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Topic: Sermon(s)

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Small Church Meetings: What do you think about smaller church gatherings, attempting to emulate the early church. Is there enough time and attention on the sermon, rather than eating and visiting?

Jesus Speaking in Parables: Did Jesus ever speak without parables, like in Lazarus & the Rich Man? [Matthew 13:34-35, Luke 16:19-31].

Why a Sermon on Sunday: Why do we gather once a week to listen to someone give a sermon, when it would be more beneficial to have a conversation? [Acts 2].

Praying after the Sermon: Does the Bible say anything about praying for the congregants right after a preacher's sermon?

Sermon Preparation: What is the difference between a prepared sermon or one that is extemporaneous? Is more more driven by the Holy Spirit?

Sermon Format: Followup to a caller concerned about the format of sermons.

Sermon Format: How would you suggest I approach my pastor about the way he performs his sermons, instead of just highlighting 1 or 2 verses per sermon? [2 Timothy 4:2]

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