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Topic: Mary Magdalene

Episode Topic Audio

Jesus & Mary Having Children: Could you tell me about Mary Magdalene and Jesus having children?

Woman Caught in Adultery: When the woman was going to be stoned, why wasn't the man held accountable also? [John 8:1-11].

Do Not Cling to Me: Why did Jesus tell Mary not to cling to Him, and yet, he tells Thomas to touch him to verify his presence? [John 20:17, 27].
Jesus' Blood on the Mercy Seat: What does the sprinkling of blood-after the resurrection-on the mercy seat signify? [Hebrews 9].

Don't Cling to Me: What did Jesus mean when he said to Mary, "Don't cling to Me"? [John 20:17].

Apostles: Are there other apostles besides the 12? Are there apostles today? Was Mary Magdalene an apostle?

Christmas not Actual Jesus' Birthday: Caller challenging the idea that it is NOT Christ's birthday.
Jesus & Mary Magdalene: Did Mary Magdalene & Jesus have a romantic relationship?
Jesus' Social Life: Could Jesus have married & had sex or would that have been too unholy for Him?

2 Angels & 2 Cherubs: Mary went saw 2 angels at the sepulcher, one at the head & feet, any correlation in one cherub at the head & feet of the mercy seat? [John 20:12, Exodus 25:19]

Archeologist find - Book of Barnabas: Has Steve ever heard of them finding the book Barnabas?
Adam - Father of all Mankind: Are Adam & Eve really the first parents of the human race, or did God create humans before them, & THEN Adam? [Romans 5:12-21, Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2]

Touch Me not: Why couldn't Mary touch Jesus after His resurrection? Doesn't that mean He wasn't in Heaven during those 3 days? [John 20:17]

Mary Couldn't Touch Jesus but others Could: Why was Mary prohibited from touching Jesus after the resurrection but the disciples were? [John 20:15-17, Matthew 28:9]
Augustine a Manichaean: Wasn't Augustine a Manichaean?

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