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Topic: Nephilim

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Zeal for faith: Caller relates to a previous call of people not having the same zeal of faith as oneself.
Angels, Sons of God & Nephilim: What are the verses about about when Genesis speaks of angels, or the "Sons of God", marrying beautiful women? [Genesis 6:1-4].

Nephilim in Genesis: Is there room for the Nephilim or giants, to be the mighty men of old? [Genesis 6].

Elohim & Nephilim: Caller comments on "Elohim" & Nephilim. [Genesis 6:1-4]

The Nephilim (or Giants): What are your thoughts about the Nephilim (or giants)? [Genesis 6:1-4, Numbers 13:32-33, Ezekiel 32:27, Hosea 1:10, I John 3:1, John 1:12].

Mighty Men and the Nephilim: Were the "mighty men" in the Old Testament related to the Nephilim? [I Chronicles 11:10].

Did Satan fall from heaven: Did Satan fall from heaven to become the devil? [Genesis 6, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28].
Giants in Genesis: Who were the giants or Nephilim in Genesis? [Genesis 6].

Sons of God in Job: Are the "Sons of God" in Job 1, angels or men? [Job 1:6, Psalm 2:7, Job 38:6-7].
Angels Don't Marry: Since scripture indicates that angels don't marry, doesn't it also imply they can't have sex, in relation to Genesis and the Nephilim? [Genesis 6, Matthew 22:30].

Nephilim and Archeological Proof: Could you talk about the Sons of God and the Nephilim in Genesis, and the archeological finds said to be from them? [Genesis 6].

Aliens, Extraterrestrial, Nephilim Theory: What do you think about my view of the possibility of aliens being of the mixing of angels with mankind described in Genesis? [Genesis 6, Daniel 2, 2:44, Jude, 2 Peter 2, Colossians 1:13].

Fallen Angels & Demons: Is there a difference between demons and fallen angels?
Demons as Offspring of the Nephilim: Do you think that demons are the offspring of the "Sons of Men" or Nephilim?

Hybrid Race from Angels with Women: Is there a hybrid race created by angels & women on earth, and will "The Antichrist" come from them? [Genesis 6:1-5, 2 Thessalonians, Revelation 13].

Sons of God & Nephilim: Would you talk about the "sons of God" and the Nephilim? [Genesis 6:1-4].

Angels and the Book of Enoch: What is your understanding of the passages in the book of Enoch that seem to overlap verses with Genesis 6, about the angels marrying women? [Genesis 6, Jude 1:14].

Nephilim: What happened to the Nephilim? [Genesis 6].

Sons of God: Were the Sons of God in Genesis 6, possibly the original angels? [Genesis 6, Psalm 82] What about "the councils of Gods"? Are angels are really tall? Was God's first attempt at creation a failure, so He created us?
Nephilim: What about "the councils of Gods"? Are angels are really tall? Was God's first attempt at creation a failure, so He created us?

Nephilim: "Sons of God", nephilim, giants, correction about what he thought Steve said they were of Irael. [Genesis 6]

The Nephilim: What is the meaning of all this stuff about the Nephilim, the giants marry the daughters of God? [Genesis 6]

Sons of God: Are the "Sons of God" mentioned in Genesis 6, angels? [Genesis 6:3-5].

Sons of God & Nephilim: The sons of God came down and had sex with women. Who are the sons of God and the Nephilim and what is going on here? [Genesis 6].

God Ordering Killing: Why did God not wish to convert the Canaanites rather than wipe them out?
Angels Sex with Women: What about angels who had sex with women [Genesis 6].

Angels Mating with Women: Sons of God marrying women, where is that? [Genesis 6]

Nephilim: Are the Sons of God angels or humans?
Guardian Angels: Are there really guardian angels?
Fallen Angels: Are fallen angels demons?

The Nephilim: Nephilim, Sons of God (angels) having sex with women, it would've been impossible. [Genesis 6]

John MacCaarthur's View of the Nephilim: The Nephilim, are they demons or angles that had sex with women? John MacCarthur thinks so. [Genesis 6:4, Number 13:33]

Light before Sun: where was the light coming from before the sun? [Genesis 1:3-5, Genesis 1:14-19]
God's Omnipresence: Is God everywhere?
Nephilim, Giants, Angels having sex w/ Women: Is that what Genesis 6 is saying, Angels having sex with women?

Giants & the Nephilim: Can you explain the Giants & Nephilim described in Genesis 6? [Genesis 6:4]

Sons of God, Giants & the Nephilim: Who are the "Sons of God" when it talks about them, the Giants, & the Nephilim, having sex w/ women? [Genesis 6]

A literal Hell: Do you believe in a literal hell?
The Nephilim: Sex w/ women, gen 6, nephilim, sons of God angels?

Nephilim & Sons of God: Can you explain all the terms surrounding the Nephilim & Sons of God in Genesis 6? [Genesis 6]

Sons of God - Angels - Nephilim: Did the "Sons of God" (angels) come down from Heaven & have sex w/ women? [Genesis 6:4]

The Nephilim & Sons of God: What are the views about the Nephilim & the Sons of God? Caller knows that the weirder view is that the Angels came down & mated w/ women, [Genesis 6]

Giants in the Bible: Were there any Giants in the New Testament? What are they about? [Genesis 6]

Land of the Giants: Bashan, Nephilim, are all these Giant people descendants of Adam? [Deuteronomy 3:13]
Gaza & Burning their children for Sacrifices: It says in the Bible that God didn't Israel conquer all the Canaanites, leaving Gaza alone, for example, & yet they did evil like burn their children for sacrifices?
Alien Shows on TV: We shouldn't trust shows on TV like the History Channel, that quote the Bible, because they often get it wrong.

Nephilim, Giants, Daughters of Men: This compromised the human makeup, the angels having sex w/ women. And so then God had the Flood to destroy them. [Genesis 6]

Knowing Good & Evil: How can humans know good & God did? So there was evil before Adam & Eve sinned? [Genesis 3]
Sons of God, Nephilim: Who were the Sons of God who went to the daughters of the land? [Genesis 6:1-4]

Nephilim, Angels, Sons of God, Daughters of Men: If the Nephilim were wiped out after the Flood, how did they show up again in Numbers, after the Flood? [Genesis 6:1-4, Numbers 14]

Nephilim, Angels, Sons of God, Daughters of Men: What's all this stuff about the Nephilim & angels having sex with women? [Genesis 6:1-4]

The new movie, "Noah": Are the "watchers" that were in the new movie, "Noah", biblical? (They talk about it for awhile, the 2nd question is asked, then they come back to this.)
Fallen Angels, Jude & Genesis: Is there a connection between Jude & Genesis regarding the Fallen Angels? [Genesis 6:1-4, Jude 1:6, 2 Peter 2:4]

Sons of God & the daughters, Nephilim: The Sons of God aren't angels, because just like Jesus said, angels don't get married. It's just talking about mixing of people, tribes, Israelites & heathen people. [Genesis 6:1-4, Mark 12:25, Matthew 22:30 30, Luke 20:36]

Sons of God, Daughter of Men, Nephilim: A friend of mine has the Jimmy Swaggert Expository Bible, & it says that the "sons of God" is talking about angels. What do you think? [Genesis 6:1-4]
Bethel Church in Redding: Do you know about Bethel Church in Redding, California?

Seraphim, Nephilim & the Essenes: Can you explain tbe difference between Seraphim & Nephilim, & the Essenes?

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