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Topic: Muslims

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Arabs & Egyptians-Hagar, Ishmael & Islam: What is the evidence that Hagar traveled east, and the Arabs & Egyptians are descended from her? [Genesis 21].

Atheist's Defense of Abortion: Atheist caller objects to the Christian's view toward abortion and how it is unfairly characterized?
Ethics of Slavery: Why didn't God make the first commandment; "You shall Not Own Other Human Beings"?

"One Way" Through Jesus: If there is only "one way", through Jesus, then is there no provision for all those that never heard of this way or Jesus? [John 14:6, Ezekiel 18:32, 2 Peter 3:8-10, John 1:9-10].

God Hears the Prayers of Muslims: Does God hear the prayers of the Muslims? [Acts 17:23].

Same God (Allah) for Muslims & Christians: What do you think of this premise; the God that Christians pray to, is the same God that Muslims pray to? [John 8:54].

666 & Allah: Are you familiar with the idea that the 666 refers to Allah?

Those of Other Faiths: Do you think that people of other faiths possibly benefit from their beliefs, similarly, or even better than some Christians do? [John 1:8-9, Psalm 24:1] (A lot of static on the line.)

Concern about Sharia Law: Caller thinks that Steve said something about American succumbing to Sharia Law.

Clarification on Salvation for the Muslim: Caller makes some observations about the Muslim (Islam) faith and asks for Steve's clarification about salvation for the those in Islam.

Palestine & Israel Conflict: What do you say to Palestinians who hate Israel because they took their land?
Other Religions Who Have Jesus in Their Faith: What is God gonna do about the religions and cults who have Jesus in their religions, but ignorantly don't have the same theology as we do? [Matthew 11:28-30, Matthew 16:17, 2 Peter 3:18].

Why Christianity is the Correct Faith: In light of all the different religions in the world, what makes Christianity the correct and true faith? Are we looking all at the same God? [Deuteronomy 18, John 5, Philippians 4:6, James 4:2-3].

War - Christian Who Die are Ready: Caller comments on the call about "The Crusades", noting that Muslims are not ready to meet God, but Christians are.
Giving to Christian Ministries: Isn't giving to Christian ministries a requirement for the believer, and could neglect there be why we suffer at times? [Luke 12:48].

The Crusades: Was what happened in "the Crusades" actually justified as self-defense due to Christians being persecuted and killed?

Allah & Our God: Do the Muslims believe in the same God as we do? [John 17:3].

False Prophets: Are Muslims, Jehovah Witnesses, and Mormons all false prophets? Will they go to hell?

Politics: Two people were running for office, one a Muslim & the other a born-again Christian, but I like the Muslim's platform better, what would you do in that situation?

Islam & Muhammad: Would you talk about Islam & Muhammad?

Jesus in the Koran: Is Jesus the same Person in the Bible as in the Koran? ?
Protestant Bible & the Apocrypha: Why doesn't the protestant Bible have the Apocrypha?

Let Thy Will Be Done: We say in the Lord's Prayer, "let Thy will be done". How do we know things have actually been done in His will for the last 2,000 years?
Future False Religions & Cults: Why didn't God have John specifically direct admonitions to Muslims and Mormon & Buddhists?

The God of Muslims & Christianity: Is God the same God as Christianity & the Muslim?

Islam-Muslims: Are Muslims descendants from Ishmael?

Islam-Muslim: How did islam start? Is it a cult? What do they believe in? Are they saved?

Islam/Muslims: Islam is a religion of Satan, what happens to a suicide bomber after he dies?

Allah: Allah or the unknown god. Islam & Muslim.

Allah: Allah being God.

Allah: Who is Allah? Is he/He the same God?

Jesus coming in the Flesh: Are people in denominations such as Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, Mormons/LDS as anti-Christ since they claim Jesus didn't come in the flesh?

Witnessing to a Unitarian: Caller has been trying to share the gospel to a Unitarian, & he said it's all about love, but should I use the 9/11 tragedy as good example of non-loving event?

God's Wrath in the OT: I don't understand the violence in the Old Testament, especially since God is a God of love. It almost seems like what's going on with ISIS? [Joshua]

Forgiving an Unrepentant Person: What about forgiving someone who hasn't repented to you? [Luke 17:3-4, Matthew 18:21-35, Revelation 6:9-10]
Informing the Guilty Party: What if the guilty person doesn't know they they need to ask for forgiveness, repentance?
Sacrificing for your Enemies: So you'd sacrifice yourself for ISIS?

Forgiving Others & Unconditional Love: Unconditional love, forcible resistance,
Forgiving ISIS: What about unconditionally forgiving ISIS?

New Perspective's Course & Islam: Just wondering if you have ever heard of the new perspective's course teaching about Islam?

The Quran/Koran: Who wrote the Quran?
the Koran's teachings & ISIL's behaviour: How does the Quran teachings affect the radicalness of ISIL?
Beheading of Christians: What about the beheading of Christians?

Muslims & their belief about Jesus: Why do Muslims think that Jesus never died & was actually lifted up? [Isaiah 53, Proverbs ]

Islam, Allah, & Muhammed: Knowing how to respond to Islam & calling God Allah, & Muhammed picking that one because of the worship of "moon gods". What is Steve's take on that comment?

Catholicism influencing Islam: Is there any truth to the Roman Catholic church influencing Islam?

