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Topic: Marriage in Heaven

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Sons of God in Job: Are the "Sons of God" in Job 1, angels or men? [Job 1:6, Psalm 2:7, Job 38:6-7].
Angels Don't Marry: Since scripture indicates that angels don't marry, doesn't it also imply they can't have sex, in relation to Genesis and the Nephilim? [Genesis 6, Matthew 22:30].

Creation: Has water always existed, since the Bible doesn't say that God created it? [Genesis 1].
Married in Heaven: Do you think that it is possible that married couples will be one person in heaven? [Matthew 22:30].

Marriage in Heaven: Do you know if the church fathers, Eusebius or Clement, thought that there would be marriage in heaven, regardless of what Jesus taught? [Matthew 22:30].

Marriage Vows in Heaven: If there is no marriage in heaven, when would the marriage vows dissolve? [Matthew 22:30, Luke 20:34-36. Mark 12:22-25, Romans 7:1-4, I Corinthians 7:39].

Marriage in Heaven: The story of the marriage question asked of Jesus, where did He pull that from? (never do resolve exactly what he's asking)

Married People in the Ressurection: What will be the status or condition of people in the ressurection with regard to married couples? Will married people remember each other?

Power of God: Caller wanted to chime in about marriage on the other side of glory. He shares a story about having so much power from God that he had enough energy that he didn't have to sleep more than 10 minutes a day, & there was no interest in sex.
Luke & Paul: When did Luke join up with Paul? How soon after Paul's conversion?

No Marriage in Heaven: There is going to be no marriage anymore in heaven? [Matthew 22:30]

Feeding of the 4,000 & the 5,000: What was the purpose of having 2 events of feeding the multitudes?
One Bride for Seven Brothers: Sadducees were trying to set up Jesus & tell him how flawed the Resurrection was, asking Him what they thought was a complicated question about a bride having 7 husbands.

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