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Topic: Manichaeism

Episode Topic Audio

Calvinism vs the Alternates: What is the difference between Calvinism and other denominations? Recommended lecture; "God's Sovereignty & Man's Salvation."
Steve Gregg Leaving Calvary Chapel: What lead to your departure from Calvary Chapel?

Terrified into the Church: How could John MacArthur, a Calvinist, believe that people could be terrified into entering the church, if they are already elect?

Augustine & Calvinism: Did you say that Augustine was the father of Calvinism?
Calvinism Origins & Manichaeism: What is Manichaeism?
Calvinism, Church Fathers, Alternate Views: Did the church fathers that introduced Calvinism have any opposition?

Mary Couldn't Touch Jesus but others Could: Why was Mary prohibited from touching Jesus after the resurrection but the disciples were? [John 20:15-17, Matthew 28:9]
Augustine a Manichaean: Wasn't Augustine a Manichaean?

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