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Topic: Bible Translations

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Recommended Bible Translations: What Bible Translation do you recommend?(New King James, New American Standard, English Standard Version].
The Time of One's Death: Will we die at our "appointed time" or is it possible to "die before your time"?

Bible Translations: Caller cautions against "New International Version" Bible translation, and recommends "The Amplified Bible"?

Perfect Bible Translations: Are these translations of the Bible perfect; "New Living" and "The Passion"? (Recommendation: New King James, New American Standard, English Standard Version).

Words in Red in Revelation: Why are some parts of Revelation in red? [Revelation 1:8, Revelation 1:18].
Capitalized Pronouns in Bible: Who decided which pronouns are capitalized in Bibles?

New Apostolic Reformation & False Prophets: New Apostolic Reformation & false prophets seem to be supported in my church, should I look for another church?
Amplified Bible: How do you value the "Amplified Bible"?

Various Bible Translations: What is meant by, "word for word" versus "thought for thought" when speaking of the various translations of the Bible?

Various Translations of the Bible: What are the differences between the various translations and which do you think the best for beginners?

King James Version of the Bible: How familiar should one be with the King James Version of the Bible, particularly since other Bible tools, such as concordances, are based on it?

Bible That Doesn't Translate all the Greek Words for Hell: Is there a Bible translation that actually uses the proper Greek words, like Tartarus and Gehenna, instead of "hell" for all them?
Image of Fire & Torture in Hell: Whenever we hear the word hell, we all envision torture in a fire, why is that? [Revelation 20:15, Revelation 10, Matthew 25:41]
God Didn't Translate His Word Very Well: Is there a case to be made that God didn't do a very good job of translating His word and getting His message across to us? [Psalm 92:15].

Bible Reliability Questioned by Atheist: A long-time Atheist friend of mine has challenged the reliability of the Bible because it has been translated so many times. How would you respond to him?
Testing Prophets Today: Since someone prophesied that Trump would win this election, should we test those that give prophecies? If so, how would you go about testing it before it evidences itself?

All Scripture is Inspired: What does the verse about scripture actually say in the Greek? [2 Timothy 3:16].

Eternal Torment: Why would God use the English words such as "eternal" and "everlasting" in regard to hell, if He knew how we would understand them, if it is not as we think as they translated it in English? [2 Peter 3, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Matthew 25:46, Revelation 20:10].
King James Bible Translation: Were the writers of the King James Bible inspired?

The Word, "Israel", Removed in New Bible Translation: What do you think of Olivier Melnik's (Chosen People Ministries), report that The Bible 2020 by Danish Bible Society removes "Israel" from the Bible?

NIV Bible Translation: What do you know about the NIV Bible, as I have heard some distressing things about missing text and some of those translators? [Romans 8:1].

King James Version's Use of the Plural Are the words "thee, thine, thou", are singular in the King James Version, distinguishing them from the plural application? [Luke 21:32].

Bible Manuscripts; Received or Majority Texts: Could share your view about the controversy between the Received and the Majority Texts? [Mark 16:9-20, John 8:1-11, I John 5:8]

Proverbs-Lazy Ones Sleep Well?: Steve reflects on a recent call (from Friday, September 11, 2020, last call, 1st Q) about laziness giving good sleep, but it is a poor translation of Proverbs 19:15 in The Living Bible. [Proverbs 19:15].

God Created Evil: What do you say about the verse about God creating evil? [Isaiah 45:7].
You are gods: How do you explain the verse where Jesus says, "you are gods"? [Ezekiel 28:2, John 10:34].

Watchman Nee & Witness Lee: What do you think of Living Stream Ministry and Local Church (Watchman Nee, Witness Lee) and their view that the Catholic Church was apostate?
The Recovery Bible: What do you think of The Recovery Bible?
The Eucharist: Do you believe that in the Eucharist actually turns into the real body and blood of Jesus?

Difference in Translations: Could you clarify the difference in translation of this verse in Acts? [Acts 13:39].
Forgiveness of Sin in Old Testament: How were people forgiven of sins in the Old Testament? [Hebrews 10:4, Psalm 51:17].

New American Standard Version of the Bible: Why do you think the translators of New American Standard version made it so difficult to read?

Origins of the Bible: Did The New American Bible come from the Catholics?
Easy-to-Read Bible: What is an easy-to-read Bible?

