35, Daniel 44-45]
Man of Sin, Man of Lawlessness: In your series, "When Shall These Things Be?", you start to talk about what you think Daniel 7 & 2 Thessalonians, the Man of Sin & the Man of Lawlessness. But then you said you were out of time & would talk about that some other time. When do you talk about it further? [Daniel 7, 2 Thessalonians 2]

The Calvinist & Arminianist Debate: What is the best book of the Bible to go through to debate Calvinism & arminianism? [Romans]
Church Membership: So you are against Church Membership? Do you have anything in your lectures about that?

Narrow Path's Show Introduction Music: I was always like your introductory music too.
Jesus Leaving it up to the Priests of the Catholic Church: So did Jesus really leave the Catholic church to tell us what to do? [Matthew 23:2-3]

Narrow Path's Show Introduction Music: I really the introduction music to your show. Is that you playing the guitar?
Blessing God & God blessing us & lifting Hands: You said recently said that the it's the greater man that blesses the lesser man, so God blesses us, more than we are blessing God, with praise & worship & the lifting hands in, but what about these verses in Psalms? [Psalm 63:4, Psalms 134:2]

Contacting a Previous Caller: How do I contact the caller that would like help with the work he's doing out in the Reservation.

Bittersweet Announcement: Dan Springmeyer, who orchestrated the Sabbath Debate w/ Doug Batchelor, died the day before.

Videos of your Verse by Verse Lectures: Do you have a VIDEO of all your verse by verse?
Eternal Life: What will eternal life be like?

Replacement Theology Video: Did you ever debate w/ anyone from Cavalry Chapel, or did anyone ever accept your invitation to debate?
Videos on Website: Do you not have any videos on your website besides Youtube?

Disagreement Calls: Why do you not seem overly irritated with people who disagree with you?

Old Archives of the Radio Program: Where can I listen to past radio archives?
Stumbling Blocks if No Anointing: If you haven't received an anointing you will receive road blocks?

Sabbath Debate with Doug Batchelor: Where can I find the debate you had with Doug Batchelor?

No Guests on the Narrow Path Radio Show: Why don't you ever have guests on your show?
New Knowledge for Steve Gregg: Do you think you will ever learn new stuff than you know right now or anything that will challenge your faith?

Narrow Path Website Forum: How come I haven't been added to the Narrow Path Website Forum yet?
Description of Jesus: Is this Passage of Scripture describing Jesus Christ since it's so similar to the description in Revelation? [Ezekiel 1:26-28]

"Best of" Radio Programs: It'd be awesome if you could always post the re-broadcasted or "best of" programs to your website.

Steve Gregg's World View: What are Steve's basic tenets of his world view?

Follow-up to the Sabbath Debate: I heard there was a continuance or a follow-up of the sabbath debate you had w/ Doug Batchelor, do you have a video of it?

Preterism Lectures: Do you have anything on Preterism, any lectures?
Partial Preterism vs Full Preterism: Why are you a partial preterist as opposed to a full preterist?

Theme Music for the Narrow Path Show: Where does the music come from for you show?
Tithing: Should we tithe? Aren't we sort've under bondage doing that?

Progress of the Narrow Path Ministry: Congratulations on the amount of radio stations you are broadcasting on. You have been doing this for 20 years. Can you tell us a little bit about the progress of your ministry from its start?
Bible Translations: Which translations do you like best that are word-for-word? What do you think about phyical exercise?
Physical Exercise: What do you thinks about the importance of Physical Exercise?

Thank You Call: Caller just wanted to say thank you to Steve.

Jesus Interrogation: Is Jesus interrogation for 4 days in Mark 12 parallel to preparation of the lamb in Exodus 12 when Jesus was being investigated? [Mark 12:1-7]
Steve's Notes: Do you have notes when you are teaching? [Editor's Note: At the time of this call, was not available, but you can now find all/most of the at that site.]

