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Topic: Christmas

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The Christmas Star: Do you think that the Christmas Star was a supernatural phenomena? [Micah 5:2, Matthew 2:1-2].
The Cross of Jesus: Was the cross actually a X rather than the traditional vertical cross?

Pagan Christmas and Christmas Trees: Is Christmas pagan and scripture referring to Christmas trees in Jeremiah? [Jeremiah 10:1-5, Isaiah 44:15-17, Isaiah 46:6].

The Virgin Birth: How important is the "virgin birth"? [Luke 1:34-35].

Bring Jesus to Christmas: Caller brings attention to the need for focus on Jesus instead of Christmas.

Christmas: Caller questions the veracity of those worried about the date of Christmas as Christ's birthday. [I Samuel 15:22].

Worshipping False Gods: Are you worshipping a false God if some of the traditions you celebrate originated from pagan cultures-even if you have no idea who those gods are? [Jeremiah 2:10].

Santa Claus: How do you feel about teaching your children about Santa Claus? Should we completely leave him out of the equation?

Advent: What is "advent" people refer to at Christmas?

Christmas: When did the tradition of celebrating with a Christmas tree begin? And doesn't scripture teach that the Antichrist will stop the celebration of Christmas? [Daniel 7:25-28, Revelation 13].

Christmas Celebration Caller comments on when to celebrate Christmas and suggests that celebrating tends to reflect doubt. [Romans 14:5].

Celebrating Christmas on the Wrong Date: Why do Christians not celebrate Christ's birthday on the correct day, rather than December 25th?

Celebrating Christmas, Easter & Halloween: Do you celebrate Christmas & Easter & Halloween?

Santa Claus: What about parents who don't think it's time to share Christ & the Christmas story but will introduce Santa?

Christmas: Should Christians celebrate Christmas?

Christmas: (Weird Statements) How did the first Christmas come into being, & what do you suppose it was like?

Jesus Prophesied in OT: Prophecies of Jesus being born, which parts were fulfilled? (can't ever really articulate what he wants to ask, says he'll call again)

Jesus & Santa Claus: When did the church put Jesus & Santa claus together for Christmas?

Pagan Holidays: God was getting really upset w/ a king for doing this idolatry stuff yet claiming to be following God, so how is that different than us celebrating pagan days such as Christmas & Easter?

Celebrating Easter and Christmas: Is it true that you feel Easter and Christmas is just another day and not special?

Appreciating Steve's Show: Jewish caller calls to let Steve know how much he likes the show.
Jesus' Birth: It doesn't matter what day Jesus' actual birthday is.

Christmas: Christians celebrating Christmas & glorifying Santa instead of Christ.

Christmas not Actual Jesus' Birthday: Caller challenging the idea that it is NOT Christ's birthday.
Jesus & Mary Magdalene: Did Mary Magdalene & Jesus have a romantic relationship?
Jesus' Social Life: Could Jesus have married & had sex or would that have been too unholy for Him?

Narrow Path on the Air: How long has Steve been on the air? what is the audience numbers like?
Christmas over Easter: Why do we celebrate Christmas more than Easter?

Not Celebrating the Holidays: I don't think we should celebrate Holidays because of pagan roots & it comprises the faith, so I don't celebrate them.
The Christmas Tree: Jeremiah seems to be talking about the Christmas tree & idol worship, don't you think? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]

Celebrating Christmas: Should Christians be celebrating Christmas? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]
Missing Books of the Bible: Are there books not in the Bible that should be?

Christianity in Addition to Judaism: Christianity just an extension of judiasm basically, Jesus being born on Christmas day & resurrected on easter.
A Rebuilt Temple: There's going to be a 3rd Temple built, right?

Paul being removed from the Bible: People actually believe that Paul needs to be removed from the Bible?
The Christmas Story: Do you have any good verses in the OT that illuminate the birth of Christ? [Luke 1 & 2, Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 7:14, 9:6, Micah 5:2]

encouragement about guilt over a murder-suicide: I just wanted to call & encourage the man who had a guilty conscience about a murder-suicide his father committed.
Celebrating Christmas: comments about a previous caller about not celebrating Christmas.

Hebrews Roots & Christians: Just because someone calls themselves a Christian does not mean they are a Christian.
Christmas & Easter: How come you never say celebrating Christmas & Easter is a false religion? [Jeremiah 10:1-5]

Christmas & Easter: What does Steve think about Christians adopting Christmas & Easter as Christian holidays since they have Pagan roots?

Celebrating Christmas: Are we not supposed to celebrate Christmas? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]
List of Essential Doctrines: Do you have a list of all the Essential Doctrines we must all agree on?

Let There Be Light & the Sun: What was the Light for 3 days before the Sun was created? [Genesis 1:3-5, 14-19]
Christmas Trees: Is Jeremiah 10 talking about not having a Christmas Tree? [Jeremiah 10:1-5]

Christmas Tree: The Christmas Tree is an idol!

Jesus' Appearance in Revelation: What does Steve make of Jesus' appearance in Revelation? [Revelation 1:12-16]
Santa Claus: What about teaching children about a Santa Claus?

Paganism, Christmas & a lone ranger: A person is going solo during Christmas w/ out his family gathering because he refuses to celebrate anything pagan involving the holiday.

Pagan Roots for Christmas: Is it wrong for Christians to decorate a Christmas Tree, & share gifts? What about Santa Claus & stockings? Is there any Biblical evidence to suggest these things are wrong because of their pagan roots? [Jeremiah 10:1-5]

Christmas: Is there any biblical basis for celebrating Christmas? Is there anything wrong w/ celebrating it?

Christmas & Easter: What do you think about Christianity pagan holidays such as Christmas & Easter? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]
Tetragrammaton - YHWH - Yeshua: Don't you think we have to call God & Jesus by the right name?

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