The New NIV Translation: What do you think of the newest NIV Bible that apparently changes pronouns "he" "him" & "his" to "they" & "them"? [Hebrews 2:6-8]
Hebrews Referring to Jesus: Is the author of Hebrews referring to Jesus in chapter 2? [Hebrews 2, Psalms 8]
NIV or ESV: Should I go back to the ESV or stick with the new NIV?

"Father, Forgive Them"-Manuscript Variance: The "Father, forgive them..." verse does not appear in all of the manuscripts, would you speak to that? [Luke 23:34].

Scripture Variances in Translations: Could you clarify the variance between translations regarding Jesus as the Son? [John 1:18].

Sin Unto Death: What does it mean in scripture to "sin unto death"? [I John 5:16-17, Revelation 2:10].
Study Bibles: Should I get a study Bible, because I can't cross reference in my New King James Bible?

Word, the Logos-the Full Meaning: Would you talk about the use of "word", how it is used, and what it means in John 1? [John 1:1, Genesis 1:1, Psalm 33:6].

Dispensationalism Defended: Because the Plymouth Brethren and John Nelson Darby were the orginators of Dispensationalism, and were linquists & scholars, how can you disparage their belief system? [Matthew 11:25, Acts 4:13].

Unicorns in the Bible: Could you tell me what the Hebrew word translated as unicorn for the animal is that is being referred to in the Bible as a unicorn?
King James Only Response: What would you suggest as being the best source for responding to the King James Only group?

Memorizing the Bible: Should I re-memorize books of the Bible in a newer translation?
Bible Restrictions in the Future: Do you think that one day we will need to know the scripture by heart, as we may no longer have access?

Dangerous Bible Translation Differences: Would you comment on the excluded passages in some of the translations which I maintain indicate dangerous doctrines. [Luke 4:4, Deuteronomy 8, I John 5:7-8].

"The Scriptures" Bible Translation: What is your opinion about "The Scriptures" Translation Bible?

Doctrines of Demons: Are the many varied translations of the Bible the Doctrine of Demons described in scripture? [I Timothy 4, 2 Timothy 3:1, Revelation}.

New International Version of the Bible: What do you think about The New International Version of the Bible?

Bible Translations Before King James Version: I have heard that there were many translations or versions of the Bible before the King James Version, so how did it become the accepted version?

Elect Lady in 2 John: Is John talking to the church or a real lady in 2 John, when he speaks to the Elect Lady? [2 John 1:1].
Scofield Bible: What do you think of the Scofield Bible?

The Bible - "The Message": Do you know anything about the translation of the Bible called "The Message" (paraphrases)?
Abortion Comment: Comment about the ramifications of abortion.
Life Application Bibles: What do you know about the Keen Application Bible?

"The Pure Word" Translation Have you heard of the new translation called "The Pure Word, that is from the Koine Greek"?

New Testament Reliability: Did the Catholic church alter the New Testament? Is it still trustworthy?

Concubines: Why did God allow for concubines? [Genesis 36:12, Acts 17:30].
Genealogies in the Bible: Why do translators include all the genealogies in the Bible?

Word differences in two verses: Could you clarify the relationship & differences between these two verse in Ephesians & Psalms? [Ephesians 4:8 & Psalm 68:18].

"Markan Sandwich Technique" & the Fig Tree: Have you ever heard about a literary technique the "Markan Sandwich Technique", as in the cursing of the Fig tree? [Mark 11:13-21, Matthew 21:18-22].
Cursed Fig Tree in Jeremiah: Is the cursed Fig Tree in Jeremiah about the Temple in 70 AD ? [Jeremiah 8:13].

Translations & Interpretation to Deceive: Can Satan use Bible translations, word interpretations, Greek & Hebrew dictionaries to lie and deceive us? If so, how do I protect myself from this?

"The Living Bible" Translation: Is "The Living Bible" a paraphrase, a good bible to study from?

Bible Translation Problem: Can you resolve the very unrelated wording in Hebrews and Psalm 40, where the words used for "opening an ear" are to equate to "body prepared", seemingly meant to come from the same text? How can that be? [Hebrews 10:5, Psalm 40:2].

Best Bible for Study: What do you think is the best Bible for study?
Tithing: Do you have any studies about tithing?

New Jerusalem Bible: What is the New Jerusalem Bible? Why are there added books in it? Is it acceptable to use that version?

Greek & Hebrew Interlinear Bibles: What is the best Greek & Hebrew Interlinear Bible to get? [Jay P Green, Hendrickson Publishers, Apostolic Bible Polyglot, Vanderpool, Apostolic Press].

