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Topic: Ghosts

Episode Topic Audio

Dark Figure Appears: My wife sees a dark figure periodically, which precedes a death,and she calls it a "death angel" - what do you think of this?

Spirits: I saw an image that appeared translucent just like what you talked about last week.

Marriage Supper of the Lamb: When is the marriage supper of the Lamb?
Ghosts & Goblins: What is your opinion about people seeing ghosts?

Ghost Hovering: A caller's daughter dating someone who appears to have a ghost hovering near them, do you think daughter is still in danger?

Dealing with Hauntings or Evil Spirits: I'm wondering what you think of hauntings or evil spirits? Caller shares a story.

Disembodied Souls: Caller shares a paranormal ghost type story.
Self-Defense: What if an invader entered your house, & wanted to do harm, would you try to stop them?

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