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Topic: Supporting Ministries

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Pastoral Salary or Support: How is a young pastor with small children to be supported, if they are not paid? [Matthew 10:8, Philippians 4:11-13, Acts 8:20].

Prayer Group: Caller offers his church prayer group for a previous caller (469-487-4926).

Tithing: Can you tithe as you decide rather than 10%, and can you tithe to other ministries, other than your church?

Compromised Songwriters: What are your thoughts on listening to worship music written or performed by those of groups that have some really compromised or nonscriptural doctrines or behavior? [James 1].

Trying to Kill Jesus: When Jesus was reading Isaiah in the synagogue, why did they try to kill Him? How did He support Himself later when He was traveling? [Luke 4:16-30, Jeremiah 31, Luke 8:3, Galatians 4:4].

Pursuing Funding for Christian Ministry: What is the best way to raise funds for Christian ministry?

Strong Man: Would you explain the passage about the Strong Man? Does it apply to us being freed as believers? [Mark 3:26-28].
Paying Church Staff & Pastors: What does the Bible say about paying professional church staff, preachers, and pastors? [Galatians 6:6, I Timothy 5:18, Luke 10:7}.

Supporting Your Ministry-The Narrow Path: What would you say if I were to stop supporting other ministries in order to support your ministry?

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