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Topic: Blasphemy

Episode Topic Audio

"The Jesus Christ Show" Radio Program: What do you think about the "Jesus Christ Show"? Do you think it is blasphemous?

Sin Unto Death: What does it mean in scripture to "sin unto death"? [I John 5:16-17, Revelation 2:10].
Study Bibles: Should I get a study Bible, because I can't cross reference in my New King James Bible?

Unforgivable Sin and Not for Me, but Against Me: Would you explain Matthew 12, about "who is not for me is against me" and the "unforgivable sin"? [Matthew 12:22-37].

Law Regarding Calling Oneself the "Son of God": Did the Jews have a law against anyone saying they are "the son of God" [John 19:7].

Pharisees Knew Who Jesus Was: Did the Jewish Pharisees really know that Jesus was the son of God? [John 7-10, Luke 23:34, Acts 3:17].
Motivation to Kill Jesus: Why did the Jews want to kill Jesus?

Unpardonable Sin: Would you talk about the unpardonable sin and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? [Matthew 12:31, Luke 12:10].

Trinitarian Personhood of the Holy Spirit: Is there evidence in scripture for the actual personhood of the Holy Spirit, particularly in light of having no name, and that we not been directed to pray to Him? [I Corinthians 1:3, Galatians 1:1, John 14:16, Acts 6:11-13].

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: How to you understand the unforgiveable sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? [Matthew 12:31-32].

Unpardonable Sin: What about the "unpardonable sin"? [Mark 3:28-30].

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: What is meant by "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" [Matt 12:32]?
Repentance: Is there scripture to support post-mortem forgiveness? Many scriptures noted in Steve's book on Hell.

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit: Where does it say okay to blasphemy against God the Father? [Matthew 12:31]

Trinity: Daughter's boyfriend doesn't believe in the Trinity, is that a form of blaspheming the Holy Spirit? [Matthew 12:31]

Conflict between 2 statements in the NT: There seems to be a complete contrast between Demetrius said & what the town clerk said, so why? Not quoting Paul correctly or city clerk minimizing what Paul said? [Acts 19:23, 35]

Calling people Father or Rabbi: How are we supposed to address caltholic priests who are called "Father" then, in light of this passage of Scripture in Matthew? [Matthew 23:8-9]

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