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Topic: Castration

Episode Topic Audio

Becoming Eunuchs: What does it mean eunuchs for kingdom of heaven's sake? [Matthew 19:12]
Gambling: Is it a sin gambling or just a bad habit?

Jesus being a Eunuch: Was Jesus a Eunuch? Was Daniel?

Eunuchs: Jesus said that some should become Eunuchs if they can receive it, what did He mean by this? [Matthew 19:12]

Daniel a Eunuch: Was Daniel a Eunuch? [Daniel 1:7]
Modern Terrorism: Could this be possibly talking about Modern Day Terrorism? [Ezekiel 32:24]
Birth Pains: What do you think of the significance of watching for the "Birth Pains" that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24 & Luke 21? [Matthew 24:8]
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