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Topic: Intercession

Episode Topic Audio

"Father Forgive Them": When Jesus said, "Father forgive them", who did He mean? [Luke 23:34, Act 3:17, Isaiah 53:12].

Saved to the "Uttermost" & Eternal Security: Could you comment on this phrase; saving us "to the uttermost", and any relationship to "Once Saved, Always Saved"? [Hebrew 7:25, Matthew 1:21].
Evil Spirits or Demons: Could you expand on the concept of "demons"? [Matthew 9:33].

A Minister Who Goes on State Subsidized Furlough: What do you think about a pastor who is going on a state subsidized furlough because the church can't pay him? It seems that ministry should not require either retirement, leave or salary at all.
A Better Prayer Life: I desire a better, longer, and more devoted prayer life as many great men of God in the past. Can you direct me?

Angel Traveling Speed of Thought: Gabriel's immediate action regarding Daniel's prayer, & how long does it take to get answers to prayer? [Daniel 8:14]

Paul & Tongues: Is Paul talking about tongues in both Romans & 1 Corinthians? [Romans 8:26-27, 1 Corinthians 14]

Effectiveness of Prayer: Have you ever reviewed the effectiveness in prayer in medical publications?
Hell: Can you tell me about hell? I'm just getting to the point that I just want everyone saved!

Hallowed be Thy Name: "Hallowed be Thy name", what does that mean? [Matthew 6:9]

Praying for Everyone: Can we pray for everyone?

Emergent Church: Can you give me some information about emergent or the emerging church? (he cont. after break w/out having announced it like usually does), & then talks about contemplative prayer, spirit formation, the kingdom of God, the gospel of heaven

Praying for a man having surgery: P{raying for a man who is having brain surgery that day.

Pray to the Father or Jesus: What is the proper way to pray, to the Father or to Jesus or to either or?

A Stiff-necked People: Can you explain these verses in Exodus to me? God wanted to destroy them, but Moses changed God's mind. [Exodus 32:9-14]

Controlling Things that happen on Planet Earth: Is this verse talking about us saints/Christians interceding to God for what happens here on earth? [Psalm 115:16]

Confidence in Prayer: How can we have confidence in prayer when things don't seem take change when we pray? [1 John 5:14]
Working in Prayer: How do we know that things that we do every day are a result of prayer? (Steve never answers this yet...but does at........

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