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Topic: Race

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The Church's Obligation with Social Justice: Why do you think that one should not add a word before "justice" and the church should not be involved with what is going on with race in this country? [Mark 12:31, Luke 10:29].

The Names of Noah's Sons: What do you think about the meaning of the names Shem, Ham, Japheth, as dark, light and gray and its relationship to racial tensions?
"Days of Noah" & End Times: Do you think that we are facing the times described "as in the days of Noah" and in the book of Revelation? [Matthew 24:37-39].

Old Covenant Israelites Restoration to God: How do the Israelites who were cut-off in the Old Covenant, come back to be restored to God in the last days, especially if they don't know they are Jewish? [Hebrews 8:13, John 8:37-40].

Races: Do you think there is more than one race?
Genesis Limited to Only This Galaxy: Do you think that the Genesis account refers to only our own galaxy? [Genesis 1].
Benny Hinn & Other Christian Figures: What do you think of Ernest Angley, Benny Hinn, and Jonathan Hansen?

Trinity: Could you elaborate on the 7 spirits in heaven? [Revelation, Isaiah 11:2].
Race Distinctions: Why do people divide races into black and white when no one is really black and white?

Race & Skin Colors in Heaven: Will there different races, or skin colors, in heaven?
Touching Each Other in Heaven: Will we be able to touch one another in heaven? [Philippians 3:21, I Corinthians 15:43].

Heaven & Judgment: Isn't it going to be a bittersweet experience when we go to heaven, because of the judgement?
Blue-eyed Middle-Easterners: Were there blue-eyed Caucasians in the middle east during Jesus' time? 15 3 2 1117

Races: Where did all the races of humanity come from?

White Privilege: Are you familiar w/ "white privilege"? What are your thoughts about it? Is there a biblical basis for it?

Adam & Eve & Race: How did all the races come about if we all came from Adam & Eve?

Middle Easterners Closer to God: Do you think that people living in the Middle East were closer to God than we are?
Ethnic Complexion of Adam and Eve: Were Adam and Eve dark in complexion?
Jesus Appearance: Caller thinks Jesus physical appearance must be attractive.

Intermarriage: What does the Bible say about interracial marriage?

Social Injustice: How do we deal w/ social injustices, politics, racism?

The BLM: Just wondering what you think about all this BLM (Black Lives Matter) stuff going on nowadays.

Paul not Holding Anything Back: What did it mean when Paul said he didn't hold back anything, shared everything from the Council? [Acts 20, 1 Crinthians 9:16]
Not Preaching the Gospel: What did he mean, woe is me if I don't preach the gospel? [1 Corinthians 9:16]
Paul Running the Race: What did Paul mean by "run the race"? [Acts 20:4]

Joseph & Mary's Lineage of David: So both Joseph & Mary's lineage/genealogy goes back to David? [Matthew 1, Luke 3:23-38]
Jews intermarrying: Jews were not allowed to have interracial marriage, have intermarriage?

12 Tribes of Israel & Jewish Purity: Where did the Tribes of Israel come from & are there still tribes that are completely of the pure Jewish race? Are the Native Indians descendants of Jews?

This Generation Shall Not Pass Away: This generation will not pass away, is this generation possibly talking about "race"? [matt 24:34]

End Times, Signs of the Times: Newspaper Eschatology, Nation Against Nation, Race Wars, Overturning Governments, Famines, Pestilences, Earthquakes, how can we NOT think we are at the end of the world because all these things seem to be increasing? [Matthew 24:8]
Two Phases to Jesus' Coming: It's said that He's talking about 2 different events, 70 AD & His 2nd Coming.

Slavery: Isn't God against Slavery? How can we repent for this deed of our past? Blacks being sent to jail falsely or improportionately.

Races Starting at Tower of Babel: Caller responding to the caller of the previous show talking about races. He wants to know, what about at the Tower of Babel?

Different Races Created: Caller thinks the caller about Adam & different created beings is on to something, she agreeing w/ him & not Steve.
Creation being Millions of Years: She thinks there was a destruction of the "earth" before God created it again during the creation. She gives a litany of Bible references but they turn out to not be the ones she intended.
Disembodied Souls Before Creation: Caller also thinks there were disembodied souls before Creation.

Dark-Skinned People: Where did dark-skinned people come from? where did color of people come from?

Races: How is possible for all these races to come from a single family of the same race? Caller thinks it's possible God created people of different races after the Flood, or during the Tower of Babel.
Kangaroos & Dingos: How did the Kangaroos & Dingos get separated from all the other animals?
Ron Wyatt: Caller feels Ron Wyatt discovered from pretty important, amazing, discoveries, such as Noah's Ark, Moses' Mountain.

Races coming from Noah's family: How is possible for all the races to come from Noah's family (or Adam & Eve for that matter)?

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