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Topic: Augustine (Augustinian)

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Original Sin: Could you talk about the doctrine of "original sin"? [Romans 5:12, Romans 2:6, I Corinthians 15, Psalms 51:5].

Amillennial View -Ruling with a "Rod of Iron": Can you help me grasp the Amillennial view of the church ruling with a "rod of iron" now? [Psalm 2:29, Revelation 12:5, Revelation 2:27].
Amillennial Christians Putting Others to Death: Do you think that some of the Christians who burned the others at the stake justified it by holding to an Amillennial view?

Calvinism vs the Alternates: What is the difference between Calvinism and other denominations? Recommended lecture; "God's Sovereignty & Man's Salvation."
Steve Gregg Leaving Calvary Chapel: What lead to your departure from Calvary Chapel?

Original Sin, Mary & Jesus' Sinlessness: If the doctrine of "original sin" is true, how could Jesus have been born sinless because Mary would've also tainted with sin? [Psalm 51:5, Psalm 27:10, Romans 5:12].
Babies Born Guilty: Are babies born guilty of sin? [Ezekiel 18:10].

Total Depravity: Do you agree with the Calvinist position regarding "total depravity"? [Colossians 2, Ephesians 2, Luke 15:11-32].
Chosen in Christ: What do you say about the verses that say we are "chosen" in Christ? [Isaiah 42, Ephesians 1:4, John 15, Exodus 12, Isaiah 5].
Chosen Before the Foundation of the World: Were we not chosen before the foundation of the world? [Ephesians 1:4].

The Sin Nature (Adamic Curse): Can you comment on the concept of the sin nature of mankind? [Romans 5:6, Romans 5:12, Romans 3:23, Romans 1, Psalm 51:5, Ezekiel 18:20].

Terrified into the Church: How could John MacArthur, a Calvinist, believe that people could be terrified into entering the church, if they are already elect?

Origins of the Bible: Did The New American Bible come from the Catholics?
Easy-to-Read Bible: What is an easy-to-read Bible?

Pre-millennial & Anmillennial Church History: When did the church transition from Pre-millennial to Amillennial? [Revelation 2:6, Matthew 20:25-28].

Hell: Could you talk about the concept of hell, particularly the unacceptable idea of "eternal torment"? [John 3:16].

Augustine & Calvinism: Did you say that Augustine was the father of Calvinism?
Calvinism Origins & Manichaeism: What is Manichaeism?
Calvinism, Church Fathers, Alternate Views: Did the church fathers that introduced Calvinism have any opposition?

Children to Hell: Were you aware that the Pre-Augustinian view of the destination of children was to be consigned to hell?

Augustine: So Augustine mixed Greek philosophy with Christianity.

Augustine & His Beliefs: Can you comment on Manichaeism, Pelatonism & Augustine's beliefs in general?

Steve is a Pelagian: Caller thinks that Steve is too Pelagian more than he is an Arminianist and perhaps accepting heretical views.

Love the Sinner but Hate the Sin: Love the sinner but hate the sin, is there any truth to that statement by Augustine?

Total Depravity: I'm having a Bible Study at my church to are really hitting it hard about Augustine & Calvinism & being totally depraved. Should I continue stuying with them? a[Romans 3:10-18]

Original Sin: Is there a debate over Augustine's doctrine of Original Sin?

Sabbath Changed to Sunday: Was the Sabbath changed from Saturday to Sunday?

John Calvin: Can you tell me a little bit about John Calvin?
Calvinism: I always hear you talking negatively about calvinism, but is there anything good about it?

Unregenerate Men: Does God command unregenerate men to do things they can not possibly do? I know it sounds like Pelagianism, but what is your take?

Augustine & Free Will: Caller contends that Augustine believed in Free Will even though Steve said he didn't.
Origen & Free Will: Origen also believed in Free Will.

Miracles in the Catholic Church: What do Protestants think the miracles that have supposedly happened in the Catholic Church, such as the Miracle of Fatima, Marian Apparitions? Does the Stigmata ever happen in the Protestant church? Do any Catholics speak in tongues like some Protestants?
Martin Luther, Predestination, Calvinism & Augustine: So if Martin Luther believed in Predestination under the influence of Augustine, does that mean Augustine believed the Calvinism doctrine?

Augustine & Amillennialism: Is it true Amillennialism was influenced by Augustine?
Calvinism: So we have no record of Calvinism pre-Augustine?

Mary Couldn't Touch Jesus but others Could: Why was Mary prohibited from touching Jesus after the resurrection but the disciples were? [John 20:15-17, Matthew 28:9]
Augustine a Manichaean: Wasn't Augustine a Manichaean?

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