Arab Christians: Who is the Christian God of Arabs? Then who is the Muslim God? What do the Arabs call God in English?

The Remnant: Only a Remnant will be saved, not an ethnic group, including Israel.
Allah: Caller comments on the name "Allah", that it applied to God. For a long time Allah was a name for God, Theos, but now it is used as the Arabic name for God. But the English word for God is pagan, which means, "pouring out libations".
Taking up your Cross daily: Trying to explain the analogy of plucking out your eye & cutting off your arm, taking up your cross daily just means the spiritual issues are the most important to do, to follow the narrow path daily. But doesn't "entering into life" mean entering into it now? [Matthew 16:24, 18:8-9]

Allah: Does the name "Allah" mean, "submission"?

Son of God: How would you explain the "Son of God" to a Muslim?

A Muslim Friend: Caller is trying to explain Christianity to a Muslim co-worker, & would like some advice on what to share to him, especially about the Trinity.
Pre-incarnate Christ: What about when Nebuchadnezzar thought he was seeing the Son of God in the fiery furnace? {Daniel 3:25]

Violence taught in the Quran: Caller is concerned about violence that is instructed in the Quran.

God's War on Terror: Islam...: Would the view that Islam being the antichrist make more sense to you that it coming from a European Country?

Supersessionism (Replacement Theology) & Judaism: Steve equates Judaism w/ Islam & Satanism, Judaism was instituted by God, Islam & Satanism never were. By Steve's logic, reading the Torah would be the same thing as reading the Qua'ran or a Satanic Bible.

Playing it Safe as Missionaries: Should some people who are about to go on a missionary trip to a closed Muslim country play it safe or go boldly as some of the apostles seemed to do? [Matthew 10:16]

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: People ask, 'What's the difference between 2 Muslims getting married, or 2 Hindus, or other marriages that are not biblical, & 2 homosexuals getting married?' Caller's opinion is that all the others can be repented of, homosexual marriages can NOT be repented of.

Forgiveness of ISIS: How do we forgive ISIS after they just keep on beheading people & raping women?

Calling & Election Sure: Does Calling & Election mean you are not really saved until you do all the works in the Sermon on the Mount? Steve explains what it really means. [2 Peter 1:10]
ISIS & Islam in Prophecy: Where does ISIS & Islam fall into Prophecy, if anywhere?

Islam/Muslims: Calle had a friend who said he would never eat w/ a Muslim if invited by one. Caller wants to know if Steve has ever heard of Christians taking a stance like that? He'd invite them into his house to eat, but he'd never go w/ them.

Books that Steve Loves: Caller would like to know the list of books that Steve has read 10 times or more.
The Koran: Does Steve have the Qua'ran on his bookshelf? Do they have different Translations like the BIble?
Pastors Being Okay w/ Homosexuality: Caller is surprised Pastors are so accepting to the homosexual lifestyle.

Muslim not believing Jesus is God: Caller has a friend who is a Muslim. They don't believe Jesus is God, but believe that he is the Son of God, & don't believe in the Holy Spirit. He also doesn't believe in 6 literal days because no light for 3 days before the Sun.

Witnessing to Hindus & Muslims: The caller would like to share the gospel w/ co-workers who are Hindu & Muslim, & wants tips on how to do it.

God's Will - Sovereignty of God: "God wills to use our wills to accomplish His will." Can Steve unpack that saying? God allowing Islam to do what they are doing, what does he think?

Prophetic Events Happening: Are prophecies being fulfilled in these last days as we speak?
Islam: How did Islam get started, by Abraham?

Rick Warren: Caller wanted to say that he personally knows Rick Warren, & knows that he is a very reputable man, not trying to merge Islam & Christianity.

Rick Warren & Islam: Has Steve heard of Rick Warren trying to merge Islam w/ Christianity?

Muslims & Christians: Why do Christians hate Muslims?

Dreams & Visions of Jesus to Muslims: I've heard that Muslims have been having visions & dreams about Jesus & have been accepting Him, but someone told me that God only sends dreams to believers. Is this true?

Witnessing to Muslims: What is the most effective way to witness to Muslims? How do they interpret Jesus, & how does it differ from what we believe?

The land of Israel: Even though Israel owns the land right now, they haven't always owned it, but God promised them that they'd own it foever, & God promised Abraham that his seed would be as the dust of the earth, the stars of the sky. [Genesis 28:14, Genesis 13:16, Galatians 3:16, Romans 4: , Psalm 2:8]
The Jews Flourishing: If Satan could stop the flourishing of Israel, would he be making God out to be a liar?
Killing the Jews: There is no rhyme or reason as to why people would want to kill the Jews, including the Muslims.

Christian Martyrdom: What is the best book on Christian Martyrdom?
Steve Gregg Debates: Have you ever debated Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses or Muslims?

Mariam Ibrahim: Are you familiar with Mariam Ibrahim who is about to be executed for not converting to Islam?

Though an Angel from Heaven: Regarding the Quaran & Muslims, doesn't Paul mention about not even listening to ANGELS that come w/ a different gospel? [Galatians 1:8-9]

Fellowshipping w/ Muslims: Do you have any points I should make w/ some Muslims friends when I go to their home to fellowship?

No Bible Anywhere in America: It's kind've hypocritical of the American government to say we can not preach or teach the Bible, but accommodate any other religion that is not Christian such as Buddhism & Islam.
Trinity: Can you explain the Trinity?

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