Narrow Path website a ".com" instead of ".org": When you have your website with a ".com" instead of an ".org", it makes it harder for people to want to donate because they think it's for-profit ministry instead of a not-for-profit ministry.
Divorce: Considering marriage to a woman who divorced her husband without Biblical support.

Jewish nation: What was the purpose for the Jewish nation in the Old Testament in the first place? Why did God form it?
Kingdom of God Lectures: I'm really enjoying all your lectures, especially about the Kingdom of God.

Appreciating Steve's Show: Jewish caller calls to let Steve know how much he likes the show.
Jesus' Birth: It doesn't matter what day Jesus' actual birthday is.

Narrow Path on the Air: How long has Steve been on the air? what is the audience numbers like?
Christmas over Easter: Why do we celebrate Christmas more than Easter?

Skeptical at first, but now a Solid Listener: Caller who was at first skeptical of the radio program has found Steve to be very educational & is appreciative of him.

Calvinism, Faith being a Work: Why is it that Calvinists say that having faith is a work? [John 6:28]
Steve's Lectures About Rapture: A lengthy discussion about Steve Gregg's lectures on about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

Appreciates the Narrow Path: Caller appreciates the Narrow Path.
Abomination of Desolation: What is the Abomination of Desolation. (no time for answer)
Signs of the Cosmic Apocalypse: Have you ever heard of the signs of the Apocalypse, the Sun going dark, the moon becoming dark? (Again, no time to answer.)

Critiquing Steve's Criticism: Caller comments on Steve's inappropriate criticism of someone.

Pastor Appreciates the Narrow Path Show: Caller is a pastor & he & his associates really appreciate Steve Gregg's program, The Narrow Path.

Appreciation Call: Just wanted to say thank you for your good answers, especially the last one.

Lectures to start with: What lectures do you recommend that I start listening to?
Driven by Eternity: Are you familiar w/ a book "Driven by Eternity" by John Bevere? He says we need to really focusing on our Eternal Destiny.

Gifts of the Spirit not for Today: I attended a church that said that the Gifts of the Spirit are not for today, so is that right?
Transgenderism: Do you have a lecture on transgenderism?
Discipleship: Do all the believers have to physically go out & make disciples of Jesus? [Romans 12:3-8]

No Internet: Caller doesn't like not having Internet & is envious of people who do get to listen to all of Steve's archives.
Wormwood: Caller would like to know about Wormwood & the Trumpet Judgment. [Revelation 8:11]

The Narrow Path Website: Was looking at your vast amount of information on your Narrow Path website & wondering if you had any idea where to should I start?

Liking the Narrow Path Show: A caller & her granddaughter just wanted to check in & say how they liked the show!

Theme Music for the Narrow Path Show: Wondering where you got your whistling theme song?
Calvinism vs Arminianism: Free will, sin nature, total depravity

The Narrow Path's Theme Music: Does your theme music have a name, & where did it come from?

Dealing with Callers: I like the way you deal with all the different kind've callers you get! You are very skilled at!
Partaking in the Eucharist as a Full Meal: If having an actual meal for the Lord's Supper, how come that didn't become a sacrament? [1 Corinthians 11]
Taking Communion in an Unworthy Manner: What does it mean to take Communion in an unworthy manner? [1 Corinthians 11:26-32]

Agreeing with Steve Gregg: Just calling you to tell you that I agree w/ you, that you know the truth! [John 14:6]

Radio Archives: Why are some Radio Archives unavailable now? I've taken notes on a lot of them that i've liked & now they are just completely gone.
People's Names in the Bible: Names of characters in the Bible, are they relative to God's wishes in the Bible in correlation of the meaning their life?

Reading a Letter from an Atheist: Steve Gregg reads a letter from yet another Atheist, who also donated to the show!

Atheist Listeners to the Narrow Path Program: Steve has received recent mail from Atheists who have actually donated to the program. One of them has a question:
Faith: Are you sure faith isn't just having confidence in something they think to be true?

Romans Verse by Verse Lectures: How do I know I'm listening to the right version of romans on your website? When were they done?

