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Topic: Dogs/Pets

Episode Topic Audio

Animals & Pets in Heaven: Caller shares her encouraging story of her pet.

Pets in Heaven: Will there be animals and pets in heaven?

Dogs in Church: What do you think about people bringing their dogs to church (not service dogs)?

Benefits for caring for Animals: Is there any heavenly benefits to caring for animals & strays? [Proverbs 12:10]

Animals in Heaven: Do animal souls go to heaven?
Second Chance after Death: Is there another chance to be saved after physical death? [Hebrews 9:27] 1064
AA Celebrate Recovery: What about 12-step programs?

Cremation: Is it wrong to be cremated?
Heaven for Pets: Are pets going to be in heaven or is there a heaven for pets?

The Dog Whisperer/Dr. Dolittle: Do you think that people can really communicate w/ animals?

Pets in Heaven: Is there any evidence in the bible that animals, our pets, are going to be in heaven?

Pearls to Swine: What does that verse mean? Does this mean not sharing with those of alternate beliefs, like the Jehovah Witnesses & Mormons? [Matthew 7:6]

Uses of the word "dog" in the Bible: The use of the term "dogs" in the Bible, are there 4 different meanings?

Pets Going to Heaven: Do pets going to heaven? Is there any evidence in the Bible that they do?

Faith of Canaanite Woman: I'm having a very hard time with Matthew 15:22-28, could you shed some light on it? [Matthew 15:22-28]

Euthanasia of Pets: How do you feel about the euthanasia of animals & pets?

Animals sinning: Animals don't sin, do they?

Animal Immortality before the Fall: Did animal & plants die before the Fall? [Genesis 1:30]

Animals in Heaven: Animals in Heaven.
Steve is very dedicated: Steve being dedicated to his Ministry.
Red letter Edition - Don C. Harris: Is Steve familiar w/ Don Harris or the ministry of Red Letter Edition?

Pets in Heaven: Dogs incessantly barking in heaven, so it wouldn't be heaven, having to hear them!

Pets going Heaven: Do pets go to heaven? But what about Ecclesiastes 3:21? If they do go to heaven, what do they do to do there, get there? [Ecclesiastes 3:21]

Dog Returning to its Vomit: What does this mean that a dog returns its vomit? [Proverbs 26:11, 1 Peter 2:22]

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