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Topic: Worldliness

Episode Topic Audio

Lukewarm & Vomited Out: Could you expand on the verses about being lukewarm and vomited out of His mouth? [Revelation 3:16, Proverbs 27:14].

Worldly Christians: What is a worldly Christian? [Romans 12:2, Psalm 1:3].
Taking the Vaccine a Sign of Worldliness: Is it a sign that I am worldly, if I took the vaccine?

Self-Contempt and Resisting Worldly Pleasure: Do you believe that Christians today should resist all worldly pleasure and employ self-contempt as Thomas A. Kempis suggests in the book "Imitation of Christ"? [Romans 12:10, Philippians 2:3, I Timothy 1:15, Job 42].

Christian Living, Spirituality: What is your opinion about living in the city as opposed to out in the country as far as being able to live a Christian life?

Soft Libertarianism: What does Steve know about Soft Libertarianism?
Love Not the World: Caller doesn't like what John MacArthur said about Love not the World, [1 John 2:15], and him spiritualizing it. What does Steve know about what it means?

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