Steve Gregg's Itinerary: When are you coming in the vegas area again? take note of kkva, the station that carries your show, is having an open house

Decapolis Region: Are Decapolis Jewish or Greek cities? [Mark 5]
Hebrew Roots Movement Lectures: When are you going to put the Hebrew Roots Lectures on your website?

Calling into the Narrow Path Show: How often can we call your show & ask a question?
Mike the Buddhist Calling in: Michael the Buddhist has been calling your show for 20 years, isn't that right?
Original Sin: Is sin passed down from every parent & have to live (or die) with the consequences of their sin? [Romans 5:12-21]

The Narrow Radio Path Radio Show: I am in dire straights & your show brings me comfort so please stay on my local station at least until the end of the year because i have no access of the internet.

Donating to The Narrow Path: How can one donate to you if they have no computer?
Pre-Incarnate Christ, to being made Man, to Glory Now: How did Jesus change from when He was w/ God before His birth & what is He now?

Appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Program: I REALLY appreciate your program, & I just want you to know that!

Lectures about Calvinism about Once Saved Always Saved: You were talking about Calvinism & Once Saved, Always Saved, & you referred them to some lectures on your website. Can you tell me the name of that lecture again?

Best of Programs: Caller really likes the "Best Of" programs, because they really are the best of the questions!
Immortality of Soul: Most people believe in the inherent immortality of the soul, so what scriptures are there for only having a mortal soul?

No Divorce: The early church they didn't allow divorce for any reason, is that right?
Steve's Residence City & Broadcasting: What city are you broadcasting from? Where do you live in California?

Appreciating Lectures: Being a bond servant of Christ, just listening to some of your lectures, & just letting you know I appreciated that point

Steve's Financial Needs: How does God support you financially? It's true that you ask for money for you radio show, but never for yourself.

The Narrow Path Format: I commend you on the way you do the format of your show, not being prepared in advance.
Laying on Hands of the Holy Spirit by Philip: You just fielded a question about Philip not being able to lay hands on people for the Holy Spirit except when he got some of the original 12 Apostles. I'd like to explain a theory of why: That Peter has the Keys to the Kingdom. [Matthew 16:19]

Awesome Radio Show: Your view is out of the box! I've never heard someone like you on the radio!
Philip: Was Philip one of the original 12 apostles? Why couldn't the Holy Spirit come as a result of Philip's work? Why did he have to call on some of the original 12 apostles in order for the Holy Spirit to move? [Acts 8]

Theme Music to the Narrow Path Show: Where did your theme music come from?
Baptism: You don't have to be "immersed" in baptism, but immersed into the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

Etiquette When Calling a Radio Talk Show: (Commentary about how to ask a question or disagree on the radio)

Loving our Fellow Man: Caller think this verse is a good verse about loving your fellow man. [Isaiah 55:8-9]

Steve Gregg & the Post Office: Steve shares an interesting experience he recently had at the post office at the wrong time!

Lectures called, "Biblical Counsel for a Change" Caller talks about a series of lectures called, "Biblical Counsel for a Change", about how much he liked it.
LGBT Community: What should the church do w/ the LGBT community?

Steve Gregg's Answer to People on The Narrow Path: I just wanted to let you know that you are completely fair in the way you conduct yourself in the answers to your callers. They are the ones who are calling your show for YOUR opinion as a result of your knowledge of the BIble on something, and you don't just give your opinion, but several sides of an issue.
Women Having Long Hair: Women should only have long hair because it's her "glory". Do you know where it talks about that? [1 Corinthians 11:4-16]

Steve Gregg commenting about that day's show's calls: Steve says commentary about politics dominating the show that day.

Steve's Speaking Engagements: Does or would Steve ever come to Spokane, Washington?
Nothing Inhibiting Jesus' Coming: Are all the prophecies fulfilled to not prevent Jesus from coming back right now, or does the 3rd Temple still have to be built?
Planned Parenthood: What about planned parenthood (abortion)?

Grief Lectures: Where are your "grief" lectures?