King James Only: Caller comments that he is KJV only and why. [Revelation].
AD 70 or Second Coming: I think you are wrong about interpreting Zechariah 14 as AD 70, as I think it is clearly about the second coming of Christ. [Zechariah 14].

Translation Variances in Isaiah: Why such a monumental translation variation of Isaiah 59, one implies it is referring to God, one to Satan? [Isaiah 59:19]

Hyperbole: Is the word for "all" in Luke 2, hyperbole, or does it really mean "all"? [Luke 2].
Translation Variance in Isaiah: There is a translation variance in Isaiah "He" referring to God or the enemy? [Isaiah 59:19].

Bible Translation Differences: Could you dissect the differences in translations- particularly when it seems to imply some possible and significant difference in the text's meaning?[Luke 2:10-14].

Bible Version: What version of the Bible do you reference? [New King James Version].
Tithe: What verses do I go to have an informed decision about whether or not I should tithe? [Matthew 6:21].

Bible Translations: Which Bible is best to use?
New Age Bible Translations: Can you talk a little about the "new age" Bible translations?

King James Only Bible: Regarding the King James Bible's interpretation of the verse about searching the scriptures, as opposed to others-does leaving in the word "you" out, as opposed to in, change the meaning substantially? (imperative vs indicative). [John 5:39].

Bible Translations: Which translation is the most accurate and best for Bible study? [Colossians 1:15, Romans 8:21, Hebrews 11:3].

King James Bible Literally: Can I read the King James Version of the Bible and just take it literally?

s Version of the Bible: Is The King James Version a perfect translation of the Word of God?

King James & KJV Bible: It is purported that King James was homosexual, so why do we follow the King James Version of the Bible?

Translation obscurities: Why do we not have more direct translations of what the Biblical words actually meant, rather than these more obscured translations? [Matthew 24, 2 Peter 3].

The Chronological Bible: Why is our Bible not always in chronological order, and is one kind of Bible better than the other?

Original New Testaments Texts: Which texts of the New Testament do you prefer? (Alexandrian, Textus Receptus, etc.)

Hell: Where did the word "hell" come from, and why did the translators use it to translate so many different words as hell (Tartarus, Hades, Lake of Fire, Sheol, the grave, the pit, Valley of Hinnom, Gehenna).

People in Heaven Watching Over Us: Is there any scriptural support for the idea that beloved departed ones in heaven may be looking down and watching over us? [Hebrews 12:1].
Forgive Them: "Forgive them, for they know not what they do" appears to be translated directly from the Greek as "forgive them not, for they know what they do?" - which way is it? [Luke 23:34].

Best Translations of the Bible: What are the the best three translations of the Bible, (King James Version, New King James, New American Standard)?
Trinity or Oneness: And what do you believe about the trinity and the oneness doctrine?

The Word: What is the literal translation of "the word" [John 1:1]?
Key Word Study Bible: What do you think of the Key Word Study Bible and ESV translation of the Bible? (The Word Study New & Old Testaments).

The Amplified Bible: Why don't you like the Amplified Version of the Bible?
Translation of the Word, "Virgin": Why is the word for "virgin", sometimes translated as, "young woman"? [Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:23].

New Living Translation: What do you think about the New Living Translation (NLT)?

God, the Word: Why did the translators elect the grammar to render, "The Word was God", rather than "God was the Word?" [John 1:1].

King James Only: How do we minister to people who believe that the KJV is the only translation that is acceptable?

Mark of the Beast: Could the "mark of the beast" really be referring to an image on a coin due to mistranslation?

Early Manuscripts: Early manuscripts of the Bible comment.
Eusebius: Why don't you quote Eusebius who believes the same as you, as far as eschatology? 21, 6, 2,

Early Manuscripts: Did any of the church fathers have all the existing old Manuscripts? How much earlier were all the manuscripts I just mentioned written prior to the Textus Receptus? Is there any evidence that the people who wrote the manuscripts before the Textus Receptus denied the Deity of Christ? What do you think some of reasons Westcott-Hort the Greek Bible?

Homosexuality: Can you be a homosexual & be saved?
Jesus being Indignant: Why in the NIV does Mark 1:41 say that Jesus was "indignant" at the leper? [Mark 1:41]

Repentance for Salvation: Isn't it a false doctrine to teach that we have to repent from our sins in order to be saved?
Paul & Modern Translations: What's that verse about all Scripture being inspired? Is Paul talking about the New Testament? New Translations of the Bible? [2 Timothy 3:16]

Amplified Bibles: What do you think about the Amplified Bible?

