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Topic: Lamb

Episode Topic Audio

Vegetarian in the New Earth: Will humans and animals be vegetarian on the New Earth? [Genesis 1, Ezekiel 34, Ephesians 2, Isaiah 11, Isaiah 65, I Timothy 4:5].
Jesus Eating Lamb: Did Jesus eat lamb at the Passover?

Mandela Effect & the Lion Lays Down with the Lamb (KJV): What do you think of the Mandela effect relative to the verse about the lion laying down with the lamb? [Isaiah 11:6, Isaiah 65:25]

Marriage Supper of the Lamb: When is the marriage supper of the Lamb?
Ghosts & Goblins: What is your opinion about people seeing ghosts?

Feed My Sheep: "Feed My sheep", is this negative or positive connotation here?

Lamb: Is the word "Lamb" in the book of Revelation referring to the Body of Christ & not Christ Himself? [Matthew 21:16-17, Revelation 5:8,13, Galatians 3:16]

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