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Topic: Concordances

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King James Version of the Bible: How familiar should one be with the King James Version of the Bible, particularly since other Bible tools, such as concordances, are based on it?

Study Bible: What would you recommend for a good study Bible?

Deep meaning of the words in a verse: "My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?", was trying to study the deeper meaning of the scripture, & came up with a few things. [Matthew 27:46]

Baby considered a Sinner: Why are we considered sinners as soon as we are born, even before we have a chance to sin?
Bible Study Tools: Do you have any recommendations for tools to study the Bible, like a good Interlinear Bible that you use? A lexicon?

Interlinear Study Bible: Is a good interlinear bible the best thing to have when studying the Bible?

Greek Bible Book: Did you say something about being able to read references that you can read along w/ the Bible? (followup, call cuts in & out)

Exegesis of Scripture & Proper Bible Study: Can you tell me about proper biblical exegesis of Scripture? How do you begin studying the Bible?
Eternal Security & the Prodigal Son: Do you believe in once saved, always saved? What about the Prodigal Son? [Luke 11:11-32]

Easton's Bible Dictionary: Does Steve know where you can find an Easton's Bible Dictionay?

Steve's Wonderments: Do you have any questions you need answered to? Where do you go for your answers?
Studying the Bible: What are some good resources for the studying the Bible?
Starting point: Where's a good point to start studying the Bible?

Studying "Logos" & other words: What is the best source to go to do deep word studies?

A Good Bible Translation: Caller wants an excellent modern translation of the Bible that's easy to understand,
Concordances: He also wants to know about Concordances.
NKJV: Is the New King James Version translated from a good Greek text?

Most Accurate Translation of the Bible: What do you think are the best Bible Translations out there?
The Amplified BIble What is your opinion about the Amplified Bible?
Best Source for Origin of Words (or word usage): Can you tell me a good source to use such as a concordance or lexicon that will give me the best origin of the word?

Good books to help understand the Bible: Followup to the gentleman who called about a good resource or concordance to help supplement understanding the Bible.

Luke: Luke was not one of the original apostles?
Concordances: What kind've Concordance would you recommend to help me find stuff that is not directly in the Bible?

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