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Topic: Mercy Seat

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Jesus's Blood on the Mercy Seat: Does the Bible indicate that Jesus literally went to heaven to sprinkle His blood on the mercy seat? Or is it symbolic? [Hebrews 9].

Do Not Cling to Me: Why did Jesus tell Mary not to cling to Him, and yet, he tells Thomas to touch him to verify his presence? [John 20:17, 27].
Jesus' Blood on the Mercy Seat: What does the sprinkling of blood-after the resurrection-on the mercy seat signify? [Hebrews 9].

Jesus' Blood on the Mercy Seat: Did Jesus spread His own blood on the mercy seat in heaven right after His resurrection?

Power in the Blood: Did Jesus take some of His blood w/ Him to heaven to show His Father? [Hebrews 9:6-15]

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