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Topic: Armageddon

Episode Topic Audio

Battle of Armageddon: Could you talk about the "Battle of Armageddon"? [Ezekiel 38]

Overview of End Times Events: Could you give an overview of all thing relating to end times (eschatology), including when will there be the rapture, resurrection, etc.? Recommended topical lecture; "When Shall These Things Be?" [2 Peter 3, Acts 17].

End Times Events & Armageddon: Where does Armageddon fit into the Amillennial view? [I Thessalonians 4].

Gog & Magog: Has the battle described in Ezekiel, Gog & Magog, taken place already, or is it in the future? [Ezekiel 38-39].

Jesus on the White Horse Return: Will Jesus actually come back on a white horse, or is that symbolic? [Revelation 19:11]
Battle of Armageddon: Will anyone survive the Battle of Armageddon? [Revelation 16:16; 20:1-3]

Battle of Armageddon: When is the battle of Armageddon going to happen?

Battle of Armageddon: I thought Israel was supposed to ultimately win in the end?

Battle of Armageddon Statistics: Do you remember the call about the person who called in about the Battle of Armageddon, 200 million tanks?
Dispensationalism vs Preterism: Can you say what each camp DOES say about the 200 million army, both of Dispensationalism & Preterism? [Revelation 9:15-18]

Impending Armageddon: A woman was at work & was crippled w/ fear about an Impending Armageddon. What would you say to her?

David & His Enemies: It says in the Psalms that he prayed for destruction of his enemies. Is that a NT thing to do?
Armageddon: Is Armageddon the Final Battle of the End of the World?

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