Study Bible: What would you recommend for a good study Bible?

Armor of God: What does it mean to put on the full armour of God? How do you walk in the Spirit? [Ephesians 6:10-20]
Bible Translations: What is the best translation of the Bible?

Numbering the People: Why did Chronicles include the story of David "numbering the people" and not Samuel?
Chronological Bible: Is there such a thing as chronological Bible or chronological source I can get that puts everything in the OT in Chronological order?

Interlinear Bible: I'm looking for a good interlinear Septuagint bible that has that has hebrew, greek & English. Do you have any ideas?

Bible Word Study: Monogenase, special sons, is there a special meaning for the word in the Bible such as resurrection? Is the original meaning completely different than what is actually in the Bible?

Scriptural Textual Variances: There seems to be differences in Biblical Manuscripts. What can you tell me about them?
Dating of the Book of Revelation: When was the book of Revelation written?

Good Study Bible: Can you recommend a good study Bible?

Satan the Tempter: If Satan is a tester/tempter & a deceiver, how do those two things not contradict one another?
Best Format of Bible, Paper or Electronic: Reading a Physical paper Bible over an electronic device, which is better?

Bible Translations: How come some verses in KJV of the Bible are not found in others?

Jesus in the Koran: Is Jesus the same Person in the Bible as in the Koran? ?
Protestant Bible & the Apocrypha: Why doesn't the protestant Bible have the Apocrypha?

Holman Christian Standard Bible: What do you think about the Holman Christian Standard Bible?

Doing Good & being Holy: Doing good & being holy, is there a difference?

Dead Sea Scrolls: Do the Dead Sea Scrolls help better translate the Bible as we know it, especially the Book of Isaiah?

Literal Creation Week: I believe in the perfect, literal 6 day creation week.
NIV Corrupted: It says it way different in the KJV compared to the NIV about the Rider of the White Horse. [Revelation 6:2]

Lady Caught in Adultery: So was the story about the lady caught in adultery supposed to be there or not? [John 7:53-8:11]
Book of Life or Tree of Life: In Revelation 22, does say names won't be in the Book of Life or won't eat from the Tree of Life? [Revelation 22:19]

Malachi & Chronicles: Chronological order of the books of the Bible, why are they different in the jewish book vs ours?
Hebrew Language: There seems to be a limited amount of words in the Hebrew Language as compared to Greek & English.

Wife's affection for husband in the OT: It says a wife should have affection for her husband in the Old Testament. Where is that in the Bible? [Ezekiel 16 & 23]
"Only-Begotten" How come "only-begotten" is only in the KJV of the Bible & not any of the modern translations?

KJV of the Bible: Do you know what some of the transition errors in the KJV? What do you think of KJV only people who say only the KJV of the Bible is from God?

Supernaturally Changed Words of the Bible: Some of the words in the Bible have been changed, is this being done supernaturally?

inerrant Word of God: The Word of God is inerrant in the original text that it came in.

Missing Text: Why is verse 4 there in some bibles & not others? [John 5:4]

Early Manuscripts & the Adulterous Woman: The story about the Adulterous woman is not in the earliest manuscripts. How come? Is it reliable? Does it belong in there? [John 7:53-John 8:12]

Progress of the Narrow Path Ministry: Congratulations on the amount of radio stations you are broadcasting on. You have been doing this for 20 years. Can you tell us a little bit about the progress of your ministry from its start?
Bible Translations: Which translations do you like best that are word-for-word? What do you think about phyical exercise?
Physical Exercise: What do you thinks about the importance of Physical Exercise?

"Angry without Cause" Missing from Bibles: What is your opinion on some bibles taking out the phrase, "without cause" in Matthew 5:22? [Matthew 5:22]

NKJV vs KJV: Do you prefer the NKJV over the KJV?

KJV Only Caller: Caller claims the KJV is should be the standard by which all other Bibles should be compared.

Bible Translations: What are Steve's thoughts on the NIV & NLT translations?

Young's Literal Translation: I like the Young's Literal Translation.
Plymouth Brethren: Do you know anything about the "Plymouth Brethren"?

Best Bible Version: What is the best bible version?

Apocrypha-Lost Books of the Bible: Why is the Apocrypha not recognized by Protestants?
Baptism in Jesus Name: A preacher says you are to only be baptized in the name of “Jesus”.

