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Topic: Protection

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Confessing Sins for Forgiveness & Healing: Could you clarify the verse about confessing sins, prayer, anointing, laying on of hands resulting in forgiveness and healing? [James 5:14-16, Psalm 91:10, 2 Corinthians 12:8-10].

Sin Leads to Death: I thought all sin leads to death, but the verse in I John 5:17-18 indicates a particular sin leads to death. How do I harmonize this? [I John 5:17-18].
Believers Don't Sin: How do we harmonize that fact that the believer still sins, and yet verses in I John, indicate real believers don't sin? [I John 5:17-18, 2:1, Galatians 5:17].
Keep Yourself & Evil Won't Touch You: What does it mean to "keep yourself" and the wicked one will not touch you? [I Peter 5:8-9, James 4:7].

God Protecting Us: Do you think that God protects us when He doesn't want us to be tempted or tested, like the hedge put around Job?
The Lord's Prayer: In the Lord's Prayer, is the "us" talking about myself and the Holy Spirit?

Tribulation & Testing: Are the verses about being kept, or kept from the wicked one, about being protected from trials and testing, as in the Roman world? Is this related to the pre-trib rapture and the tribulation? [John 17:15].

Protection from God: I need assurance from the Bible that God protects us because I have stalkers stalking me. I just want some verses that I can rely on that God will protect me. [Romans 13:1-4]

Hiding & Financing Illegal Immigrants: What do you think about churches hiding & financing illegal aliens?

The Secret Place: Where is the secret place of the Most High? [Psalm 91:1-9]

Rahab Lying: Rahab lied, so was she commended for that or was that wrong, but still just justified for her faith? [Hebrews 11, James 2]

Sanctuary/Refugee Cities: People comparing sanctuary cities to cities of refuge from the Bible. (follow-up)

Steve Gregg commenting about that day's show's calls: Steve says commentary about politics dominating the show that day.

Sanctuary Cities: I disagree about your view about sanctuary cities, I think they are good, the American way; being in military; protests

Sanctuary Cities & Cities of Refuge: Is there any correlation to these supposed "sanctuary cities" compared to the cities of refuge that we read about in the Bible? [Joshua 20]

Angels verses the Holy Spirit: Do ministering angels minister to us like the Holy Spirit does?

Pastoral (Spiritual) Covering: What do you know about Pastoral Coverings? Is it Biblical?
Being ordained to Church Leadership or Office: What about Pastors or churches ordaining people to church leadership, church offices & they don't work out? Are the pastors then somehow culpable? [1 Timothy 5:22]

Hedge of Protection: Has God possibly gotten rid of Hedge of Protection for the United States like He did for Israel because we as a nation are turning more & more from Him? [Job 1:10, Psalm 34:7]

Steve's answer to the disagreement: Caller agrees that God is Sovereign, but He does allow calamity happen. [Romans 1]

Illegal Immigration: What are your thoughts on Illegal Immigration, undocumented workers?
Open Borders: Should be have Open Borders?

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