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Topic: Mental Illness or Health

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Suicide of an Unsaved Loved One (Addict): What do you say to someone who has lost an unsaved loved one-in this case, an addict's suicide? [Luke 12:47].

Spiritual Oppression, Possession & Mental Illness: Could you help me understand the differences between spiritual oppression, demon possession, and mental illness? [Acts 10:38, Matthew 4:24, Galatians 5:16-18].

Hypnotherapy: Is it OK to see a Christian hypnotherapist? [I Corinthians 6:9-11, Philippians 4:6-8, I Peter 5:7].

Can a Christian Have a Demon?: Is there a way to tell if you have a demon, even though you are a Christian, rather than just some sort of medical or other disorder? [I John 4:4, Luke 10:19, James 4:7, I Peter 5:8, Ephesians 6:10-18, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5].

Mental Health, Counseling & Psychotherapy: Is it too extreme to say that one doesn't need psycho-therapists to heal mental health issues? Isn't Jesus is enough? Lecture: "Biblical Counsel for a Change".

Hearing Audible Voices: I have been hearing audible voices telling me to confess my sins, and they know my sins, what do you think about this?

Catholic Liturgical Experience: Could you comment on my overwhelming sensation I experienced in the Catholic church in contrast to my experience in the Protestant church?
Medications for Anxiety & Depression: What do you think about Christians taking medications for anxiety and depression, etc.?

Depression or Mental Disorders: How does one respond to someone claiming a mental disorder or depression, when it may well be a spiritual issue, rather than a medical condition?
How to become a Christian: What does one become a Christian?
Identifying Sin in One's Life: How does one identify a crippling sin in one's life? [I John 1:7].

Drama of Current Events: Could you advise how much to focus and engage with politics and how to balance the drama of current events?

Inner Healing Movement: What do you know about the "Inner Healing Movement"?

Drug Reactions & Violence: Comment about drugs inducing violent responses.

Christians, Demons, Spiritual Warfare, Mental Illness. Would you share your views on whether Christians can have demons, and the links between mental illness, spiritual warfare, and demon possession?

Freud's Unconscious Mind: Is what is described in the Bible as the heart, really the same thing as the unconscious mind that Sigmund Freud defined?

Verses of Comfort for Those with PTSD: Could you share some verses of comfort that might help with PTSD? Would Jeremiah 29:11 be helpful? [Jeremiah 29:11, Joshua 1:7, Hebrews 12, Psalm 34, Psalm 37, Psalm 103:1-15].

Spiritual Attacks & Mental Illness: Could you talk about spiritual attacks and its relationship to mental illness, and even such things as panic attacks? [Matthew 4:24, 7:13].

Demons: Can demons be something more broad, like a worldview, or attitude, or something similar? [John 8:31-32].
Love One Another to Unarm Demons: If we just love one another, would that sufficiently render demons ineffective? [John 8:31-32].

Mental Illness & Medications: Caller shares her story and stands in agreement with Steve about directing a previous caller to consider spiritual causes for his angry teen.

Provoke Not your Children: How do I deal with a difficult teen, when we are not to provoke our children to wrath? [Ephesians 6:4].

Failure to Thrive: Would "failure to thrive" but suicide or sinful?

Forced to Take Drugs: When scripture indicates "blessed are they that mourn", but a court orders drugs, but one prefers to not take them, so they can mourn? [Matthew 5:4].

Counseling: Caller comments very positively on Steve's series on "Biblical Counsel for Change."
Pharmaceuticals: Do you see a danger in using "pharmacia" or pharmaceuticals, particularly for mental conditions? [I Corinthians 6:9-11].

Depression & Suicide: What would you advise in a situation where one has confided they struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide?

Climate Change: What do you think of the current concern about "climate change"? Do you think it is almost a religion?
Childhood Trauma & the Unconscious Mind (Sigmond Freud): Do you think that Freud was correct about the unconscious mind and childhood damage to unremembered abuse and trauma?

Cremation: Is cremation wrong according to the Bible?
Mental Illness: Do you think that the mentally ill should not take medications?

The Great Commandments: Are the two great commandments part of The Law?
Double-minded Man: Is the double-minded man in scripture referring to schizophrenia? [James 1:8].

Bethel: Bill Johnson & associated ministries: What do you think about the Bethel ministries and 'The School of Supernatural Ministry'? [I Corinthians 12:10, Acts 1-4]
Mental Health - Depression: If prayer and the church doesn't work to help with one's depression, and other mental health issues, where does one go next? Does the mind control the brain, or the brain control the mind? Determining whether someone has spiritual or physical issues.

Mentally Ill: Will the mentally ill go to heaven?

Casting Your Cares upon the Lord: What does mean to cast your cares upon the Lord? What do you do about anxiety or panic attacks? [1 Peter 5:6-7, Philippians 4:6-7]

Mental Illness: What about people with Mental Illness?

Mental Illness & Suicide: What is the bible's view about mental illness & suicide? What possible reason could someone want to commit suicide of they didn't have mental illness or demon-possessed?

