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Topic: Fundraising (Sales in Church)

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Charity Financial Responsibility: Caller suggests a site called "Charity Navigator" for checking organization's finances? (Compassion International, World Vision, Open Doors USA, Mercy Ships, etc.).

Alcoholic Beverages for a Church Fundraiser: Our church is considering getting a alcoholic beverages license for a fundraising event, what scripture would you use to discourage it?

Fundraising & Sales in Church: How should we view fundraising, sales, and such things taking place in the church building or Christian organizations? [John 2:16].

Pursuing Funding for Christian Ministry: What is the best way to raise funds for Christian ministry?

Church Buildings & Organization: Caller has just read, "Pagan Christianity" & was wondering about Church buildings & organizations, & fundraising for it. What does Steve think about that?

Church Building Expanding Project: Our church is thinking about expanding the physical church by purchasing more property, but wondering if that's a good idea since are many needy people.

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