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Topic: Buddhism

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Evangelical Deconstruction: If you are familiar with DC Talk's, Kevin Max, what do you think of his and other's ex-evangelical deconstruction? [Galatians 1:10].
Michael, the Buddhist: How is Michael, the Buddhist doing?

Meditation for the Christian: Are you familiar with "The Practice of the Presence of the Lord" by Brother Lawrence". What parallel can be made between meditation for the Buddhist and the Christian? [Psalm 1:2-3].

"One Way" Through Jesus: If there is only "one way", through Jesus, then is there no provision for all those that never heard of this way or Jesus? [John 14:6, Ezekiel 18:32, 2 Peter 3:8-10, John 1:9-10].

Misunderstanding of the Gospel Truth: Is it not an unfortunate misunderstanding of the gospel to think it is anything but a universal message and there are not other ways to salvation and truth than through Jesus?

A Buddhist Explains His Rejection of the Christian God: A Buddhist called explains why he can't accept the Christian God.
Why Would God Create the World with Such Suffering: Why did God just leave well enough alone instead of creating a world with terrible suffering?

Those of Other Faiths: Do you think that people of other faiths possibly benefit from their beliefs, similarly, or even better than some Christians do? [John 1:8-9, Psalm 24:1] (A lot of static on the line.)

Statue of Buddha: Is having a statue of the Buddha in your home idolatry?

Why Christianity is the Correct Faith: In light of all the different religions in the world, what makes Christianity the correct and true faith? Are we looking all at the same God? [Deuteronomy 18, John 5, Philippians 4:6, James 4:2-3].

Reincarnation: What does the Bible say about reincarnation?
God Speaking to us: Does God speak to us through other people?

Let Thy Will Be Done: We say in the Lord's Prayer, "let Thy will be done". How do we know things have actually been done in His will for the last 2,000 years?
Future False Religions & Cults: Why didn't God have John specifically direct admonitions to Muslims and Mormon & Buddhists?

Jesus & Other Religious Leaders: How is Jesus different from Buddha & other religious leaders? What is the difference between Buddhism and Christianity?

Baptism: Is there only one way to do baptism? what about a Buddhist baptism?

Michael the Buddhist Caller: Mike's Buddhist's teacher is attending a Christian church, just letting him know that he & his teacher are both going now.

Buddhism & Reincarnation: Is not the resurrection a form of reincarnation?

Calling into the Narrow Path Show: How often can we call your show & ask a question?
Mike the Buddhist Calling in: Michael the Buddhist has been calling your show for 20 years, isn't that right?
Original Sin: Is sin passed down from every parent & have to live (or die) with the consequences of their sin? [Romans 5:12-21]

Calvinism & Election: Michael the Buddhist asks about Calvinism & the term "elect"

Comparison of Buddhism & Teachings of Christ: Buddhism & teachings of Christ comparison.

Buddhism & Christianity: Buddhist compares his faith/belief system & Christianity.

Buddhism & Christianity Parallels: I'm trying to show you that there are parallels between the Christian faith & buddhism! (regular Buddhist caller, Mike the Buddhist)

Christianity: Buddhist caller is a little bit convoluted, finally asks, What is the Christian life?

Dharma & the Gospel of Christ: Dharma of the Buddha & the gospel of Jesus are really beginning to, in my mind, merge together, says a regular Buddhist caller.

Buddhism: Buddhist calls to clarify what buddhists believe about the idea of sin is

Buddhist & Christianity: a buddhist caller talks about his differences between buddhism & Christianity

True Christianity: What is the true way to be a Christian, because Buddhists seemed more Christ-like than Christians?

Overwhelming Presence of the Holy Spirit (about Michael the Buddhist): Caller thinks Michael the Buddhist needs to release his grip on Buddhism & firmly grip Christianity so he can really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, which he had called & talked about in a previous show.
The Early Church in Jerusalem: In following God’s will & serving Him, what did the church in Jerusalem look like? Were they zealous for the law? Was it an underground church? [Acts 21:18]
Home Church Requirements: Are overseers or pastors required in a home church? Do you have to have apostolic leaders & titles?

Felt Christian Love: Michael the Buddhist touched by Christian’s presence & likes the fellowship or relationships with Christians but does God fulfill the need for love from others?

Reincarnation, Hypnosis & Eastern Religions: What can you tell me about Reincarnation, Hypnosis, Evil Spirits & the like?

Buddhism verses Christianity: Mike the Buddhist gives some thoughts about the perception of reality.

JW's: What do Jehovah's Witnesses believe regarding the Millennium. Where religions that raised up in the 19th century as a result of Jesus coming back soon?
Peace when going to Christian groups: I have a wonderful peace whenever I go to Calvary Chapel. (Steve then asks him what holds him back from accepting Jesus.)

