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Topic: Jehoiakim

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Joseph's Kingly Line: Was Joseph of the kingly line, and therefore would have been king? [Matthew 1, Matthew 2:2].

Jehoiakim: Why is "he" capitalized in some versions & not in others? Can you explain this discrepancy in the age of king Jehoiakim? [Ezekiel 21:25-27, 2 Chronicles 36:9 & 2 Kings 24]

Jehoiakim Co-regent w/ Josiah: Caller thinks it's impossible to get the numbers/age wrong, so yes, that Jehoiakim reigned together with his dad starting at the age of 8. [2 Kings 24:8, 2 Chronicles 36:9]
Masonic Lodge: Caller thinks Steve & other Christians have a gross misunderstanding of what the Masonic Lodge is about.

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