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Topic: Unity

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End Times (Eschatology) Lectures: Caller recommend Steve Gregg lectures; "When Shall These Things Be" on
People Praying Together: Does God pay more attention to people praying together in unison?
"Remnant Call" with Benjamin Baruch: Would you look into Benjamin Baruch and "Remnant Call" radio?

Various Views of Hell & Controversy: Do you think that the "Conditional Immortality" view of hell should be an issue over which one should break fellowship? [Matthew 25:31-46].

Marriage Legalities & Requirements: What are the guidelines for couples who function as husband and wife? Do need to have the legal documents, etc.?
Offended by Lack of Agreement on Scripture: Why are people offended if you don't agree with their interpretation of scripture?

Which Baptism?: Because there are so many different "baptisms", which one is he talking about in Ephesians 4? [Ephesians 4, Hebrews 6:1-4, I Corinthians 1, Acts 1:5].
Baptism for the Dead: Could you talk about being "baptized for the dead"? [I Corinthians 15:29].

Heaven-Unity in the Trinity: Does this statement indicating that heaven will be us "living in unity with the trinity?" Is this a little too new age, or is it fairly accurate?

Prayer in Biblical Inquiry: What place should prayer have in discussions when biblical questions are asked in order to gain unity? [Romans 14]

Holy Spirit Brings Unity: Is it the job of the Holy Spirit to bring us into unity?
One Scriptural Interpretation Allowed: How would you assess the claim that the Holy Spirit would only allow for one interpretation of scripture, because the Holy Spirit would not allow for less than unity? [Romans. 14]

Unity School Church: What do you think about the Unity School?

Racial Tension Between Believers: What do you think about the racial tension between believers?

Messianic Jews & Christians: Does the distinction identifying a Messianic actually divide rather than unify the body of Christ? Where did this all begin? [Galatians 2:14, 3:18, Acts 15, I Corinthians 9:20-23].

Contrasting Views of Christian Unity: Could you give me some insight about the variance in the way the Reformed denominations (Calvinist) think of unity, as contrasted to the way non-Calvinists do? [I Corinthians 3:1-4, Matthew 11:29-30].

Conflicts Among Denominational Views: How does one find a church, when there are such dramatic conflicts in denominational views, and that you are considered an outsider if you don't believe in all the same views as that particular church? [I Corinthians 9:19-23].

Disciples Taking Notes: Do you think that the disciples took notes while Jesus was speaking?
Holy Spirit Teaching Truth: Why do people seem to disagree on some points of scripture even though the Holy Spirit is intended to bring us into all truth? [I Corinthians 13:9, John 16:13].

Christianity's Beginnings: When did Christianity begin?
Denominations: What are denominations? Are we not the one body of Christ?

Church Autonomy (church government): Is it unscriptural for a church to remain autonomous? Should churches be accountable to an authority? How does apostolic authority fit in? [Romans 14:5]
Denominations: Why are there so many? Is it a result our inability to unify in Christ?

Divisions in the Church: Why so much division within the Christian body? [Romans 14, 1 Corinthians 3]

Dead Saints: Is death a sleep? [1 Thessalonians 4:13-14]
Unity in Christ: Maturity, unity in Christ; what is the unity of the faith? [Ephesians 4:13]

Guide us into all Truth: How should we interpret that? The Holy Spirit leading us into all truth? Why do we have so many disagreements on what is true?

No Denominations: If there was no division into denominations today, what do you suppose the church would look like?

Differences of Opinions: How do we know how to determine when it may be acceptable to disagree and when it is dangerous?

Denominations: What do you think of denominations, shouldn't we have unity & one church [2 Peter 2:18]

No Unity on the Bible: Why is there so much disagreement about what the Bible says?

Only Their Denomination: Why do some denominations think they are the only ones going to be saved (Catholics, for example)?

Compromising on Truth: How do you know what or how to disagree on secondary issues? (cont. after break)

Unity: We need to be united in Jesus' Doctrines, not Man's Doctrines, that how we can be united, following the real church of Christ.

Unity Among Christian Brethren: Andy Stanley, Charles Stanley's son, says that unity is more important than doctrine. Nicolaus Zinzendorf came up with the Menorah Rules, & they also came up with the Moravian Covenant for Christian Living. How can Christians create this type of unity like he seemed to, & just agree to disagree on things we aren't going to agree on?

Denominations: Is the splitting of so many churches a good thing or a bad thing? Does it weaken or strengthen the church? Do you we need to unify again?

