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Topic: Masons (Freemasons)

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John MacArthur & the Free Masons: Caller talks about John MacArthur and his family connection to the Masons, and his giving credit to them for the spiritual blessing on his ministry today.
John MacArthur Accusing Other of Anti-Semitism: Is it not reason to question John MacArthur's trustworthiness if he has said that if ones sees the church as Israel, they are anti-Semitic?

The Masons & Eastern Star: What do you think about the service organization Eastern Star (Masons)?

The Masons & Salvation: What will a Mason hear when he faces God after death?

Association with Masons: A friend wants me to an exercise program at an elks club connected to the masons.
A Biblically Accurate Pastor: My pastor doesn't seem to be biblically accurate. Should I be concerned about that?

Joining Freemasonry: Is joining the freemasonry a good idea or bad idea as a Christian?

Freemasonry & Christianity: Can Freemasonry & Christianity co-exist w/ each other?

The Middle East & Chaldean Christians: There's a lot of persecution happening to the Chaldean Christians in the Middle East, & nobody is talking about it.
Masonic Lodge followup comment: Secret idolatry in hidden chambers in temples, so one should stay away from secret societies like the Masonic Lodge. [Ezekiel 8-10]

Jehoiakim Co-regent w/ Josiah: Caller thinks it's impossible to get the numbers/age wrong, so yes, that Jehoiakim reigned together with his dad starting at the age of 8. [2 Kings 24:8, 2 Chronicles 36:9]
Masonic Lodge: Caller thinks Steve & other Christians have a gross misunderstanding of what the Masonic Lodge is about.

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