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Topic: Gambling

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Gambling: Is gambling a sin?

Lot is Cast: Would you comment on Proverbs 16 and the control God has over the lot being cast? [Proverbs 16:33, 21:1, Revelation 17, Psalm 115:3, 135:6, Daniel 4, Hosea 8:4].

Casting Lots: Why was it acceptable for the disciples to cast lots when they selected Matthias as a replacement for Judas? [Proverbs 16:33, Acts 1:12-26, Luke 24, Matthew 19, Colossians 2].

Lottery Winnings & Tithing: If you win the lottery and Tithe with the money, would God be happy with your offering?

Gambling: What does the Bible say about gambling?
Calvinism: Why does it seem Calvinists ignore verses that appear to go against their belief system? [2 Peter 3:9]

Gambling might be a good thing: Caller thinks you can legitimately gamble to help build a church.

Gambling: Am I contributing to other people's gambling problems doing what I'm doing in gambling by being proficient at playing Poker?

Becoming Eunuchs: What does it mean eunuchs for kingdom of heaven's sake? [Matthew 19:12]
Gambling: Is it a sin gambling or just a bad habit?

Playing the Lotto: Is it wrong for christians to play the lotto, & if you happen to win, is it wrong to give a portion of the proceeds to church?

Pornography Addiction: Are addiction problems biblical or is it referring to people who are just out of control?

Winning the Lottery: What would you do if won a lot of money from the lottery?

Luck: What do you think about the "force" of luck?

Eternal Security & Habitual Sin: Am I still saved if I continual fall in the same habitual sin?

Playing Cards: What is your view about playing cards? (that's the original Q, but Steve talks about Alcohol & Gambling more than the actual playing of cards.)

Casting of Lots: Isn't that Pagan, casting lots? It sort've bothers the caller. [Acts 1:26, Proverbs 16:33]

Gambling: Is it ever okay for the Christian to Gamble?

God Creating Humans: So God took a gamble by creating us, not knowing if we were going to not pass the test of not eating the forbidden fruit?

Lottery - Gambling: Is it a sin to play the Lottery or Gamble?

Gambling a form of Stealing: Is Gambling a form of stealing?

Gambling: Why is Gambling considered a sin, & where is the Scripture that says that it is?

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