Anti-Calvinism Material: Do you have any anti-Calvinism resources that are against the idea of Calvinism? (Lecture Series called, "God's Sovereignty & Man's Salvation", under Topical Lectures, at the website, (Steve said the caller could e-mail him & get the notes for those lectures, but now all you have to do is go to to find those.)a

Narrow Path Lectures: Caller is concerned about the lectures he wanted to listen to that just cutting off. Technology not quite working as well as it's supposed to.
The White Horse in Revelation: Is the White Horse in Revelation 19 Jesus or what? (Jesus' second coming or an extension of the gospel.) [Revelation 19:11-19]

Narrow Path Website: Caller really enjoys the Narrow Path Website, & talks a little bit about Steve's belief in Replacement Theology.
Liberal Democrat Christian: Can a person be a true follower of Christ & be a true liberal democrat that the same time?

Bible Forum on the Narrow Path Website: Caller joined the forum on Steve's website, & couldn't believe some of the posts he saw there.
Steve Starting a Church: Would you ever consider start a church?

Steve Gregg's Handling of Difficult Calls: How is Steve Gregg doing & how does he deal with all these hard questions while remaining with a firm footing?

Don't be afraid to Call: Steve makes the announcement about not being afraid to call the show to ask your question.

The Narrow Path going off the Radio: Is there a danger of you going off a certain radio station?
Conrad Mbewe: Have you ever heard of Conrad Mbewe out of Africa? I thought he was pretty good.

"What are we to Make of Israel?": Caller comments on lecture series “What are we to Make of Israel?”, saying how good they are, & that he's on his second time of listening to them.
Missing Tribe of Dan: Caller has a theory responding to a previous call about why Dan was not included in the list of Revelation 7. [Revelation 7:4-8]
Contradictory Numbers in Scripture: Was it 20 years or 40 years that the Ark remained in Kirjathjearim because the math doesn't seem to be working out in light of what it says in [1 Samuel 7:2, Acts 13:22]

A Show Dedicated to Unbelievers: Whatever happened to one day per week for just non Christians & atheists calling into your show?
God Testing Abraham with Isaac: Unbelievers want to know how God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac was a moral test? (Steve's connection gets interrupted but he is able to finish answer.)
Doing things wrong ignorantly: Will God judge us if we are doing things ignorantly?

Calling a Live Bible Program Etiquette: Steve opens the show with suggestions on how to make a call to a live Bible program.

Announcement Regarding Missions: Announcements about stuff happening in Beaverton, Oregon.
New Perspectives Program & Islam: Caller heard a previous call about New Perspectives teaching about Islam. He doesn't know the answer but is going to look into it.
Listening to Archived Radio Shows: Caller says he listens to a lot of the past radio shows & then Steve comments about archived radio shows. (You can listen to them even easier now on

Inexperienced Callers Welcome to Call: Steve makes the announcement that he welcomes new, inexperienced callers to call the show.

A verse about Steve Gregg: Caller thinks a certain verse is talking about Steve Gregg specifically. [1 Corinthian 15:10]
Women Calling the Show: Caller is curious as to more women don't call Steve's show.

General Questions about the Narrow Path Ministry: Questions about how to donate, is it okay to pay his tithe to his ministry, & how thankful he is for Steve's ministry.

Remission of sins: i'd really like to know the meaning of this verse, the "remitting or retaining the sins of people". What does that mean? [John 20:23]
"All you want to know about Hell": Caller likes both books of Steve Gregg, "3 views of Hell", as well as "4 views Revelation". Steve comments.

Battle of Armageddon Statistics: Do you remember the call about the person who called in about the Battle of Armageddon, 200 million tanks?
Dispensationalism vs Preterism: Can you say what each camp DOES say about the 200 million army, both of Dispensationalism & Preterism? [Revelation 9:15-18]

Donations: Caller has a Question about donating to the ministry.

Jack Hibbs Video: You just announced about the Jack Hibbs video, but do you have just an audio version of it?

Jack Hibbs Video: Steve Gregg comments/announces about the Jack Hibbs video.

