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Topic: Seeing God

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Law of the Torah Before Moses: Were the Laws of the Torah known before Moses? [Luke 11:50-51].
Solomon's Request for Wisdom: Why didn't Solomon ask to see God face to face, rather than ask for wisdom? [2 Chronicles 1:11].

Jacob & Esau-Wrestling & Name Change to Israel: Could you talk about Jacob & Esau, his wrestling with God, and his name change to Israel? [Genesis 35:10, 32:22-31].

Seeing God Face to Face or Not?: In Exodus, scripture indicates that no one can see God, and yet says He was seen face to face, how do you resolve that? [Exodus 33:11, 20, Genesis 18:1]

Seeing God in Heaven: What do you expect to see when you stand before the Lord? What kind of image? Will He return in a material body? [Daniel 7, Revelation 4-5, 4:2, Acts 1:11, I Corinthians 15].

Life of Jesus: Can you talk about the missing years of Jesus [Luke 2, Matthew 13:55, John 19:26].
Jesus in Hell: Would you talk about where Jesus went, or what happened to Him, when he was dead for 3 days? [I Peter 1:10-12, 3:19].
God's Appearance: Does God actually look like a human being.

Hank Hanegraaff: Do you and Hanegraaff disagree about some things?
God Appearing: Would you tell us more about your personal experience with God appearing to you?

Seeing God: In the Bible it is stated that "No man has seen God", yet in other places it indicates that some have, so would you harmonize this? [I John 4:12, John 1:14,18, Exodus 33:20, Genesis 18:1, 32:30, Isaiah 6:1, Hebrews 10:20, 2 Thessalonians 2:8, Revelation 20].

Seeing God in Heaven: Will we see God the Father & the Holy Spirit or only Jesus? Will He have a Spirit body like us? [Matthew 18:10]

Seeing God: Why were some people able to see God & others were not?

Jacob Wrestling with God: How could Jacob wrestle w/ a Man for such a long time? How could he possibly win against God? [Genesis [32:24-30]
Seeing God: There seems to be a contradiction in Scripture here because it says that Jacob saw God face-to-face, yet when Moses encountered God, God told him no one can see Him & live. [Genesis 32:30, Exodus 33:20]

Trinity in Heaven: Will we see the Trinity in Heaven?

Seeing God's Full Glory: People can't see the full glory of God until we are in our new bodies?

Seeing God & Living to Tell about it: How come some people got to see God & live when it says that if you see Him die?
God "trying" to Kill Moses: Why did He "try" to kill Moses? [Exodus 4:24-26]

Seeing God Contradictions: God told Moses he couldn't see Him face to face, but Jacob got to Him face to face? How come the contradictions? Did Jacob actually see God face to Face? [Exodus 33:18-20, Genesis 32:30]

God's Glory, God being around evil: Moses couldn't see God's face because of His glory, it says in some places that He can't be around evil, but Satan traveled up & down to Heaven.

Seeking the Face of God: What does "Seeking the Face of God" mean?
Prodigal Son: A born again Christian can be spiritually dead again, is that reasonable to think? Although it is true that the prodigal son story was before the born again experience happened after the cross. [Luke 15:11-32]

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