KJV only Advocate: (lively discussion) Bible translation, KJV ONLY? Are other versions corrupted? Are those that read other version going to hell?

Remembering the Verse References: How important is it to remember Bible verses & references?

Alexandrian Text or Textus Receptus is the Alexandrian Text or Textus Receptus better?

Dake's Study Bible: What do you think about the Dake's Study Bible?
The Reformation: What do you think about the reformation? Who was more correct, Luther or Calvin?

Bible Completion: When was the Bible completed & compiled?
Apologetics & Mormonism: Have you ever heard of Norman Geisler? He says there's NO WAY Mormons/LDS can be Christians when they go against so much of Christianity & tell Christians to join them, so don't you think that is true?

Septuagint & the Vulgate: Caller wants to know if his facts about Septuagint & the Vulgate are right or not.

Good Translations of the Bible: What Bible Translations do you recommend?

Interlinear Study Bible: Is a good interlinear bible the best thing to have when studying the Bible?

Inherit Salvation in Future: In Hebrews it says that our inheritance of Salvation is future, but there are a few future aspects of it anyway, Justification, sanctification, glorification, transformation. [Hebrews 1:14]

Bible Translators getting it so Wrong: How do translators make mistakes that are so glaring sometimes? [Matthew 16:19, Matthew 18:18]

Numerous Bible Translations: Why so many translations? Can't people just get together & just figure out which is the ONE best translations?

The ISV: Have you ever heard of the ISV, international standard version? If you haven't, you should check it out. I'll give 2 examples of how accurate it is. [Ephesians 5:18, Matthew 16:19]

Masoretic & Septuagint Text: The ages of people's lives seem different in the Septuagint vs the Masoretic text. Do you know anything about that, & why it would be? [Genesis 5]

NLT Bible: The NLT translates it's different, "For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die." but he's not able to finish his thought. [Romans 5:7]

NIV & NASB Translations of the Bible: Caller gives a couple verses as examples of how they have a completely different meaning in the NIV & NASB compared to the KJV. [Isaiah 59:19 Proverbs 3:25]

Dislike of the Modern Translations of the Bible: "Man shall not eat by bread alone", the modern translations seem to be different that what it says.

Greek Bible Book: Did you say something about being able to read references that you can read along w/ the Bible? (followup, call cuts in & out)

Binding & Loosing: The "Binding & Loosing" term seems to be different in different translations of the Bible, & what IS Jesus saying there anyway?

Italicized Words in the Bible: Are the italicized words in the Bible inspired?

Confessing the Lord's Prayer & Saying Sinner's Prayer: Is confessing the Lord & saying the sinner's prayer enough to be saved? [Romans 10:8-11]
KJV Translation of the Bible: Is the King James Version the best translation?

English hard to Translate: Is English is the hardest language to translate?
Chapters & Verses a Liability: They didn't even have Chapters & Verses before, so people can take a verse out of context by not understanding its full mean, making it a little bit of a drawback.

King James Version of the Bible: The King James Version (KJV) translation the best version?
Agape, Agape, Phileo Me: When Jesus was asking Peter if He loved Him, it was different the 3rd time?

Textus Receptus or Alexandrian Text: What text do you think is better for the bible, textus receptus or that alexandrian text?
Best Bible Reading Plan: What do you think is the best Bible reading plan?

Thomas Jefferson & His Bible: 3rd discussion about Thomas Jefferson, this caller thinks he WASN't a Christian

Thomas Jefferson Bible Rebuttal: I want to disagree w/ you about what you said yesterday about thomas jefferson & the jefferson Bible.

The Thomas Jefferson Bible: What do you think about the Jefferson Bible? How could he take all the miracles of Jesus out of the Bible? How do you counter it?

Interlinear Bible: What do you think of the interlinear bible by JP Green Sr, who uses the received text (textus receptus)? But there's a discrepancy in using it in a verse? [1 john 5:18]

A Good Study Bible: What is a good study Bible?

Amplified Bible: What do you think about the Amplified Bible? [Revelation 22:18-19]

An easy to read but in-depth Bible: Trying to find a bible that is easy to understand but that is also comprehensive.

The NIV Bible: Why isn't the New International Version a good Bible?

