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Topic: 144,000

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144,000: Where does the 144,000 come into the beliefs of the Amillennial Partial-Preterist view?{Revelation 7, Ezekiel 9, Revelation 14:4, James 1:18].

The 144,000 in Revelation: Who do you think is the 144,000 in the book of Revelation? [Romans 2:28, Revelation 14, James 1:18].

God's Seal on Foreheads in Revelation: Are those that have God's seal on their foreheads in Revelation, the 144,000. [Revelation 7, Revelation 9, Revelation 14, Matthew 12].

Literal 144,000: Do you look at Revelation 7 as more literal or more symbolic regarding the identity of the 144,000 as Jews? [Revelation 7, Revelation 14].
All Jews & Gentiles are Israel: Are the people, including Jews and Gentiles, now considered Israel in Galatians? [Galatians 3:29f].
Jehovah Witnesses, Mainstream Christianity & the Elect: As a Jehovah Witness, I consider that how we read scripture is the primary difference between my faith and mainstream Christianity, particularly regarding "the elect". What do you think?

Revelation-Date & the 144,000: Would you defend the Partial-Preterist view, particularly the date of writing the book of Revelation, and the 144,000? [Revelation 7:1-8, Revelation 14:1-5, Ezekiel 9, Hebrews 13:4, John 1:47, James 1:1, James 1:18, James 2:1, James 2:7].

144,000 & The Twelve Tribes of Israel-Now or Then: Were there Jews from all 12 tribes in Jerusalem in the 1st century, so that we can identify the 144,000 (from all 12 tribes) as the believing Jews at that time, rather than at the end times?
Trinity Added to the Bible by the Pope: Did the trinity concept get added to the Bible by the pope? [I John 5:7].

Abraham Sacrifice of Isaac: Comment on Abraham's faith when told to sacrifice Isaac. [Hebrews 11:19].
Only 144,000 Saved: Why are there so few at the end, if only 144,000 are saved? [Revelation 7:1-8, 14:1-5, James 1:18, Ezekiel 9].

Jehovah Witness-144,000: Are you familiar with the Jehovah Witness belief that only the 144,000 go to heaven? [Revelation 7, 14, Hebrews 12:22-23, James 1:18].

144,000: Why was Dan eliminated from list of the tribes and the 144,000? [Revelation 7]
[First City & First People: Where did the first city come from? Where did the other people come from? [Genesis 4:16, 5:4].

144,000: What can you tell me about the 144,000, who are they & are they literal?

144,000: The 144,000, why are the tribes different? Why the omission of Dan? How do they escape the plagues of the tribulation? What can you tell me about them?

First Fruits: What is the meaning of "first fruits"? I thought that meant this first resurrection before the millennium, before the rest of them? What about the 144,000? [Revelation 14:5]
More tolerable for Gomorrah than Tyre: What does it mean more tolerable for the people of Sodom & Gomorrah than the city of Tyre in the judgement? [Matthew 11:22]

144,000: What can you tell me about the 144,000? Are they all jewish? is it literal? Is it in the future?

The 144,000: In Revelation, are the 144,000 Jewish Rabbis? Messianic Rabbis?

Revelation 144,000 What is the 144,000 in Revelation talking about?

The Perfect Raptured & the 144,000: who will be raptured? Only those who are perfect? What about the 144,000? [1 Thessalonians 4, Revelation 7, Revelation 14]

144,000: Is 144,000 a literal number?
Having Doubt because of Literal Interpretation of Bible: Caller is having doubts about her faith because wondering about the literalness of the Scripture. (Steve recommends a lecture called, "The Authority of Scripture")

JW's & the 144,000: Is it true that Jehovah's Witnesses believe only 144,000 will make it to heaven?

People following the Lamb (144,000): Who are the people who follow the Lamb or just who are the 144,000? [Revelation 14:4]

Differing Groups of Saints: There isn't going to be different groups of saints, is there?

"What are we to Make of Israel?": Caller comments on lecture series “What are we to Make of Israel?”, saying how good they are, & that he's on his second time of listening to them.
Missing Tribe of Dan: Caller has a theory responding to a previous call about why Dan was not included in the list of Revelation 7. [Revelation 7:4-8]
Contradictory Numbers in Scripture: Was it 20 years or 40 years that the Ark remained in Kirjathjearim because the math doesn't seem to be working out in light of what it says in [1 Samuel 7:2, Acts 13:22]

Tribe of Dan: Why is Tribe of Dan missing from the 12 tribes listed Revelation regarding the 144,000 [Revelation 7]

JWs, the New Jerusalem & 144,000: I was just wondering if you thought I gave the right rebuttal to some Jehovah's Witnesses about the New Jerusalem [Revelation 21, Revelation 14, Revelation 7]

Jehovah's Witness: 144,000 & only their anointed can take Communion? Can Steve please explain the 144,000?

Dispensationalism & the 144,000: After the Rapture, David Jeremiah suggested that the 144,000 would be a future group, 12,000 people from each tribe, & they'll evangelize the entire world of the people are "left behind". What do you think?
Date of the Book of Revelation: Was the book of Revelation written after 70 AD, or before?

144,000 & Jesus' 1st Coming: What is Zechariah 12-14 talking about? [Zechariah 12-14]

144,000: Caller thinks the 144,000 weren't raptured, & they were converted during the tribulation. They will be permanently sealed. Does Steve agree?

144,000 & Gregory A. Boyd: Did you ever hear anything about the 144,000 being a (spiritual) army? That's what Gregory Boyd thinks.

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