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Topic: Sword

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Sword on the Side of the Jews: Does this phrase," my sword will be on the side of the Jews" appear in the Bible?

Submitting to Government & Law: What is the Christian's obligation to be submissive to government law, and how far that goes-particularly relative to the verse about buying a sword? Topical article suggested; The Christian and Forcible Resistance. [Luke 22:36, Acts, Matthew 5:39].

Not Peace, but a Sword: When Jesus said He came "not to bring peace, but a sword", what was He talking about? [Matthew 10:34, Luke 12:51].

Two Swords Sufficient: Why were two swords sufficient? [Luke 22:38].

What verse did you think of: Firearms: What verse were you thinking of when you told the story of someone who said they had a verse for you? [Joshua 1:9]. What about Christians and firearms, and self-defense?

Strongholds: Strongholds, lie vs truth, [John 8:44, Proverbs 8:14, Ephesians 6:6-12]

Sword: Is the sword paralleled to the word bringing down strongholds?

Christians & Military Duty: Should Christians be a pacifist?

"The Wood Devoured more people": The Wood destroying more people than the sword, can you explain? [2 Samuel 18:8]

Owning a Japanese Sword: Do you think it's okay to own a WWII Seme Japanese sword?

Not Peace but Division: Old Testament vs New Testament contradiction about bringing division but wanting unity, but what does this verse mean by Jesus brought a sword & not peace?g [Matthew 10:34, Luke 12:51]

Sword Contradiction Statements by Jesus: In one place in the Bible Jesus says that if live by the sword you'll die by the sword, but then later He tells His disciples to get a sword. Why the contradiction? [Matthew 26:52, Luke 22:31-38]

The Whole Battalion: Just how many soldiers were at the crucifixion of Christ? Did Jesus have to be deal with 600 soldiers? [Matthew 27:27]
"Perish by the Sword": It says in Matthew that those who use the sword will die by the sword, so what about people who are in the military? [Matthew 26:52]

Taking up Swords: Caller wants to chime in about taking up swords, causing division in the Human race to follow Him, some people would obey Him, some would not.

Swords: Why did Jesus tell His disciples to get swords & then told them not to use them? [Luke 22:36-38]

Having or Not Having Swords: Contradictions about the usage of the Sword which Jesus instructed. Where's He going w/ this? [Luke 22:35-38] (It was also asked as the first Q on July 24, 2015)

Sword in a Metaphorical sense or Literal: Was Jesus speaking metaphorically or Literally when He told them to get swords because Peter had a sword when they came to arrest him & when he went to use it was rebuked by Jesus. [Luke 22:35-38]

Not Peace but a sword: Doesn't it say that Jesus came to bring a sword & not peace? [Matthew 10:34]
Importance of Man: Just how important is man?

Holy Spirit & the New Covenant: Did people's heart get changed in the Old Testament?
Bearing Arms in Self-Preservation: Did you say we are not allowed to defend ourselves in self-defense with guns?

Guns: Should Christians have guns to defend themselves or be involved in politics?

Joining the Military: Caller doesn't think there's anything wrong with joining the army or bearing guhs.

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