The Names of God Bible: Have you heard of "The Names of God of Bible"? [Galatians 5:16] (cont after break)

Rabbi Translating Isaiah different: Caller talking to a Jewish Rabbi said that his version of the Bible does not say that Jesus would become the Messiah. [Isaiah 9:6]

Jesus Coming or Going: Did Jesus say He wasn't going, or wasn't going yet? It seems to be saying contradictory things depending on which translation of the Bible you are using. [John 6:6-9]
Septuagint: What can you tell me about the Septuagint Bible? (A Bible that was translated to Greek the Hebrew language of the Old Testament.)

Old Man or Old Self: Why do some Bible translations change it from "old man & the new man" to "old self & new self"? [Colossians 3:10]
Concepts of Faith & Charles Capps: Are you familiar with the radio show, "Concepts of Faith" with Charles Capps?

Scholars: I thought scholars were to just be able to translate Scripture in from the language they are interpreting from & not present their own theology. Is that right?

Ethiopian Bible: What would you say to people who say the Ethiopian Bible was written way before the Christian Bible came out, so Christianity is just a copy of that?
Rastafarianism & Halle Salasi: What do you say to people who say Halle Salasi came from the Trible of Judah & it a Messiah?

Angel of the Lord: "The angel of the Lord", what does this mean? [Psalm 34:7]
The Nicean Council: What was the main reason for the Nicean Council?
Authorized KJV: Why is the KJV called the "authorized" version?

Red Letter Edition of the Bible: Michael the Buddhist wants to know what the best translation is & especially a red letter edition of Jesus' words.
The Doctrine of Purgatory: Is Catholicism the only belief system that believes in the doctrine of Purgatory? Is it another view of Hell?
C.S. Lewis' belief in Purgatory: What C.S. Lewis? Did he believe in Purgatory?

The Aramaic Bible: Are you familiar with the Aramaic Bible in English?
"And the Bride": In the parable of the 10 bridesmaids, they (the Aramaic Bible) add the phrase, "and the bride", meeting the bridegroom AND the Bride! [Matthew 25:1]
Different Resurrections: What about the different resurrections? The first fruits coming back with Christ, so some of "the bride" is coming with the groom? What about different rewards? Even Paul wasn't sure he'd be resurrected with the righteous. [1 Corinthians 15, Philippians 3:11]

"Their" verses "her" in Translations of the Bible: Why do the modern translations of the Bible change the word "her", talking about Mary, to "their"? [Luke 2:22, Leviticus 12:1-8]

Modern Bibles & exercise: The KJV seems to be downplaying the importance of physical exercise, but the modern translations seem to be making it more important than it's supposed to be. What do you think? [1 Timothy 4:8]

Yahweh, the Father, the Son, & the Trinity: Discussion about the Name Yahweh for God.
KJV Translators & Colossians: Why did the KJV translators translate Colossians 1:16 incorrectly?

KJV Translation: Is the King James translation the best to use for the simple reason that it's not copyrighted?
Dynamic Equivaltents: With Dynamic Translations, they can just translate it into what they THINK it means.

Desires of the Flesh: The usage of the word "flesh" seems to be a little contradictory in the way it's used in certain parts of the Bible, such as in Galatians it says the flesh & the Spirit are opposed to each other, in Ezekiel it says God will give us a fleshly heart, & in Ephesians it says we aren't even at war w/ our flesh. Can you explain these apparent contradictions? [Galatians 5:17, Ezekiel 26:36, Ephesians 6:12, Romans 7]
KJV-Only People: Can you please talk about the KJV-only people, that only the KJV should be used, that if you are not reading the KJV you aren't really reading the Bible at all?

Covenant Theology: What is Covenant Theology?
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB): Caller gives his insights re: the Holman Christian Standard Bible - HCSB.

Bible Translation Corruption: Discussion about the best to worse Translations of the Bible.

Catholics & the Apocrypha: Are the Romans Catholics the ONLY church that use the Apocrypha?

Amplified Bible: Caller is wondering what Steve thinks about the Amplified Bible?

A Paraphrased Bible: Caller heard that Steve doesn't like Paraphrased Bibles, but she explains why she loves them, especially when it comes to idioms.

NIV & KJV: Should I get rid of her NIV, & just read the KJV of the Bible?
Denominations: What Denominational Church do you think I should attend & ones that I should stay away from?

NIV Translation issues: Caller heard Steve say that there were 2 verses that causes him to not use the NIV on a Biblical basis. Is that true?

KJV Only Movement: Modern Translations are from a corrupt manuscript, has Steve heard anything about this?

Manuscripts of the Bible: Were the Manuscripts just one long continuous words, w/ no breaks, commas, capitalization?
Bob Dutko: Steve Gregg was in an interview w/ Bob Dutko, does he have an audio file of that?

