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Topic: Astronomy

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The Gospel in the Stars: Is there astrology in the Bible? What do the constellations mean in the Bible? Does the Bible attribute some special powers relative to the stars or constellations?

Gospel in the Stars: Is there anything related to the subjects of the constellations and Zodiac at the website [topical lectures; Psalm 19]?
Jesus' Arrest: John MacArthur said that 600 people came to arrest Jesus, is there anything to substantiate that?

Tabernacle for the Sun & the Zodiac: Tabernacle for the Son, the Zodiac & the connection to Christianity? Stars and their guidance in the Bible [Psalms 19]

The 3 Wise men-Magi: How did the Magi even know to look for a star that was connected w/ the Messiah?

Tetrad Blood Moons: All these Blood Moons that everyone is talking about, they aren't even visible in Israel this year, so why the hysteria!

Apocalyptic Language: Can you explain about the apocalyptic language of the sun & moon going dark & so on? (a lot of crackling noise happening.)
Satan Falling like Lightning: Why was Jesus saying this in the first place & what was He meaing by it, Satan falling like lightning from Heaven? [Luke 10:18]

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