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Topic: Ezra (Book)

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New King (After the Exile and Before Christ) : How did the Jews establish a new king after Ezra and Nehemiah (after the exile and before Christ) and the Babylonian exile?
Herod-An Illegitimate King: Why didn't Jesus state that Herod wasn't a legitimate king?

Destruction of the Temples in Old Testament: What happened to the temples referred to in the Old Testament?

Purpose of Marriage: What is the purpose of marriage?
Divorce in Book Ezra: Why did God allow divorce or even suggest it in the book of Ezra? [Ezra 9-10]

Putting Away Your Wife: How do you reconcile Ezra saying to put away your wives & Jesus telling us not to? [Ezra 9-10, Matthew 5:31-32, Matthew 19:8-9]

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