Mental Illness: Caller is concerned about what Steve teaches about Mental Illness on his website.

Follow-up to Zechariah Lectures: Steve comments on the Zechariah lectures they had talked about the day before, that they are up on the website.

Zechariah Lectures: Where are they?

The Jack Hibbs video on Replacement Theology: Comment on Jack Hibbs response about partial Preterism & replacement theology.
Mark Hitchcock gloating over Debate Victory: At the end of the Hibbs replacement video, Mark Hitchcock gloated about the victory he had over Hank Hanegraaff on the debate about the Date of the Book of Revelation.

Same-sex marriage & Homosexuality: Caller likes Steve's lectures on the biblical reasons why homosexuality & same-sex marriage are wrong.
Teaching, traveling, lectures: Caller appreciates Steve's ministry, his ability to be able to teach across the country, have lectures that are the perfect length, etc.

Zechariah Study: Did Steve finish the Zechariah study that he had been working on?

Pressing Issue in Christianity: What is the most Pressing Issue in Christianity. (Lordship of Jesus)
Steve's Favorite subject: What is Steve's favorite subject to teach on?

Hebrew Roots: Comments from a radio station manager caller.
Adding a station on the FM Band: He just wanted to share, though, that they have their station on an FM station, potentially DOUBLING Steve's audience in the area.

Talking to Steve After Show: Caller would like to have a private conversation w/ Steve in after the show.

Being Gentle in Delivering Truth: How does Steve have the ability to be gentle & have humility w/ people who don't quite believe what we believe yet? How do we get people to read the Bible?

Application (Ap for The Narrow Path): Is the guy who is in charge of the APP for the Narrow Path ever going to be able to get the lectures about the 3 Views of Hell on there?
Charts: Where can he get the chart for the Millennium & Israel? (Editor's Note: The answer is, at True, that wasn't the answer when then question was originally asked, but anyone who sees & hears this question NOW will know.)

Calendars: When did we start keeping calendars? How far back would we have to go?
Website Forum: Is there a place one can go on the website to ask questions?
Age of Accountability: Can Steve please explain the "Age of Accountability"?

Demon-Possession Lectures: What happened to your Demon-possession Lectures?
"Equality w/ God": Caller is having a hard time w/ the phrase, "Who did not think equality w/ God a thing to be grasped", & would like Steve's thoughts if he could grasp what it means. [Philippians 2:1-11]

Listening to the Holy Spirit: How come Steve doesn't listen to the Holy Spirit as to when to end a conversation w/ a caller?
Referring to the Holy Sprit: How come he doesn't refer to Him when people call w/ their problems, or what Bible to use, or what church to go to?

Steve & the Holy Spirit: Does Steve think of himself as in the Holy Spirit? How are we born-again?
Trinity: Does Steve understand the Trinity? The Father loves the Son, & the Son loves the Father, so the Love IS the Holy Spirit.
Virgin Mary & her Son Jesus Christ: Does Steve understand Mary & her Son Jesus? Who is the closest to Jesus that is our mother? Who was the most obedient, who was there every step of the way but His mother? He was brought in by her because she was the most faithful. She is full of grace!

Lectures for Unbelievers: Would Steve consider doing some lectures directly aimed at unbelievers?

Lectures re: Israel & the Debate w/ Mike Brown: Caller enjoyed the 4 lectures on Israel that Steve did & listened to the debate he had w/ Brown, but he watched another debate of Brown's, & talks about God scattering Israel, & what God scattered, no one can gather, & so why would Israel come back together in 1948, & wants to know what Steve thinks.

Radio Manager to Explain Commercials: Steve was mentioning about commercials interrupting his shows on some stations earlier in the broadcast & so the Radio Manager called to explain that it wasn't them!

Manuscripts of the Bible: Were the Manuscripts just one long continuous words, w/ no breaks, commas, capitalization?
Bob Dutko: Steve Gregg was in an interview w/ Bob Dutko, does he have an audio file of that?

