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Topic: The Word

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Trinity: Is it not easy to believe that the Holy Spirit is actually just the spirit of God rather than a separate person? [John 14].
Preincarnate Jesus-The Word: Isn't the Eternal Word not really the Son until He was born in Bethleham? [John 1:1].

Logos in John: Caller is commenting on John 1:1 and the meaning of the word, "logos", used there.

Eternity: How does one understand; Christ as the image of the invisible God, and Jesus as "The Word" from the beginning? [Colossians 1:15, John 1:1].

Word of Knowledge: Word of Knowledge follow up.

Trying not to be in the world: Not being of this world. (time is short just enough time to barely state her question)

Sword: Is the sword paralleled to the word bringing down strongholds?

Curse as a result of Adam & Eve's sin: Is there a curse as a result of adam's sin? [Genesis 3:17]
Learning about God: Is the best way to learn about God & become spiritual is to read about Him in the Bible? Read & read & read? [Romans 1, 2 Timothy 3:16]

The Effect of the Word of God: Tell me more about the Word of God taking effect, whether positive or negative.

Rhema, Logos: "Word", Rhema, Logos, Peter seems to use those words interchangeably. [Luke 22:61, Matthew 26:75]
Free Will & Free Choice: Is there a distinction between Free Will & Free Choice?

Rhema & Logos: Can you give an overview of the “Rhema” word of God as it relates to the “Logos”?

The Pre-Incarnate Jesus: What form was Jesus in before He became flesh?

Jesus Not Being God: My sister says Jesus is not God, can you help me & show me that He is God? [John 1:1, John 1:14, John 8:58, Revelation 1:, John 10, Philippians 2]

Eating the Word: Aren't we already "eating" the Scripture so why would we need to do that at the Eucharist…hence literally eating His body there. [John 6]

The Word being Idea: The Word, can it just be an "idea"? [John 1:1]
The Rapture: Will the rapture come before or after the tribulation? [Matthew 24]
The Book of Revelation of Jesus not John: Isn't the book of Revelation a revelation of Jesus Christ & not John? And what is your view of the book of Revelation?

The Word of God: Is the Bible really the Word of God?

The Word becoming Flesh: Michael the Buddhist wants to know about "Logos", the Word, Jesus, becoming Flesh. [John 1]

The Word being Jesus: What does it mean that Jesus was "The Word" before He came down here to earth? [John 1]

Jesus as the Bread of Life: Doesn't Jesus make it seem like we wouldn't die if we ate His bread? [John 6:43-51]

Word, Logos, Rhema: Caller gives a little bit of his insight & gives a little interesting Bible study about Hebrews 4:12, but thinks that after Hebrews 4:1-11 take a dynamic shift in verse 12. [Hebrews 4:1-12, Mathew 10:34, Chronicles 28:9, Romans 8:27]

The Torah & the Talmud: You could sort've compare the Torah & the Talmud to the Word of God, & the "tradition", exactly like the Catholic Church.

God has the Last Word: Caller just wanted to comment on the first call that God has the final word!

Believing in Jesus & once you do: A caller asks a litany of questions about following Jesus, in relation to the following verses. [john 14:23, 1 john 2:3-4, 1 john 3:8-9]

Interpreting Scripture & meaning of Words: What's the benefit in saying that words & verses mean something different than what they actually mean, like "forever" not meaning forever?

"And this word": What does "this word" mean? Isn't this book talking about Jesus, & don't forget about Moses & the Law, but that Jesus is SO much better? Why is he referring to Haggai? [Hebrews 12:27]

God's Glory, Shekinah Glory: Is john referring to the glory of Jesus in relation to what happened in the Transfiguration? [Matthew 17:1-9, John 1:14]

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