Christians and Voting: Why do African American Christians & White American Christians vote differently?

Unified by the Holy Spirit: What do you do when someone disagrees but insists they are correct because they have the Holy Spirit (implying you don't)?

Full Maturity of the Church: What do you think it will look like when the church matures? [Ephesians 4:11-13]
Mormons & Jehovah's Witnesses: Why do Mormons/LDS & JWs consider themselves Christians yet want to be apart from other believers & in fact only believe they are Christians?

Unified by the Holy Spirit: I'm also, like your previous discussion having doubts about Christianity, wondering if Christians really have the Holy Spirit, why is there so much division, why so much hypocrisy?

Strategies for Unity: Visiting living stream church in Temecula & visiting local SDA/Adventist churches, caller thinks Steve should go talk about unity to all of them.

44,001 Denominations: If the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth, why are there 44,000 different denominations, no unity in the Christian church?

Disagreement or Unity Among Brethren: Can there be disagreement among believers & still be saved? What is the purpose of life, is it just to escape hell?
Purpose of Life: What is the purpose of life? Is it just to escape hell?

Denominations: Are denominations just possibly being an immaturity of people who choose to be divided in certain things. Is there examples of that happening the early church?

Not Peace but Division: Old Testament vs New Testament contradiction about bringing division but wanting unity, but what does this verse mean by Jesus brought a sword & not peace?g [Matthew 10:34, Luke 12:51]

Building the Church: "upon this rock I will build this church", is this an ongoing thing or something that hasn't been fulfilled yet?
Unity of Faith in the Church: Has Jesus' prayer been answered yet that the church would become unified as one to glorify God?

Future Coming together of the Church: What is the future of the church as far as coming together? emergent church

Uniformity in Doctrines: Is uniformity of thought very important in certain areas of doctrine regardless of scripture like romans 14? [Romans 14, Matthew 28:20]

Prayer & Disagreement: Asking for prayer & disagreement among the body of Christ in secondary issues

The Deep Things of God: Does 1 Corinthians 2 talk about salvation, being saved, rather than unity, a Calvinist issue? [1 Corinthians 2:10]

2 Models of Church: Caller is torn between 2 models of a way church should be run. Does Steve have any thoughts?

Differences in Belief in Church I Attend: How do I deal with teachings in my church that I disagree with but don't want to switch churches because of those differences?

Forgiveness: Is the main reason we forgive is so we don't be so toxic, bitter, or do you need to forgive to be unified? [Mark 11:25]

Church Building Project Followup: Caller had called before talking about the new building project her church wants to do. It is failing, & people are being told they are not following the Spirit of God for not pledging to help. Congregation needs to be in "one accord", according to the pastor. [Acts 2:46]

Lectures on Unity: The caller really enjoyed the lecture series "Strategies for Unity". How long has Steve been teaching on that subject?

Holy Spirit - Interpretation of Bible: How can there be SO many interpretations of certain Scripture verses, & them all claiming to have the same Holy Spirit in them?

"In Essentials, Unity, in Non-Essentials, Liberty, in all things, Charity": Who coined that phrase? What are the essentials? Can they boiled down to the fact that they are the Word of God & the Truth?

Knowing God: How do you really get to know God?

Strategies for Unity - Babylon & True Church: It's sort've hard to have unity in a church that claims all the other churches except theirs is "Babylon". The Seventh Day Adventist church even says this! We need to stay in such groups & try to tell show them why they are wrong.

Affection for Others: If there's love in the Christian Church, why is there so much division? [1 Corinthian 3:1-3]

Wheat & the Tares, Sheep & the Goats: Isn't there always going to be a lack of unity because the wheat & the tares, the sheep & the the church?

"Perfectly Joined together": Why so many denominations? Why can't we all be united? [1 Corinthians 1:10-14]

Getting hung-up on inconsequential matters: Caller thinks people, including his pastor, get hung up on stuff that doesn't matter.
Heaven & no Sea: Is there anywhere in the Bible, especially Revelation, that gives insight about Heaven? What about no sea or oceans in the New Earth? Is that symbolic too? [Revelation 21:1]
Loving our Brethren & protecting a believer more than an unbeliever: Do we need to have unity besides just loving one another? [john 15:12, 1 John 4:8, Galatians 6:10]

Non-Negotiables: "In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, and in all things charity." So what is your list of non-negotiables to be a Christian?

Trinity: What if a group disagrees about the Trinity of another group they want to rent a church building from?

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