2015-07-01 Selling Steve's Books: Caller just wanted to announce about how cheap is selling Steve's Books for.
Hell: As a result of that call, Steve commented about Hell.

Appreciates Steve's Program: Caller was wondering if Steve was still going to be in Hawaii when he got there, & wanted to say he appreciates Steve's show.

Growing in the faith: Caller loves Steve for his encouragement, & his ministry, enabling her to develop deeper roots in her faith.

Asking Money for Radio: Caller thinks Steve contradicts himself by saying he never "begs" for money, that if God is not blessing the ministry on its own merit, it will fail, otherwise He will bless it by funding it, w/ out asking/begging for money.

Making a New Lecture about Israel: Caller heard that Steve is re-doing some lectures on Israel. Are they going to be put on the website?
New Covenant Theology: What does Steve know about "New Covenant Theology"?

Original Sin & Total Depravity Lecture: Listener really enjoys all the websites, & some of the lectures he's found on them.

Disagrees, but Love's the Narrow Path: The caller disagrees w/ Steve Gregg, especially the regarding the last days, when it comes to eschatology. She wants to make sure he stays on the air.

Calls from People w/ Addictions: Steve comments about after getting calls from people w/ addictions, how he gets it from both side of the fence about what he said.

Archived Radio Shows: Where are your archived radio shows? They are not up on your website. [Editor's Note: You can find them on]

Lectures on Unity: The caller really enjoyed the lecture series "Strategies for Unity". How long has Steve been teaching on that subject?

Animals in Heaven: Animals in Heaven.
Steve is very dedicated: Steve being dedicated to his Ministry.
Red letter Edition - Don C. Harris: Is Steve familiar w/ Don Harris or the ministry of Red Letter Edition?

"Refusing To Be Offended": Where can that lecture be found on the Narrow Path Website?
Tithing: Caller thinks the onus is on Steve Gregg to show where it says we don't need to tithe? [Revelation 22:18-19]

Calvinism & Arminianism: What was the name of the lectures on the Narrow Path's Website about Calvinism & Arminianism?

Michael the Buddhist: Michael the Buddhist has been calling for years, & doesn't he need to just make up his mind? He seems to be wavering.

Steve's Background: Caller wants to know Steve's education because his answers are so informative, so well-rounded.

Equipment Problems w/ the Broadcast: There seems to be problems with your show.
Modern English Version: Have you ever heard of the MEV, Modern English Version?

Understanding Scripture: What does this passage of Scripture mean in Ezekiel? [Ezekiel 3:17-21
Dying in middle of sin: what if you die right in the middle of a sin? Are you doomed?
Unique Questions on the Show: Do you ever still get a question on your show you've never answered anymore, that is unique, or have they all been answered before?

Come Out Among Them & Be Separate: What does it mean to "Come out from among them & be separate?" [2 Corinthians 6:17]
Fear & Trembling: What does it mean to "work out your Salvation w/ Fear & Trembling"? [Philippians 2:12]
The Narrow Path Radio Show: What do you hope for as God's will to accomplish with this show? What do you pray for when you pray for your program?

Radio Programs & the Narrow Path: There are some radio shows that just seems to disagree with your teachings.
Date of the Book of Revelation: Wife & I debating the dating of the book of Revelation, my wife thinks way after 70 AD, i think before 70 AD.
Baptism: Is water baptism necessary for salvation?

Technical Issues: There is skipping going on in your shows, it's cutting out, can't hear everything you are saying.

Steve's Long Answers: Steve's shares an interesting story about why he gives long answers & some not liking his long answers, especially the ones that are on hold waiting & some do appreciate it, but whenever a question demands a long answer, he's going to give however long it takes, time permitting!

Tom Morris Debate: I enjoyed the debate you had with Tom Morris.
Strategies for Unity: Will the meeting you are doing tomorrow night be recorded?

Trivial Callers: Caller is concerned about trivial calls, people who just want to voice their platform, such as Michael the Buddhist.