A Day Representing 1,000 Years - Jeffery Bartell: 6 Days represent 6,000 years, & then Jesus comes at the beginning of the Millennium so we could "rest". What does Steve think of this idea?
KJV-Only Advocate: The caller is a KJV-Only Advocate but thinks you also have to pick the right year. Most say the 1611 is, but he contends the 1769 is the BEST year & translation.

1 & 2 Maccabees: Did the Maccabees books used to be in the Bible & they took them out & if they did, why did they take them out? Was the time period for the Maccabees about the abomination of desolation in Daniel?
KJV Only People: How do KJV only people deal w/ the fact that the Maccabees books used to be in the KJV? There were several different versions of the KJV!

New Revised Standard Version: What does Steve think of the NRSV, the New Revised Standard Version?

Missing Bible Verses: Why is [Acts 8:37] missing out of the Modern Translations of the Bible?

NIV: Caller is surprised that Steve doesn't just love the NIV of the Bible.

The Message Bible: Pastor is using the Message Bible to study the book of Psalms & some people like it & some people do not like it, what does Steve think?

NIV Translation: Why are some verses missing?
4 different kinds of Baptisms: There are only 4 kinds of Baptisms in the Bible, is that right? Being immersed in Water, in the Holy Spirit, in Fire, & in the baptism of Suffering?

In-depth Bible Study: Caller wants an in-depth Bible Study, something like Steve Gregg has. (more clicking last call didn't have it even though the previous call before that did.)

Animals in Heaven: Animals in Heaven.
Steve is very dedicated: Steve being dedicated to his Ministry.
Red letter Edition - Don C. Harris: Is Steve familiar w/ Don Harris or the ministry of Red Letter Edition?

English Translations of the Bible: Which English Translation does Steve prefer?

Getting a New Bible: Considering getting a E. W. Bullinger Companion Bible, would Steve recommend him? What is a good one?
Genesis 5 genealogy: Cain is not in the genealogy of Genesis 5. Why not?

Dragon or Beast in Revelation 13: In some versions of the Bible it says in Revelation 13:1 that the Beast is a "beast" & some versions say it's a "dragon". Which is it?

Day, Earth & Land: Why is "Day" capitalized? So there's a reason they chose the word "earth" instead of "land"? [Luke 21:34-36]

The Number of the Beast: 666, is the number of man or the number of "a" man?

KJV vs NKJV: In the KJV it says, "The love of money is the root of ALL evil", but in the NKJV it says, The love of money is the root of ALL SORTS of evil. Which one is correct? [1 Timothy 6:10]

Best Version of Bible: Looking for the best version of the Bible, especially interested in the NIV. Your thoughts?

KJV differences: Another KJV advocate caller trying to back up another KJV advocate who had been calling recently, saying that there wasn't many changes.

Bible Translations: I bought a Catholic Bible, & wondering the different translations between a Protestant Bible & a Catholic Bible of what King Agag's attitude was on his way up to meet seems to be quite different: cautiously, delicately, full of hope, cheerfully, trembling. [1 Samuel 15:32]

New World Translation (JW's): Can you tell me about the New World Translation?

KJV Translation of the Bible: My brother stands by the KJV only, that it's the most perfect Bible out there. What do you think about that?

KJV Translators: So the KJV Translators said the King James Bible might not be perfect?

KJV-Only Rebuttal: We don't have to depend on the scholars to translate the Greek & Hebrew correctly. For one thing, Augustine never knew Greek or Hebrew. For another, you can read a variety of Translations & get a pretty good idea of what is being said, are the opinions of the caller.

Newly Published Bibles (KJV only Advocate): How can we compare new Bibles to the Greek when most people can't read Greek?

Mirror Bible Translation: Do you know anything about the Mirror Bible?
Santa Cruz School of Ministry: Do you know anything about the Santa Cruz School of Ministry?

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth: There are so many Bibles out there, how do we know which Bible is correct when comparing them w/ the KJV of the Bible? [2 Timothy 2:15]

Dead Sea Scrolls & the KJV Bible: Did the KJV Bible come from the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Taking Words out of Prophecy & Alpha & Omega: "I am Alpha & Omega, the beginning & the end." Modern Bibles have taken those words out of Revelation. Is there a good reason why this can be done? [Revelation 22:18-19, 1:10-11]

Christian Science & the Interpreter's Bible: Do you know anything about the Interpreter's Bible?