Mentally Ill: I'm a person w/ mental issues, but I so much appreciate your show & knowledge.
The Millennium & New Earth: Is there timelessness in the millennium & new earth, view of using drugs, including pot 16 4 2 1632
Use of Drugs: What is your view of using drugs, including pot?

Children with Special Needs: How accountable are people/kids with disabilities in the judgment? How do I raise them? What is the purpose for people w/ autism?

Female Pastors: What are your thoughts on female pastors.
Suicide: Is suicide a sin if you have a mental illness?

Anxiety: Is anxiety a sin?

Exorcisms: Are exorcisms only performed by the Catholic Church or in all Protestant denominations as well?

Mental Illness & Drugs: What can you tell me about mental illness & taking drugs to manage them?

Traumatized Children with Anger Issues: What about people who are severely traumatized as a child & have anger issues?
Suicidal if off Meds: What about people who are suicidal if off medicine?

Mental Illness: How do you pray for someone who is dealing w/ a mental disorder?

Associating with a Vile Family Member: What do you do about a family member who has vile behavior?

Marriage Problems: The caller & his wife are separating for the time being, & have been to a mental hospital, & he just seeks prayer from Steve Gregg.

Demon Possession Story: A deemon possession story is shared.

No Plan: God does not have a plan for us, God just allows stuff to happen, & healing is just medical, the caller heard someone say.
Mental Illness vs Demon Possession: How do we know if it's Mental Illness or Demon Possession?

Once Saved, Always Saved: In the Parable about the tree & the branches & not bearing fruit, it says that someone can fall away & have to re-repent, but i'd like to think my mentally challenged son is saved. [Matthew 7:19]

Mental Illness & Schizophrenia: Would you please talk about demon possession/mental illness?

Mental Illness & Demon-Possession: Counseling about mental illness, depression, anxiety, demonic-possession

Psychology: Why do so many Christians even have trouble with calling sin sin & call it mental health issues?

Psychiatric Medication: Psychiatric medications for Mental Illness, but some of these mental illnesses can be physical so require medication.

Demon-possession - Mental Illness: Caller is amazed about how Steve's answer to a question about mental illness or demon-possession completely described him.

Mental Illness & Demon-possession: People who are diagnosed w/ Mental Illness, could they actually be demon-possessed? Even Christian counselors seem to ignore the idea.

Drugs & Mental Illness: Caller is concerned about what Steve just said about drugs involving mental illness.

Mental Illness: Caller is concerned about what Steve teaches about Mental Illness on his website.

Spirit vs the Brain: Even if the caller's sister has dementia, no cognitive reasoning, the spirit still knows what is happening, doesn't it?

Demon Possessed People: In today's day & age, people who are crazy you might think are demon possessed but aren't, but in the Bible it seemed to be the norm that they were.

Going off meds: What made the students go off the meds that were at a school that Steve taught at?

Demons: Some people don't believe in demons, that there are just evil people. Does Steve have any information on outside sources of them?

Conversing w/ Demons & Multiple Personalities: What do you think of preachers conversing w/ demons as they try to cast them out of people & are people w/ multiple personalities demon-possessed?
A Prophetic Word: Could familiar spirits have a prophetic word for someone? The familiar spirit told the pastor that was trying to cast them out that he needed to tell somebody's husband that he needed to have forgiveness in his heart or he was going to fall for the woman of his dreams.

Mental Illness: How can you tell if someone is Mentally Ill or if someone really is demon-possessed?

Fits of Rage: My friend just seems to have these fits of rage, anger, & wondering if he's possibly demon-possessed & wondering if there's a way to determine if he is or not? [Galatians 5:19-21]

Angry & Bitter Woman: Wants to know what to do about a relative who is Bitter & Angry, who, even though she is married for the 3rd time, thinks you shouldn't get married again once you're divorced.
Cutting off Ties: Should she cut off ties from friendship w/ her, even though she's a relative?

Mental Illness or Demon-Possession: How do you know if someone is Demon-Possessed or if it's Mental Illness?

Faith & Healing: Is it the same faith when you believe by faith that you are saved as when you have faith that God will heal you?
Mental Illness: Did you say that Mental Illness is associated with guilt? (Caller believes his mental illness has made him more sensitive to other people w/ similar problems.)

Mental Illness: Caller wanted to comment about the previous call he heard about Mental Illness & clarify a few things.

Mental Illness & Drugs: Caller comments & discusses that you can't just put a band-aid on mental illness or emotional problems w/ drugs all the time.

I Never Knew You: When pseudo Christians try to defend themselves by saying they did this or that, but the Lord says He never knew them, is He talking to Christians or not? [Matthew 7:24]
Falling Away, showing Mercy & Mental Illness: So can you fall away by not being merciful? What about people who are mentally ill, schizophrenic? Could they be demon possessed?
Deliver Him to Satan: What was Paul saying when he told the church in Corinth to deliver a fornicator to Satan, what did that mean? [1 Corinthians 5:1-13]

Sister's Depression & Bitterness: I'm not sure what to do about helping my sister who seems rather Depressed & Bitterness.

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