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Topic: Environment (Environmentalism)

Episode Topic Audio

Evolution: Since one can't live without any one of their organs, how to evolutionists explain the sudden development of them all at once?

Mankind Destroying the Earth by Fire: Do you think that mankind can destroy the whole earth by burning it up?

Leviathan: Is Leviathan mentioned in the book of Job a fire-breathing dragon as what we think about them today? [Job 41].

Climate Change: What do you think of the current concern about "climate change"? Do you think it is almost a religion?
Childhood Trauma & the Unconscious Mind (Sigmond Freud): Do you think that Freud was correct about the unconscious mind and childhood damage to unremembered abuse and trauma?

Animal Rights & Environment: How does one resolve their disagreement with many mainstream Christian political issues like animal rights and the environment? [Psalm 115:16, Matthew 10:31, Proverbs 12:10].

Global Warming in Revelation: Do you think that today's global warming claims may be parallel to the scorching form God predicted in Revelation? [Revelation 16:8-9]

Work Environment: Caller is concerned about being surrounded by evil/darkness while he's working, concerned because it's advised we shouldn't be. [Ephesians 5:1-17]

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