Inerrancy of the Bible - Mustard Seed: Jesus said that the Mustard Seed was the smallest seed, but in reality, it's not. So was He mistaken? The NLT version of the Bible sort've helped Him out by saying, "one of the smallest seeds".

The Message Bible: What you do you think of the Message Bible?

The Catholic & KJV Bible: What is the difference between the Catholic & KJV Bible?

Studying "Logos" & other words: What is the best source to go to do deep word studies?

Textus Receptus over the Alexandrian Text: Why do you prefer the Textus Receptus over the Alexandrian Text, if you do?
Learning about Christ - Christianity: Where would you recommend that a newly converted Christian or an unbeliever start reading the Bible to learn about God in the best way?

Hebrew English Interlinear Bibles: Caller is looking for a Hebrew English Bible that has the word "Lucifer" instead of "Shining/Morning Star". Is there such a source?
1000 years in Revelation: So ifSatan has been bound up for 1,000 years, is this the millennial reign we're talking about, & is he currently bound right now? [Revelation 20:2]

The Daily Bible (Chronological Bible): Have you ever heard of the chronological Bible called, "The Daily Bible"?

Modern Translations of the Bible: Caller was agreeing w/ most of what a speaker was saying, but then he went completely out in leftfield. A friend told him it was because he changed a few of the words, the meaning of them, & why is that happening w/ modern Bible Translations?

Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa seemed a little harsh to someone witnessing to a person on their deathbed.
NIV: Able to learn much easier from the NIV, so it is profitable to use.
Conditional Immortality: He that is dead is justified from his sin, from what you gave in someone's answer about hell, you seemed to have changed your position a little bit. Is that true? [Romans 6:7]

KJV & NIV: The NIV makes things clearer than the KJV sometimes (in reference to another call).
Spiritualizing Scripture: When's it okay or not okay to Spiritualize or Allegorize Scripture?

NIV BIble: What do you think about the NIV translation of the Bible?

Chapters & Verses: How & when did the chapters & verses develop? How come the verse numbers are always so consistent, no matter what translation you go with?

Innocence Restored: Michael the Buddhist discusses about humanity going back to innocence/restoration after the Fall.
Bible Translated many Times: The Bible has been translated so many times it might've lost its accuracy, caller surmises.
Jesus' physical presence: It must've been wonderful being able to be around Jesus when He was here, but now all we have is the Bible to rely on, so it makes it a little hard to believe. [John 20:24-31]

A Good Bible Translation: Caller wants an excellent modern translation of the Bible that's easy to understand,
Concordances: He also wants to know about Concordances.
NKJV: Is the New King James Version translated from a good Greek text?

Most Accurate Translation of the Bible: What do you think are the best Bible Translations out there?
The Amplified BIble What is your opinion about the Amplified Bible?
Best Source for Origin of Words (or word usage): Can you tell me a good source to use such as a concordance or lexicon that will give me the best origin of the word?

The Message (Paraphrase) Bible: What do you think of the Message Bible? What versions do you think ARE the best?
Extreme Grace (Hyper Grace): What do you think about being saved no matter what you do, as long as you are "saved"? [Matthew 28:18-20]

Matthew Henry & the NLT (New Living Translation): What do you think of Matthew Henry? What do you think of the NLT, especially in Spanish, where they seem to change a lot of things?

Earth to Land: I've heard you say that the word "Earth" should be sometimes translated to "Land". Why?
Noah's Flood: What evidence supports your view that Noah's Flood was global?

Jesus' Death being a Surprise to Satan: Was Jesus' death on the cross a surprise to Satan? Is there a possibility he didn't know Jesus was going to rise again & really defeat him? [1 Corinthians 2:7-8, Psalm 16:10]
Wednesday Crucifixion: Is it possible Jesus was crucified on Wednesday & not on the traditional view of Friday?
Bible Translations & Andrew Murray: So do you think the NKJV is the best, & what do you think about Andrew Murray?

Translations of the Bible: What is your opinion about the newer, modern Bible translations? How do you feel about the gender-neutral translations? Do you think the modern translations are accurate? Why do you prefer the translations that you do?

Steve's Itinerary: When are you going to be in San Cruz again?
Enjoying a Read-in-a-Year Bible: Really enjoying a Bible that I can read in a year, & have a lot of questions in the margins but can't find them.
Knowing God's Voice: How do we know God's Voice because I am in a bad marriage of a husband who is a sheep in wolves clothing. How do you know you are living in God's obedience?
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