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Topic: Orthodox Church (Eastern or Greek)

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The Septuagint: Should not The Septuagint have a more prominent position in the Christian world?

Peter, the Rock, & Apostolic Succession: Can you clarify apostolic succession, and Peter as the Rock or foundation? [Matthew 16:18, I Peter 2:5, Isaiah 28:16, Ephesians 2:20, I Corinthians 12:28, Acts 7:54-60].

Hank Hanegraaff & Eastern Orthodoxy: Do you know why Hank Hanegraaff switched to Eastern Orthodoxy?

Early Church Variations & Denominational Splits: Would you clarify the denominational splits in the early church and how it has affected our contemporary Christian faith today?

Religious Practices-Eastern Orthodox & Catholic: Is there much of a difference between Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic practices and then how do those relate to the original Biblical practices?

Eastern Orthodox-The True Church: How does one respond to those that claim that the Eastern Orthodox Church is the true church?

Eastern Orthodox's "Theosis": Can you share your thoughts about the Eastern Orthodox Church's view of "Theosis" (doctrine of becoming divine or deified)? [Psalm 82:6, John 10:33f, I John 5:4, Romans 8:12-17].

Eastern Orthodox Church: How is it different from the Egyptian Coptic Church? and from the Roman Catholic Church?

Hank Hanegraaff & Eastern Orthodox: Hank Hanegraaff, he recently converted to Eastern Orthodoxy, & to do so, you has to give up a lot of his formally held beliefs, like for example, Sola Scriptura.

Evangelicalism & Eastern Orthodoxy: Hank hanegraaff switched over to eastern orthodox, teaching progressive salvation. Isn't it spontaneous salvation?
Divine Nature: The divine nature imparted to believers [Matthew 24:35]

Eastern Orthodox: Is the Eastern Orthodox Bible different than Protestantism, Catholics, etc?

Hank Hanegraaff: What do you know about the Eastern Orthodox church? My family & I have started attending one, & Hank Hanegraafff switching over has influenced our decision.

Knowing Koine Greek: Just because you understand New Testament Greek does not mean that you know all the truth, error-free.
Eastern Orthodox Church: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff switching over to eastern orthodox church? How can he possibly still be a legitimate host of The Bible Answer Man?

Eastern Orthodoxy: What can you tell me about the Eastern Orthodox church as I've been hearing a lot about it since Hank Hanegraaff moved over to it?

Eastern Orthodox Church & Hanegraaff: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff switching over to EO & what do you know about them?

No Redemption Message in EO or RC: I'm wondering how we should feel w/ the Eastern Orthodox & Roman Catholic church since they have no message of redemption?

Steve Gregg Joining the EO Church: What is so special about the Eastern Orthodox church as to why you switched over to it?

Eastern Orthodoxy & Theosis: The Eastern Orthodox church thinks Theosis, that we can become God, we are part of the divine nature, the nature God imparted to us. What do you think about that?

Hank Hangraaf Switching over to Eastern Orthodoxy: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff switching over to Eastern Orthodoxy?

Studying Eastern Orthodoxy as a Result of Hanegraff's Switch: Caller has been studying eastern orthodoxy as result of Hank Hanegraaff's conversion to it, & he's disturbed by some of the things he's learned, such as communicating w/ dead saints & related issues.

Hanegraaff Converting over to Eastern Orthodoxy: wondering about eastern orthodox church in light of Hank hanegraaff switching over

Flat Earth: Flat Earthers.
Eastern Orthodoxy & Rituals: Caller talks about the Eastern Orthodox Church & so much Ritualism.

Eastern Orthodoxy (about Hell): Heaven & Hell are actually thought to be the same place. Has Steve ever heard of something like that?

Church History - Eusebius: There's a story that Eusebius tells about King Abgarus writing a letter to Jesus about his sick son, wanting Him to come heal him, & Jesus replying that He'd send one of His disciples to heal him. Do you know anything about that?
Sanctification - Protestantism vs Eastern Orthodox: Do you know the difference between the Protestants concept of Sanctification verses the Eastern Orthodox perception?

Judgment & the Last Day: Where is the Judgment placed in the Last Day? [John 12:48, John 6:39, 40, 44, 54, 2 Timothy 4:1]
Orthodox Church: Orthodox belief system is very close to the Roman Catholic church.
Reconciling the world: What do these verses mean in Romans about Israel & Gentiles, the riches of the world & the reconciling of the world? [Romans 11:12, 15]
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