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Topic: Boyd (Greg)

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Studying the Manuscripts: Caller recommends the book, "Encountering the Manuscripts" by Philip Comfort for studying the scriptures.
Old Testament Metaphors for Evangelism: Can you find any flaw in Christians seeing metaphors of Christ in any of the Old Testament and then sharing that with unbelievers? [John 5:46, Isaiah 53].
Greg Boyd: What do you think about and Greg Boyd?

Greg Boyd & Women in the Ministry: Greg Boyd talking about women in ministry, being in leadership positions, that it was just a cultural issue during Paul's time which is why he seemed against it. [2 Timothy 2, Romans 16:7]

Greg Boyd: Are you familiar with Greg Boyd on open theism? Have you his book about the Sovereignty of God & our free will, called, "Is God to Blame?"?

Greg Boyd & Open Theism: I was wondering what your thoughts about Greg Boyd's view on Open Theism.

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