Eastern Philosophy infiltrating the church: What is Steve's opinion about incorporating Christianity with Buddhism, Hinduism, Metaphysics, Transcendental meditation and so on?

Buddhist Attending a Bible Study: Buddhist attending a Bible study in a Calvary Chapel has no plan on changing his beliefs, so should he continue going?

Conscience & Witness of God: God & your own conscience would know when we did wrong, so what is the relationship between one's own conscience & that of a Higher Power?

Buddhism vs Christianity: Michael the Buddhist is calling again to converse about Buddhism verses Christianity.

Christianity & Buddhism: Michael the Buddhist calls again to continue the discussion about why he's not seeing it in Christianity. (He gives an interesting drowning scenario)

Buddhism: Michael the Buddhist called to critique yet another caller talking about him & Buddhism.

Michael the Buddhist: Michael wants to avoid pain, but the thing we need to get away from is sin, so he needs to change his entire belief structure.
Lewis Sperry Chafer: Caller reads a quote from Lewis Sperry Chafer & wondering what Steve's thoughts are on it, about works & Calvinism.

Michael the Buddhist: Michael the Buddhist is a popular fellow of late, people wondering about him (a call was about him last month also).
Size of the Universe: Why did God make the universe so big? Are there possibly other planets like ours, other "experiments" God has out there?

Michael the Buddhist calls: Michael the Buddhist calls back to reply to caller who called the week before about him being indecisive & tries to explain why he's not a Christian.

Michael the Buddhist: Michael the Buddhist has been calling for years, & doesn't he need to just make up his mind? He seems to be wavering.

Branches Bearing Fruit: Are there 3 different groups of Christians, Christians who bear fruit, Christians who don't, & Christians who break off, is that right? [john 15:1-5]
Falling Away (for Buddhism): If Steve were to fall for Buddhism, does that means that he fell from grace? 20 2, 2, 1025

A couple of jokes are exchanged: Michael the Buddhist shares a joke & Steve shares one.
Karma: What does Steve think of Karma just being the hand of God?

Jesus & Eastern Religions: Wouldn't Jesus have been aware of all the Eastern Religions during His day?

Making Someone Pray: What do you think about me trying to make my son pray even though he says he's not a Christian, & doesn't want to participate, throwing back at me that if I was with a bunch of Buddhists, that I wouldn't pray to Buddha, even to be polite, so why should he, since he isn't a Christian?

Sam Harris: Sam Harris is looking into Buddhism.
Sanctification: Sanctification is change of the heart.

Being in touch w/ your Heart: Isn't Christianity to just be in touch w/ your heart, to come back to that innocence that a child possesses?

Michael the Buddhist: Caller wants to tell Michael the Buddhist to ask God to reveal Himself know to Michael the Buddhist? People should pray for him.

Beliefs Separate People: Michael the Buddhist called to followup on a call he had made a few days before & point out that beliefs separate people.

Losing Friends for lack of Mutual Faith: Mike the Buddhist calls to say he feels sad that he's losing Christian friends just because he hasn't converted over yet.

Non-judgmental Association w/ Christians: Michael the Buddhist was hoping he wouldn't be being judged or cutoff for not embracing Christianity.

Michael the Buddhist: Caller sad that Michael the Buddhist won't be calling anymore. He was learning some valuable insights from his discussions w/ Steve.

Michael the Buddhist's Last Call: (This wasn't his last call, though....he called in more recent years as well) Michael the Buddhist called to say this would be the last time he'd be calling.

Michael the Buddhist vs Steve Gregg Viewpoints: Long Discussion about what Michael thinks Steve sees him for since he's not embracing the Christian religion, but that Steve's wrong in his perception.

Freedom to Learn: Steve could learn from Michael the Buddhist too, as well as Michael should listen to Steve.
"Best they can": Even if Michael the Buddhist hasn't literally accepted Jesus as his Savior, at least he's trying his best.
Hell - Eternal Torment: Even though you say you don't believe in an eternal hell, & eternal torment, you actually really do.

Obedience: Obedience seems pretty childish, according to Michael the Buddhist.

No Bible Anywhere in America: It's kind've hypocritical of the American government to say we can not preach or teach the Bible, but accommodate any other religion that is not Christian such as Buddhism & Islam.
Trinity: Can you explain the Trinity?

Salvation: Michael the Buddhist wants to know what it is that frees people, especially the Christian, from the bondage of sin?
The Kingdom of God: The Kingdom of God is within us, isn't that what the Bible says? [Luke 17:21]

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