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Topic: Incense

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Transfiguration-Proves Saints are Alive: Does the vision of Moses and Elijah during the transfiguration prove to us that they were alive in heaven? [Matthew 17:3-9].
Transfiguration-Don't Tell: Why did Jesus tell them not to tell anyone about the vision? Did He not heal in public? [Matthew 17:3, 16:3, John 6:15].
Saints in Heaven Praying: Who are the saints offering up prayers as incense in Revelation? [Revelation].

Incense Recipe: Does the incense in Exodus 30 have any significance to us today?
Humility: Does a humble people know they are humble?

Rising of the Sun & Incense being offered: Caller follows up on a call about a verse they were talking about sacrificing in a previous call. [Malachi 1:11]
Apocrypha Books: The New Testament supposedly quoting to or alluding Apocrypha Books.

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