E-mails questions: Caller thinks Steve should dedicate a portion of his show to e-mail questions he gets because he enjoys them just as much as the call-in questions.
Offending People w/ Diet: Does not offending people include people who are not Christians, such as Muslims? [Romans 14-15, 1 Corinthians 8-10]

The Narrow Path Radio Show & Stone Soup: Caller wanted to share a story about everyone contributing to a good Stone Soup, resembling it to people asking good questions & Steve giving good answers.

Atheist Advertising his Opposition to the Bible: Steve, how would you respond to an atheist who is wearing a t-shirt that is quoting a passage in 1 Samuel that says, "slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, do not spare them"? [1 Samuel 15:3]
Book of a Compilation of Q & A's: Do you have a book for sale of questions you've been asked & answered?

Men Calling in on the Radio show: Caller is impressed w/ how many men call the show as opposed to women.

Gift of Healing: If someone really has the "Gift of Healing", you'd think they'd go to hospitals & sanitariums & be able to actually heal people.
Kingdom of God lectures: I think your 8 serie lectures on the Kingdom of God is excellent.

Thankful: Caller is thankful.

Narrow Path Website, page about Churches in local areas: Whatever happened to your page you'd said would be put on the website about contacting people of like-minded people in the same area for church?

Glitch of the air: There seemed to be a glitch on the radio program over the air when you were answering my question about hell.

New Great Commission School: What's going w/ your Great Commission School? Haven't heard much about it lately.

Title of Theme Song: What is the title of your Theme Song for your show?

Dispensationalism (last call): Dispensationalism seems to go against Scripture so much. Isn't there a danger to that?
Tithing: Is there ANYWHERE in the NT that says we MUST tithe? [Matthew 23:23]
Steve's Ministry: Your ministry, especially your website, is very informative, has a vast amount of knowledge on it.

Printed Notes fron Lectures: Do you have any printed copies of the notes you hand out during your lectures?

Overview of the Books of the Bible: You recently did a Lecture of an overview of all the books of the Bible, but are you going to play it over the air? Do you know of any good books that would give a good overview?

More Reaction to First Call about Addictions: A previous caller needs to not enable his g/f, financing her ability to be able to buy her drugs & alcohol.
Speaking Engagements by Steve Gregg: How do you determine where you will speak?

3 Views of Hell: Caller is thankful for the lectures that Steve put together about the 3 view of Hell.
Holy Spirit leading to Truth: The Holy Spirit leads us to all truth.

Steve explains what happened to yesterday's show: They had technical difficulties on yesterday's show, & Steve explains exactly what electricity.

Radio Station having problem carrying show: Caller thinks radio station he is listening to has been preempting Steve Gregg's show.

Dispensationalism: In your lectures do you have a SPECIFIC place you learn about Dispensationalism? Do they teach more than just eschatology? Is once saved always saved pretty much Dispensational?

Forcing people to go to Church: Where does it say in the Bible that we should not force people to go to church, especially children? [Ephesians 6:4, Proverbs 22:6]
Getting Political: Right as the caller was hanging up, he quipped, "Don't get political on your show", & Steve spent a few minutes talking about politics.

A Morsel or a Meal: It's awesome that we can call you with a question, & get sprinkled w/ information or can dive into the ocean w/ your lectures.
Olivet Discourse - End of the Age: What did the Disciples mean when they asked, "End of the Age"? The end of the world, Jesus' Second coming? [Matthew 24:3]

Notes from Lectures: In your topical lectures, you mention notes that you pass out to your students. Do you have a place you can go to access them?
Copyrighted Material: Your material isn't copyrighted, is it?

The Narrow Path Radio Show: The caller appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Show.

The Narrow Path Program: What I love your show is that you are able to interact w/ your callers, especially of people who disagree.
Homosexuality: Most talk shows seem to bring the homesexuality lifestyle sin exclusive to all other sins.

Critiquing Church Leaders: Do you have anything in your archives about what to do about church leadership with shady characters?

Challenged By Steve's Teachings: Some churches think truth is the truth that you believe at the time.

Speaking Engagements: Caller wanted to know about speaking engagement details.

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